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Come on guys! you're killin' me here. Where's the vid?

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Hey! What gives, I demand to see the conclusion of  "Dojima left the house".

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You guys actually have the time to put up the video layout and the video at separate times?

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NOTE TO GIANTBOMB: Don't post the page before the video!

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I can has video nao? :(

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Oh man these videos are so fucking epic.

Don't stop making them please, finish the game.

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These are making me want to pick up the game. Shame that my PS2 is long dead and I have an evil, non PS2 compatible PS3.

Anyway, loving these, so keep them coming. This may be the only way I experience the game.

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Mysterious Bear  got served....

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This has been so awesome I can not even describe the awesomeness running through my veins at the moment. 'Tis impossible to describe this ÜBERAWESOMENESS.  I love you guys. Fo'weal!

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It's like watching a daytime soap opera. Great feature! As long as it is fun for you, keep them coming.

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So...close....to gameplay....*wheeeeez*

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She was found with wierd teeth marks... and no panties...  has anyone seen Mr Moruoku ?...  LOL !!!

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Wow.  Up already?  You guys rock!

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So thats what the zipper was for...whoa!

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I am watching this on the toilet. I love wireless internet. :D

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So the Junnes jingle is just going to start playing right now, right?

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It is hilarious that I am playing all of this concurrently with you guys. I just finished the first area of the fog area, so I am only a few minutes ahead of you guys. I realized that watching these videos is an incentive for me to finish my own game, so congrats on that, Jeff and Vinny.

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LOL!  15 minute spurts seems to be any reasonable person's limit on this crack fest.

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Snitches get stitches.
Shake your ass, but watch yourself. lol
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Golf... With a twist.

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Another awesome video!

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LOL brililant. I want one of those bears in my room. so cute!

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Saki was in Grade 3, and they're all in Grade 2. Definitely his senpai.

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If Persona 4 was on the Xbox, "Dojima Left the House" sounds like an achievement they would have. That and "No Bullying, Just Murder". Oh and, "Saki on the Brain". If you finish the game, you should have a contest. Made up Persona 4 achievements. Heh.

The principal scene was awesome. Plus, I would pump up the jazz for any reason. You guys have the best cliffhangars.

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headless bear....

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That "anyways" thing was probably a direct translation of one of those weird interjections you find in Japanese.  I wish translators would just leave them out in English versions to avoid those weird moments...

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This is great as usual! Such an awesome daily feature...

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heheh.. im excited

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I will endure to the end!

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Awesome as always.

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Principal: "Ms. Konishi was found deceased early this morning."

Jeff: "With weird teeth marks in her."

Vinny: "And no panties."


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"Rumor loving girl show me what your working with"    LMAO. XD

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This was onme of the best episodes yet dude, AWESOME!!!!
Damn i knew there was something wrong with that bear all along!

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I totally feel what Jeff was about to say about how they keep talking in circles and acting surprised to hear the same information again. I think that's just a problem with anime in general though.

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These are awesome, keep them coming!

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What a cliffhanger! Couldn't get any better...unless the episodes were longer! Or maybe do a 30 to 40 min video, then split it into 2 or 3 pieces and post at DIFFERENT times of the day to keep the "Columbian White"  flowing smoothly. The word different is key here. If you guys post a good chunk but do it once in a while then it's a VERY LONG wait until the next one. And because the clips are so AWESOME (especially because of the hilarious commentary) it is very hard to wait for the next one.
What does everyone think? Post your suggestions!

Thanks Jeff and Vinnie and everyone else at GB for this awesome shit!

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AHah another awesome episode, I have to buy this game. =) 
Keep the good work guys.

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I have a feeling Jeff isn't going to last much longer.  He sounded like he was becoming really annoyed toward the end of this video.  Heh.

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This Endurance Run is the best thing happened to Giantbomb.com

I hope this lasts until 2012... when they finally beat the game.

and then move onto Persona 5

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Oh man that Mysterious Bear is freaking me out.

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I love how just as Jeff was voicing his annoyance at how things were going, the game suddenly took a hilarious turn. :)

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brilliant, just brilliant

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Dude, longest golf club EVEAR.... im thinkin of playing this game with my girlfriend when we get it in the UK, is it fun to watch jeff ?

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Awesome way to end it, i genuinely look foward to these as if it was a TV Show. The second that gameplay comes in and i'm less excited.

Now i don't have to play Persona 4!

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this is insane, things are getting SUPA INTENSEU!

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I love this feature.  I've been really interested in Persona from what I've heard of it but I have a PS3 with no backwards compatibility and I skipped the PS2 era.

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Shake it Rumor Girl!

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Maybe in part 9, Rumour loving girl will show the headless bear what she's working with.