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my goodness - I hate these types of games, usually.  I would never play them in a million years -- yet I've become gripped watching these daily! It's like a poor daytime soap, only with a cool dvd commentary

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I tried to watch the video and ended up on the comment page?

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sneakysnake -  this is why I usually never post on comment boards:

All I was trying to say was that I was loving these vids, complementing how much I was enjoying them, which has really surprised me considering I would never play these games. Then someone chimes in with that smartmouth comment - I shoulda known really....

Also, not that it matters, but I happen to own none of the 3 games you mentioned (I would not even know how to play Madden). And if anyone is being negative in the above statements, it is surely you sir.

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haha yeah, i've already finished the game but i can't stop watching these vids too. and sneakysnake, lay off on the vitriol. i didn't like these kind of games too (too busy with Winning Eleven) but eventually i played some and liked it a lot. who knows, if by watching these vids he gets the itch to play something similar, isn't that a good thing ?

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So how long till i can actually watch this? Can't stand the wait 

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Video keeps going to a "Duder, it's over!" screen after I press play.

I blame Teddie.
Posted by Xanxus

Dammit I want the video already!

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Duder, I don't want it to be over!

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At the moment its like 4am in California so i am amazed that they have even got the page up at this time.

Looking forward to Video
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The funny thing about we- the consumers of this game's content- and our complaints about the pacing of the story- the repetition- the round-about steps- is that they're quite close to what reality would be like.

Not exactly, mind you, but far closer than if we went with our comments logic. Said logic is driven by what we perceive looking over Plot's shoulder. The pondering, confusion, excitement and plain stupidity that is portrayed by the characters themselves is quite reasonable. We're- for the most part- just looking at it with the absurd eye of a thousand video games- demanding to push the win button.

I kind of felt this way too when I first started playing Persona 3. It did not turn out pretty. Only taking the advice of my friend to just slow it down and enjoy the ride brought the game to an understandable pace.

That  may never happen to you while you continue to watch these videos- but I don't really expect you to survive to the end either if that is the case.

This issue also applies to Vinny and Jeff- but we'll just have to watch and see what happens.

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These videos are so epic.  I can't quite understand why, but I find myself REALLY looking forward to these endurance runs every day.  It's going to be a long weekend without a new one. 

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They might have it timed to post here, but maybe the video itself didn't get linked up yet. 

I think it's a bit odd how the narration keeps recapping right after things were said.  I guess they didn't want to leave anyone behind :)

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Vinny. He has pulled through. 

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aghghghgh i need my fix

Posted by Rinkalicous

It's the knowledge that there will be a new one of these videos when i get home that gets me through the day.

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Vinny, put down the bottle of Whisky and fix this.

Posted by prinny_god

need video to work
*looks around paranoid*
who said that

Posted by babblinmule

I think this shows just how popular this has become. When you've got 10-15 people ranting and raving about waiting 10 minutes for a video, you know your onto a good thing.

My hat is off to you Vinny and Jeff.

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I need my fix! this better be working when i come home >:3

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Vinny and Jeff, babblinmule? It's Jeff and VInny! All hail the sqirrels who rule over the gophers!

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Damn thing won't load. Don't let it appear in the list until it's actually ready, OK?

Posted by Scotto

Something isn't right.  This has been up for over an hour now.  It doesn't normally take this long.

- Scott

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I want to endure 15 minutes of Persona 4 again but the video won't let me

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What a tease.

Posted by Cirdain
'put down the bottle of Whisky and fix this.'
- lol
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Oh, my bad  insane_shadowblade haha - my hat is off to you JEFF and Vinny.

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Doesn't work for me, it just says the video is over as soon as I press play...NOOOOOOO! Hope this gets fixed soon.

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Giantbomb, you so crazy...

Posted by Thievius

Relax, guys.  It'll be up soon enough.

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I'll have to crawl inside my monitor to see what's wrong.

Posted by Xanxus

I'm dying inside waiting for this.

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works now on low les!
thats good enough for me as i cant wait

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Duder, it's over.

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Nuuuuuuuuuu its not over till its over!

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These videos caused me to pay £80 to import and jack my ps2 with swap magic(lets you play import games). It's brilliant, I really think sony could hake serious bank if they sold the persona games on the Playstation Store.

Also, I want to watch in HiRes how long Mr?!


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WORK! plz

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Going into... withdrawel!!  AHHHH


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Charlie Tuna?  Charlie Tuna!?  CHARLIE TUNA!!!

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So do we riot now?  Or wait another half hour?

Posted by Vandersveldt

Luckily.... I haven't watched the last one yet, as it's 35 minutes long. Was checking to see how long this one was. I will watch the last one later today.... and when I come back.... this'll be up right? No reason to panic?

Posted by Vinny

Ack! What is this craziness. Give me a little bit to figure out what's happening here.

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@BinaryDragon, Persona 4 is coming out in Europe in 2 weeks, depite Persona 3 and FES probably tanking

Posted by Kyle

"Persona 4 is coming out in Europe in 2 weeks, depite Persona 3 and FES probably tanking"

They wouldn't have put out FES if Persona 3 "tanked". DUURRR.

Posted by LordAndrew

Get those engineers on the phone!

Posted by coffeesash

That's not a nice thing to say. I said 'probably' as RPGs that aren't Final Fantasy don't do very well. We also don't have the 'Atlus Faithful' in Europe. The USA versions of games have a load of goodies with them while the European versions have nothing.