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best one so far, hahahahaha

also, Rumor-loving girl... show me what you're working with.

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"Oh Christ!" XD

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Best ending ever.

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"Bitches don't snitch! Snitches get stitches!"

LMAO at all commentary!!!

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Funniest one yet!

Posted by FreshyFresh23

"OH CHRIST!" - hahahaha.

awesome feature.

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Ohhh man... i moved to Hong Kong for a job but left my PS2 in UK!! i love this feature so much i went and bought a PS2 hahaha and Persona 4 arrived this morning too ^_^... only 2mins left of work till i can go home...

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Man, this game is taking forever to get started lol, and I thought Persona 3 took ages >_>

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Once again the Junes scene is pure gold.
"The golf club has been weaponized!  This comes with it, have some Robitussin."

Keep them coming.  As sad as it may seem, these are pretty much the highlight of my weekdays.

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Is it me or does Chie remind me of Velma?

and by that I mean, totally nerd hot

and totally a lesbian

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Each one of these videos is headline material.

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For a lesbo, Chie sure gives the main character an strange Christmas present.

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I come here every day now to watch these videos, but then i GET LOST inside the website looking at OTHER GREAT VIDEOS.

you see how this WORKS!!?

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I am absolutely loving these things.

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ha nice a Robert Palmer refrence. love it.

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that cliffhanger was pretty much awesome. Seriously It's up there *points at his list*.

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That music is so unsutible

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Every episode should end with someone getting their head pulled off and Jeff saying, "Oh, Christ!"

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lol....they took his head off???  lol


Off with their heads!!

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"I'm actually getting annoyed now.......OH CHRIST"

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"Oh Christ!"

Keeps getting better and better.

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I forgot Dumbledore was in this game.

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rofl OH CHRIST!!!

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"Thank God! No bulling, just murder."

You guys are like MST3K for games.
Keep up the amazing work!!!
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Oh damn.  Best...ending...EVER!!!!

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haha "this situation has been made,,,im actually really annoyed...OH..CHRIST!" 

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this game looks like complete crap.  i am so glad that im getting to listen to you guys play it, otherwise i probably wouldnt be enjoying it nearly as much.

cheers, guys, can't wait to finish the series
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dont watch this while eating. :D

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Jeff: "this situation has been made- Actually I'm really annoyed- AW CHRIST......" 
so great

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Saki Konishi is no more! She has ceased to be! She's expired and gone to meet her maker! She's a stiff! Bereft of life she rests in peace! SHE IS AN EX-STUDENT!

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Even now it's still great to watch.

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I watched this today. Repeatedly. High-larious! 

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"Rumor loving girl, show me what you're working with." 
ROFL!! I could not stop laughing!

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Jeff: I'm Ashton Koo-cher. 
Vinny: You've been punked.
Vinny: Woooord. 
Continues to get me every time.

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This might just be me but  could be disrespectful to show up to a assembly about a student dying dressed up like a pharoah
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"Thank god, no bullying just murder" 
God DAMN the writing in this game is hilariously awesome for moments like that. 

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Always remember, snitches get stiches

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!! Motherfucker just stone cold ripped that little bear freak's head off !!

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Why the hell is Jeff so fixated on generically identified NPCs?

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Shake your ass, but watch yourself.

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Canadian students have the same grade structure as US students. 
Just sayin'

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@Brenderous said:

Canadian students have the same grade structure as US students. Just sayin'

Except in Quebec.

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Started Persona 3 FES and the Intro to Persona 4 looks WAY longer.

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I forgot how much of an asshole Yosuke could be at times. Though tbf the girl he had a crush on just died.

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White umbrella girl is a cunt