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I'm guessing there's gonna be another painful wait for this one then?

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Oh how they tease us.

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Thanks to the screenshot we know he goes back to the velvet room an ting!

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Oh man... I was about to go to bed, but now I can't knowing this is here.

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Go to bed, it'll be here tomorrow :)

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A tip for when the fog comes, it doesn't actually show up on the weather report. It'll come after several days of nonstop rain. So when you see 3-4 days straight of rain, the last rainy day is the last chance you have to save her.

You don't need to use the goho-m to leave the dungeon. Its not like P3, you can actually go backwards through the dungeons in this game.

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Nothing painful here. It's up.

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Sweet! It's up! 8th comment (always wanted to say that)

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Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!. Also- I'd kind of like the ability to click a link that leads to the related game in the Giant Bomb Compendium- which was one of my favorite parts of the old Video page- though it took up a bit of space. Everything seems almost too efficient now- with a smaller universal text size. I do love the increased number of filters and the search system!

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YES! This has officially become my favorite feature on the site!

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I watched earlier this morning. I wish they would have gone further but hey, they still have time right!

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very nice job with getting this up quick. also love the new video tabs at the top. gohon berry ftw

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Whoa! I just noticed the "Endurance Run", and "TANG" tabs!!! I am now officially digging the redesign!

P.S. Officially.

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You're actually able to continue from the floor you were on last, so you don't have to go through the same floors again.
Although you definitely don't need to go home yet. You've still got some fight in you.

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Yosuke's Dia is a heal spell, Vinny, no need for potions :D

Also, keep in mind that some attacks like cleave use HP, not SP, so don't kill yourself

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Next time you fight those tongue things, hit them all with electricity.  Don't use a physical attack until they are all on the ground (you'll be prompted to do an all-out attack, once this happens).  It will save time and HP, but you will go through SP faster.  Just remember to grab sodas before you go into the TV!

Oh, and the only way that an enemy's weakness will be recorded by Teddie is if you actually hit the enemy with their weakness.

One more thing that I don't think anyone has mentioned, yet:  Skills like 'Bash' and 'Cleave' don't use SP, they use HP!  I only really use them if they are particularly effective against a certain enemy or if I'm low on SP.

Just FYI.

EDIT:  BenderUnit22 beat me to the physical skills using HP thing.  I also agree with LordAndrew about you having some fight left.  Don't leave, yet!

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Awesome episode. Man the velvet room is trippy!

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ah - my show is on

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Sweet, it's up before Midnight!  Great way to start Friday...I should study for exams but LOL...


I hope it feels better than the D-Pad.  :)

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ugh, inside the TV awaits bad reality TV shows.

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Man, watching these has made me go buy Persona 3 FES. And as soon as P4 is out in the UK, I'll be buying that!

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Haha... let's have sex with the owl.

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Loving all the Phantasy Star references, English student.

You should probably check out what the dimates and trimates actually do, then maybe you'll be able to last longer in the dungeon without using up your Gohans.

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Chie is DENSE!

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If you go home, which you might need to do since you used up your only GoHo-M (Go Home, get it?) you shouldn't go back to the TV until 4/27.  But if you decide to risk it a little you should have enough SP to get up to the mid boos floor which is th 5th but you can usaully tell because they are set up different than regular floors.  Try to get some more personas (an angel would be really good so you can fuse it with a pixie the next day).  You will have to run back when up there but its not that hard when you can see the exits.  So use some healing spells and be men!  Oh and while at the staging area talk to Yoskue to go the liqour store and get a good weapon for him by searching around.

One other thing is that shadows tend to be weak to their opposites, so when they use fire they tend to be weak to ice (bufu-Chie) and wind weak to lightening and vice versa.  And tank like shadows (shadows who are very resilent to physical attacks like knights and well tanks) are usually sucepitble to confusion spells and attacks but that doesn't show up on the analysis screen.
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A few things:
Yes, you can start on the last level you left, so you can start at level 3 next time.
Yes, buy some stuff before you go in, but sell the materials you got first.  That will get you new items to buy.
Speaking of which, buy at least one more Goho-M.  The game won't give you any more freebies.
Don't worry about the fog.  It takes something like 3 weeks before it shows up, and only after more than one day of rain in a row. 
Also, you guys can do a lot more in your menu than you do.  You can cast spells (including healing ones,) switch personas for Charlie or check out their abilities beforehand.  You can also press square to check out a persona's powers before you switch to them, in case you forget who fire guy is.
Lastly, use can use Teddie's analysis by pressing L1 in battle.  The reason everything is set to "?" is because you haven't tried them yet.  If you use something that's more or less effective, he'll note it.  Ideally, you should use all types of powers on every new enemy you find until you find a weak point, then hit that as often as possible.

