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Save Nanako!!

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So tense!
I can't wait for tomorows episode :D

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@SpunkyHePanda said:
" @DRE7777: If they get anything less than the good ending... they will reload their save and try again. Not exactly a disaster. "
Exacxtly. Somehow people got in their heads that the bad ending will end the ER for good. The only risk I see is overwriting the savegame with a state after the bad ending. Why does Atlus allow for that to happen? Seems kinda dickish.
Posted by ZmillA

Stop worrying about their weaknesses so much when fusing guys.
for most of the personas you guys make  YOU AREN'T GOING TO USE THEM ANYWAYS
you only use like 5 personas top (being generous) that leaves a bunch in the "give a fuck" category. Just make stuff and unless you can inherit good spells don't worry about their weaknesses or what they get. The game is almost over remember?

Posted by BrockSampson

There are some of you that are way way to in to this whole thing. And are turning it into something that they have to do rather then something that is fun. I in no way shape or form believe they will go that far out of their way for anything in this game.  
A few guys below said they should reload a save and try again. Do you honestly think they care that much. Think of the overall nature of this site. Do they really seem like the kind of guys who are going to play the back part of a JRPG over and over so they get the "good" ending. Ever wonder why they save over the previous save and only keep one save.

Posted by allhailthetv
@atomic_dumpling: It actually can't happen. If you get the bad ending, there are no save points afterwards. You can never save in such a way that it locks you into an ending. So, no big deal. There's no problem at all.
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Wow, surprised me when they ditched Daisoujou's magic barrier, I found it pretty useful.
Looking forward to Monday's (today's?) Deadly Premonition ER.

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Watching the Endurance Run makes me want to continue my Persona 4 playthrough.
Posted by ChrisTaran

All of these ER videos are just as good the 3rd time through!

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@_Horde said:
" Watching the Endurance Run makes me want to continue my Persona 4 playthrough. "
Makes me want to start one. If only I had a ps2.
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Reporting in from 2012, saying wow guys, you really wanted them to avoid the bad ending, didn't you?

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