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Whoa, I think I found the video before it was uploaded. This is great. It makes me feel like you're giving a niche title that most people don't know about some airtime and publicity. Since I've played through the whole game, watching you guys experience the game is so hilarious. Please keep making them.

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Watching these guys go through this is kinda making me want to pick up a copy and play it for myself.  I've never been big into RPG's... but it looks interesting.

Though Dude these videos are hilarious.  I hope they keep this up as a regular feature.

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you guys should make a video of jeff trying to access the midnight channel and brad shows up on the screen

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Giant Bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh- and I presume you both saw the part of the start the game video that showed the lady speared through a large collection of metal antennas.

Does anyone have any guesses on who the murderer is at this point?

No spoilers- but it'd be fun to post them here.

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Senpai is basically just a way to refer to an elder class mate.

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THat was so sweet. You should dedicate your next vid to me!!

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Just to clarify, senpai is someone who is in a higher grade than you in school. To your senpai, you would be a kouhai.

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Seriously if you play through this entire 60 hour game like this id watch it all.

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God these need to be longer! Help me make my day go faster!

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senpai means "a higher authoritative figure" (e.g mentor, teacher)

It's nice to hear these honorifics, you feel respected if ones add that at the end of your name :)

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This is just getting laugh out loud funny...

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LOL. It gets so predictable that Vinny knows the next line.  Video 5 and still no actual gameplay.  Anways, great job guys!!

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I'm so glad you're doing this--I've always been kind of interested in the Persona games, but not enough to actually play them.  Now I can get a feel for what they're about and laugh at them along with you.  It's  like MST3K for games.  If only they were longer--after I've seen like a full hour or two I might be able to finally decide if I actually want to pick one of these up.

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yeh lol
im hooked...... on opium

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Another night alone with Nanako.

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Quote of the Day...

Game :- "You guys think it was Murder ?"
Jeff :-  "No... She fell..."


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Keep em coming guys!

At this rate I won't have to buy the game myself anymore.

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Yeah so now I feel that GB is really starting to get going. These really simple videos are just the right hook I need to keep coming back.

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who is gonna be charlies' soul mate.   

im betting on mr morooka lol

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this shit never gets old

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Loving these videos.

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JJGIANT is right, these keep me coming back everyday and they help differentiate the site and give it more identity. This, BuckThirtyCam, I Love Mondays, Quick Looks, This ain't no game, and stuff like the coke challenge is what makes this site so awesome, KEEP THEM COMING! And prove everyone wrong and FINISH THIS GAME!!!

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no probs Vinny! 8 mins did hurt a little though, but I understand. :0)
as long as you guys promise never to leave Giantbomb.com, all is well. ^_^ hehehe
I wanna see 60 year old Vinny @ Giantbomb on a hoverboard, Playing Persona 25 WooOOhhooo!!!

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im hooked...i actually cant wait to find out whats on the tv.....

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"Trying to get some Zimas here!" ROFL!

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Nice I'll never have to watch a sitcom again as long as this is on! But dudes you need to expand the timeslot somewhat, make it every other save, instead of just at every save point. 

Either way this is really awesome, I would pick up Persona 3 and 4 myself, but I only  have 360, PC and xbox. I guess this is PS2 exclusive?
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this is great, keep 'em coming

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I want them to come out with a Wii version that I wish could have a 4-Player Co-Op mode- but that might break the logic of the game a bit too much- since I'm not sure how you'd show that on the screen.

Maybe a Persona game in the multiplayer style of Animal Crossing?

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You guys HAVE to keep doing these awesome videos at least until you get up to Kanji's dungeon.

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That may have been my favorite thus far. Didn't notice it was a new installment at first, picture is kind of similar.

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That kid is like brainwashed from that Junes commercial.

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This is a much better alternative to actually playing this game! Keep 'em coming!

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The Midnight Channel in Japan probably has a lot to do with watching a lady on the tv. :)

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After watching these I totally dont need to play this.  Thanks guys, keep up the good work!  :)

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something big better happen soon..

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I like these game commentary tracks.

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I love these videos.  Even though I'm about 30 hours into the game, I enjoy your guys' humor enough to continue watching.  Keep 'em coming!

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Nice class skipping story there Jeff.

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now I wonder if these will go up on the weekends too, because I can't live without them.

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It's like Mystery Science Theater... only better!

I really kinda wish you guys would just do half hour segments... that would be great.

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God, this game fucking SUCKS!

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Go Vinny, Go!

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The suspense!!!

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So by now someone's told Jeff or Vinny that the intro to this game itself is about 3 hours...right?

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Most have called it 4 hours- but yes. It will be interesting to see how the cookie crumbles.

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Keep these coming!