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i gt my ps2 conrtoller so i can play along

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Jef and Vinny, here are a few tips that will hopefully be useful and prevent the likelihood of the game over screen:

1)  Yousuke knows Dia which is a healing spell so use that if you or your allies are low on health.  Oh, also Pixie also knows Dia so you can heal now too :).
2)  You can heal after battles as well, not just during battles.  Press the triangle button to access the menu.  From there you can look at your items, status, persona, and use skills.
3)  If you don't know what a skill or item does in the menus, use the square button to read about it more.
4)  For enemy weaknesses, you have to find out their weaknesses for yourselves.  Once you do however, they will be recorded for analysis.
5)  There are easier ways to get an all-out attack.  First knock down an enemy, THEN knock down another enemy instead of hitting the same enemy again.  Like with those licking shadows, use Zio to knock one down then use Zio again to knock down another one until they are all down.
6)  You can get new equipment with enemy item drops.  A very useful equipment to get is called Vigor Fob, which is an accessory that increases your HP by 10%.  You can get this by getting 10 big incisors total and giving them to Daidara(weapon shop dude).
7)  Use the spells that end with -kaja(increase your or ally stats) and -kunda(decrease enemy stats) to your advantage.  If you are in a tough battle use those!  For example Izanagi knows Rakukaja (which increases defense) and Tarukaja (increases attack) and at level 5 knows Rakunda (decreases enemy defense).  Also a nice thing is that Yousuke knows Sukukaja (increases hit/evasion rate).  The effect of these moves last for 3 turns by the way.
8)  Yousuke knows wind attacks but is weak to electric moves and Chie knows Ice moves but is weak to fire moves.
9)  There is a mini-boss on floor five in Yukiko's Castle.  He is actually quite strong(VERY strong) and can kill your characters with one hit if you are not careful.  Using Rakukaja (the move you guys never use with Izanagi) to increase your defense and using Ukobach's Sukunda(decrease enemy hit/evasion) will help you a lot.  This will be a long battle because he has high defense and HP.

Hope some of this advice proves useful to you guys.

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God damn Chie! ARE YOU DENSE!? Haha. Totally picking this up when it comes out.

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I got no tips

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I swear. Jeff´s licking soundeffects might be the best thing about this whole endurance run. Totally need to fix that as my ringtone somehow.

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They need more of these, maybe one for Brad and Ryan.

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Thanks guys!
*starts watching*

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Awesome! New video, and we get to experience the New Giant Bomb Experience!

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The camera looks a little problematic.  I'll probably still get the game when it comes out in the U.K.

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Uh...did you guys...I had a book bag haha!

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It's nice to know just how many problems you can solve with a golf club. I approve of hitting shadowy creatures from behind. Although I feel kind of bad not being able to offer any useful information. My roommate had Persona 3 and played a little of that but I had no idea how far in he was.

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you guys will definitely die. The first "mission" I died a few times

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That was awesome guys

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Man I love these! Keep it up guys!

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Now, watching videos from anyone else on this site is hilarious but Jeff and Vinny have that certain something that makes this series one of the funniest I've seen. Like many other people here I look forward to this every day. Oh, and thanks for opening my eyes to a great series guys!

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you guys dont play many rpg's, do you?

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this game looks so boring

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"The camera looks a little problematic.  I'll probably still get the game when it comes out in the U.K"

It's fine if you use the right stick to rotate it behind you.
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If the dungeon crawling in P4 is like P3 then I'm afraid you have to start from the beginning of the dungeon. The only way to continue from where you have reached within the dungeon is when you save in it.

Posted by Curufinwe

It isn't like P3, you can resume from the highest floor you have reached.

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What a perfect game to do a series like this on. Consistently entertaining every day.

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@Curufinwe Which is a blessing for all!

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Hopefully this comment isn't too late for Vinny and Jeff, but when you guys next play P4 you should:
1.  Reload from that save point and don't go home and waste all that SP, instead, go back into Yukiko's castle.

2.  You will be able to resume from the 3rd floor.

3.  Use Yosuke's Dia skill to heal everybody before fighting any more battles.

4.  You have used your only Goho-M, but it doesn't take too long to run back down to the first floor so you can return to the entrance and save.  Be sure to do that before fighting the tough boss on the 5th floor.  Tarunda + elemental skills work best on him.

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Chie is my waifu