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Stop messing with my mind and post the video!

/dumb troll

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video is heres but it is also not heres?

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I trusted you, man.
I trusted you.

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We need e-mail alerts for when these videos go up.

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damn i got my hopes up.

lol. "You sneezed."

Posted by solidsnake360

You know you have a great feature when people are posting in the comments of a video before it's even uploaded.

Posted by nezmac

i love these videos man please fix it

Posted by Buscemi

By the gods, where is teh damn video!?

Posted by Red

I think this one's the best yet. I seriously couldn't stop laughing.

Posted by Scotto

You guys should start putting up two of these per day, or maybe make them longer.  The suspense is killing me!

- Scott

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Yeah totally! The wait was totally killing me.
More footage please. EVERY single day!

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I'd just like a normal length- this one cut out at 10 minutes.
I did not find this episodes commentary/experience to be particularly funny.
It was- however- one of the most satisfying episodes storywise- even without the funny or the particularly long length.

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Hopefully mysterious Bear will help us all by providing these videos until the game is over. Heh. Highest marks go to any gag trying to convince other characters about the TV world.

"Check it out, she's probably inside this television... down at the store... bro."

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I love this new video content on the site, but most of all this epic journey to finish a 70 hour game with thousands of other people watching. I actually bought the game and are ahead of you guys now, but I'll keep watching till you guys finish because it's so hilarious.

I hope you really follow through and finish the game. Keep up the good work.

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I am so tempted to get this game now... it is suprisingly good :P

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Can I vote that the vids are put up on weekends, as far as I can tell you seem to play in large blocks and break it up. It might reduce the overall feature by a few weeks but it's a no brainer, content for the weekends on the site!! Traffic. MEGA BUCXXXX!!! ...*ahem*...*cough*...money...

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Only 10 minutes? I could spend hours and hours watching you guys play Persona 4, or anything for that matter, and 10 minutes is way too short for my liking. Good episode though, the next one can't come soon enough.

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This feature has become the highlight of my day, don't ever stop please.

Well not until you finish the game. Which won't be anytime soon haha.

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You guys should start putting up two of these per day, or maybe make them longer.  The suspense is killing me!

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Video shoud be at least 30 minutes long, otherwise it will take ages to finnish his endurance run and we might not see other

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I wonder how long this will go..

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You should post more of this videos... and go to bed early today

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arghh 10 mins gone by so fast

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I can't believe how eager I've become to see these videos every day. Good thing it doesn't seem like it'll end anytime soon!

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I'm in agreement with the people who say this should be longer. It should be an hour at the least or more than one a day. You absolutely have to finish the game now, It would be lame if you didn't.

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The "Side-dish-sale" normally takes place about an hour before shopping centers close in japan. Thats why he knew it was "already this late".

They sell all the fresh food that they need to get rid of for the day at a reduced price, so its packed with smart-ass/cheap 90y+ grannys at that time.

Looking forward to tomorrows installment!
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This is the greatest feature in the world.

Posted by TriangleHard

Once again, awesome.

But too short this time. Then again, I understand that you really have to jump at the save points.

Posted by Carlos1408

Damn i love these videos,
don't mees with the misterious bear !

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Go Vinny, Go!

Posted by Vinny
 video is heres but it is also not heres?
Hahah, OK. How the heck are you guys getting to the video before it's posted? This is madness! Stop hacking our site!!! Internet Hacker Gangs!
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Another awesome installment!

Posted by Eric_Buck

K mines loading now so... IS IT UP OR NOT!!! MAN YOUR KILLIN ME!

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Mysterious Bear is my new rap name.

Posted by Eric_Buck

Hmmm.......... I bet the dead body is your little cousin. That makes perfect sense.

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This feature still rocks....

Posted by Cynical_M

kinda short...but still funny...i wonder if they will ever do one that is over twenty minutes...

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Yo Vinny. Whenever we go to the Persona 4 page and click videos, the link is often there before the video is actually up. I sat here refreshing my page until the video appeared.

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Longer videos, please!  But only because we really love this feature.

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Keep up your thumb exercises Vinny, cuz soon you'll be pushing more than just 'X'!

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Oh, Mysterious Bear. No-one understands me like you do.

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when this is over... realese on dvd

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Jeff?  Vinny?  At this rate you'll finish the game sometime in 2012.

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on Feb. 17, 2009
Jeff?  Vinny?  At this rate you'll finish the game sometime in 2012.

Yeah, but I don't think they mean to get to the end.
Posted by NickNorman

Man, I love Endurance Run.

"No, I'm just allergic to assholes."

Posted by MeatSim

Oh man the pacing in this game is unbelievably slow. 

Posted by LordAndrew

The game takes awhile to take off. The pacing of this video feature doesn't help.