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I like how you guys plan ahead.

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yes lets refrain from retarded shyte like "WTF IS THE VIDEO?!"


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Planning ahead. Nice. At least we know you'll be doing up to twelve!

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I thought my computer ate the screen or summin.

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The videos are available, they just havent shown up yet on the page. But they are on the giantbomb server.

The url for the 12th video is http://media.giantbomb.com/video/vf_persona4_12_700.flv
the url for the 11th video is http://media.giantbomb.com/video/vf_persona4_11_700.flv

I dont know why they dont show up immediately, but you can watch them from these links, although they will probably download before they actually play.

These vids have to be the best LP of an RPG i have ever heard :)

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Keep it up guys!

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Vinny, you know you can control Yosuke, right? I don't mean to bash or anything but the battle would have taken half as long if you did.

And also, if you use weakness attacks on all enemies and they are all knocked down, you get to do the all-out attack with that cutscene and the smoke. Then you do massive damage to all the enemies on the battlefield. The enemies don't get a turn since you get another one for exploiting their weakness.

So in a battle with 2 flying ball licking monster things, after you do, say, a Zio on one enemy and knock it down, go ahead and do it again on the other enemy with your extra turn. And guess what? You get ANOTHER turn because you exploited his weakness. Not only that but that's your chance to do an all-out attack. So physically attacking after knocking down only one enemy if there are 2 or 3 of them on the field would be a bad choice considering that you can knock them all down, then kill them all instantaneously in one move (this early on in the game, anyways), and take no damage since the enemy gets no chance to attack.

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Yay...hacking into secret pages before they exist.

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can't wate till the video is up,  woot for the mystery science theater 3000 style commentary

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VInny, the show you were trying to think of with the whole "how rude" line was Full House.  That was Stephanie's line...  And I hate myself for remembering that.

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It's not hacking...it's on the site...and yeah, it's from Full House.  I loved that show as a kid.  :D

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Video is up, time to start watching!

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I'm almost certain that before this Endurance Run is over someone is going to crack and try and jump inside the TV...

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Awesome episode guys!

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You're at the point where the game really starts to open up (no more press X to continue).  So a few things that really aren't spelled out in game:

1) Only go into the TV on rainy days if you can at all help it.  The town basically shuts down on rainy days and only 2 social links are available (Hermit and School Club if its the right day of the week).  This also means doing the Hermit link only on rainy days if you don't have to go into the TV. 

2)  The limiting factor in dungeon exploration is SP.  You can pay in dungeon to replenish SP but it can be expensive.  The only thing you can buy (there are occasional drops that can too) to replenish SP is soda (TaP from the southern shopping district  for 10 SP and any one from the north for 5 SP) .  You can buy 5 a week and its replenished on Mondays.   Soda can only be used outside of battle while the other drops can be used in battle.

3) Because SPs are really valuable then you want to limit having to use them to heal.  The cheapest way to avoid this is to buy food from the steak skwer stand in the north shopping district next to the job board.  You can buy one of  each each day with a special super purachase of 5 skewers on rainy days.  Like all food they can only be used outside of battle but they limit having to cast healing spells or using more expensive medicine (which can be used in battle)

4)  You basic stats (knowledge, courage, dilligence, understanding, and expression) are important to raise.  They take a lot of  time to raise from 1 to 5.  The most important is knowledge (so prepare to spend most nights studying) with dilligence the least important.
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Great advice in this thread from sneakysnake128 & endaround.  Future videos will be even better thanks to these types of hints.

As well as healing to max HP first, I suggest that you guys change to Direct Command of your allies before boss fights by going into TACTICS during a regular battle.  Also, I found it easier to get the first hit in on enemies in the dungeons (especially floating ones) when I aimed at their shadows on the ground, rather than at them.

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One of the best things about these videos are the tips that keep popping up from folks.  I've been playing this game on and off since December and some of this stuff is new to me!

The tips from endaround about steak skewers and from Curufinwe involving the aiming at the shadows thing are of specific value to me.

Also, you can adjust tactics outside of combat if you hit the square button while in a dungeon.  Just sayin'.

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Oh yeah, that's right.  I used DC for the whole game so I just changed it during each character's first battle and never bothered it again.

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This is fantastic. I'm guessing that this is the length to expect from now on.

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Use the circle button instead of the analog stick to fix the camera angles.  When you press circle, the camera automatically readjusts to whatever direction Charlie is facing.

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lol i love how at the start you're all excited to actually play now.

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Maaan! I was looking for this, waiting for it to come on the site, when ALL I HAD TO DO WAS SCROLL DOWN!

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I tihnk it's time to make a second save.  i didn't go into the tv much after this point until the last day you have to save her, and couldn't beat the boss, and had to go back to a save I had at where this video ends and try again.

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I do believe Jeff and Vinny are openly asking for advice, and the GBC is delivering in spades.

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nice chunk of video here.

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God damn, 41 minute video? Oh man, and i was gonna go play street fighter...i guess it can wait..for a bit...>.<

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investigation team GO!

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It's not To-mo

It's To-mo-eh

get it right Vinny and Jeff!!!

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Once you hit someone with an attack that they are weak to (that knocks them down) chain the rest of the same enemies in the battle. Then when they are all laying down you can do an All Out Attack and finish them all off at once without letting them all get attacks in on you.

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I could go for some hot, evil Chie-chan.

But only if she wears at least five shirts. I don't like 'em dressing slutty.

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That was a good episode guys, that was awesome. I played through Persona 3, so I know a little about the game, and this is just really enjoyable. I just wanna say that Jeff was right about the whole "knock em all down first thing" cause if you do that then you can do an all out attack and usually take out all the baddies without taking damage. Just one question though, do you guys keep your playstation on through this whole thing?

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You should rename this feature. Persona 4 Endurance Run: Adventures of Investigation Team GO!

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I was interested in picking up this game up until this video. Now that I've seen the actual gameplay, it's throwing me off a bit.

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I really enjoy this endurance run, but good god you guys are hopeless at times! When in the Chie boss it was so easy to see that when she gazes at someone you need to guard with that person.

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Ah, there it is. You guys post these videos so early, I have to search through the list to find them.

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Lol, oh man you guys. Cant stop laughing when i watch these. Chie is getting annoying more and more lol. She really likes to recap

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41 minutes? awesome

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The items like Idea Paper and Big Incisor should be sold to the weapon shop dude. You get money for them, but more importantly that is how he gets new items in stock for you to buy.

Also, when S-Links open up it's always a good idea to focus on the ones of your teammates when in doubt. They'll gain special abilities in battle when you get their links to certain ranks. For instance, when you get a teammate's S-Link to rank 3, they gain a special attack that they will sometimes use after you've knocked down an enemy. Chie's especially is hilarious, but I won't spoil it because the first time you see it, it's totally awesome.

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It even works on bosses.

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Changing the camera setting still doesn't change the problem with the camera being kind of bad.

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Fo' sho!

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can we stick with the longer episodes instead of the 10 to 20 minute ones?!

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Teddie is awesome...FO'SHO!!!

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You have welcomed Slime into your heart

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40 minutes? Yay.. time to get myself comfortable :)

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41 minutes! HOLY SMOKES!!!

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"Fo' Sho"?

Where the hell is Teddie learning hip lingo like that in TV land?

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ROFL!  Well done gents!

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Orville Ukobach-er

hilarious joke indeed Jeff XD