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This Let's Play of Persona 4 is getting Legendary.

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I gotta go with the other folks, A half hour would be tight!

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For the record, Nanako doesn't sing the song as much after the intro, so you're almost done with that.

Also, I recall the intro being around 2 and a half hours myself, but it's definitely pretty damn slow. The game picks up much more after that though, with both dungeon crawling and Social Links to do.

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Man I love these.

Posted by GamerGeek360

Man I love these.

Posted by Artemis_D

Crap, you're right! It is the weekend... 

Please don't make me go two days without these videos.  I need to pick up Persona 4...

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Sempai is used for people who you have higher respect for, like a teacher, older college or something like that.

Posted by TriangleHard

Senpai means upper-classmate.

Sensei means teacher.

And I'm dying to find out what's going to be on next video (although I did finish the game)

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I concur! Keep going guys! :)

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omg I love these videos. Guaranteed laughs ftw

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These videos are awesome.

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I, personally, can't wait to return to my room and watch the Midnight Channel.

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GOD DAMMIT A ACTUAL CLIFFHANGER THAT I WANTED A RESOLUTION TO   keep em coming guys this is actually interesting with your commentry
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Great as always!

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lol amazing stuff, I've never had this much excitement about pressing x over and over again.

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I'm craving grilled steaks now, hehehe.

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I need to know if this works.  It's gonna rain here tomorrow!!  Laters!

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Wait, so she is Sean Connery to his Wesley Snipes?

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Dont ask for help when you get stuck in a trash barrel oh you will somebody a steak!!! Great vid and commentary!

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I loved you guys preempting "another night alone with Nanako".  That made me properly lol.  I seriously enjoyed watching that ep.

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Senpai is like, "superior" Yosuke's a 2nd year/sophmore and Saki's a 3rd year/junior.

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You watch the Midnight Channel

Nanako appears
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I bet Yukiko shows up on the TV screen.  There's something odd about her that i can't really put my finger on.


I keep coming back for the opium. Then a nice dinner alone with Nanako. Can't wait for the next episode.

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lol yep i'd watch the whole freaking 60 hours if you played it all through like this i lOOVEEEE it. and then i'd buy it and play it for myself LOL

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you know all this is really making me want to play Persona

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nhh nhh nhh nhh at your juneess

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I actually love these videos.

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Lol, Zimas.

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Keep going, I'm loving this feature!!!!

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They said that we should check out tomorrow but its not here, IS IT? DAH I go insane

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I'm guessing they took a break for the weekend...

Posted by Vinny

haha, yeah this will only be during weekdays for now. I think next week's will be a little longer too, though we're still aiming for the 15 minute-ish mark.

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Vinny... I gotta say... This is like the best soap opera ever. lol.

I will tune in religiously to this every weekday for as long as this runs for. =P

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I'm also hooked.. I watched the first 4 in a row. Came back the next day for 5, then have been furiously refreshing for part 6 to appear today. Now you're saying that I have to wait until FREAKING Monday to find out whats on the midnight channel?!?!?! Hmph.


Seriously, this is better than Lost.

Posted by Wildfire570

Keep these Endurance Runs coming! You two really know how to add a great commentary!

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I love this!

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Please give us Ep 6

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This is awesome. This is like MST3K but for Video Games...and the video games aren't horrible.

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i love this, 
strange student may have had somthing to do with the murder, perhaps...

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These little quick game follow-ups are great. What's more surprising is JEFF ALSO HELPING OUT WITH A RPG. From what I remember, RPGs weren't Jeff's strong suit of game genre. But it's always good to hear his comments. Funny beyond control. GOOD WORK VINNY AND JEFF, KEEP THEM COMING!

Posted by Vladan

Vinny and Jeff:

Please refer to pages 34-35 of your Persona 4 manual for definitions of Japanese honorifics and a handy glossary if you don't know what takoyaki is.
I like the effort they made to keep the setting as is but still explain things so non-Japanese people can get it.

LOVE THESE VIDEOS!!!! When I bought Persona 4 I still wasn't done with Persona 3, but I couldn't resist popping it in just to see the beginning and get to the first save point...little did I know....Like fate, the day I put P4 back in to start playing in earnest, you guys put up the first of these videos!! So I'm getting a nice story review with awesome bonus commentary. Watching these videos, I am realizing how much fun it would be to play this game with someone else...so it's great to kind of vicariously play the game with you guys. lol I can't wait until you meet Teddie.

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part 6 please :)

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I will watch 70 hours of this. KEEP IT GOING AS LONG AS YOU GUYS CAN BEAR IT.

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if these don't stop, they will be going on for another year. good luck with that

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Stand-up commentary, you two.  I love it.

I'll be very satisfied if you guys can reach 100 episodes.  Not too greedy now I hope?

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I decided to purchase this game after I saw these videos. Last PS2 game I'm probably going to play in a long time. Thanks dudes!

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I'm loving the videos. Someone said this is like a soap opera and he's right. Besides, I might even buy this game now. I would never even think of buying a PS2 game these days.

Posted by ICF_19XX

I too bought this game after watching these videos. I'm much further than Vinny and Jeff right now (about 4.5 hours), but I stopped so I could wait for them to catch up to me and play along perhaps? Yep.