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So it looks like they wasted the days due to the time skip
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Adachi fight!!!

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I hope the notice his *spoiler*. It the same *spoiler* that they got at *spoiler*.

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Charlie and crew are ready to end this, once and for all!

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God speed gentlemen, god speed....

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@DiGiTaL_SiN said:
" Charlie and crew are ready to end this, once and for all! "
You really don't need to post the sub title of every episode.
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@CitizenKane: PERSONA!
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The ultimate battle is about to begin! And for some reason Im having dbz flashbacks....

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Adachi has the rapiest voice ever all of the sudden: "Hey kids, wanna check out my van?  I got PS2 in there and some sodas."
So, the last boss is Unicron's eyeball?  Didn't see that one coming.
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Wondering why your S. Link is only 9?  Maybe because you need the true ending?  Hmm, hmm, Danny?  Hmm?

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Fuck me need to get home to watch this...better get sum chips

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It all comes down to this!

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Thank God the last episode is tomorrow. Enough of this trash.

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make it count ppl!

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So, just jumping in at the end here... 
Are you sure they've finished?

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@Vinchenzo said:
" Thank God the last episode is tomorrow. Enough of this trash. "
*SPOILERS*...unless they meet the third requirement for the "true" ending, then they could still be here a week or two more *END SPOILERS*
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This should be good.

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Man, this has definitly been a long time coming.

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@Vinchenzo said:
" Thank God the last episode is tomorrow. Enough of this trash. "
:How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Giant Bomb.
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Adachi had it coming...
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All the fully S. Linked people give their strength to Charlie.
Kanji shouts "get bent."

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Now all that matters is that Jeff and Vinny clear a path to the true ending.

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Home stretch, this could be over. Maybe.

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You can tie in a Duke Nukem quote for these last set of bosses. 

For example "Its down to you and me, you one-eyed freak." Fits in just fine here.
Man oh man...150th episode. Might as well as call it a done deal. I'd be happy with that...that is...if you guys go for the real true ending on the holiday...

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@Vinchenzo: I don't understand... you clearly watched it. Why?
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@Kajaah117 said:
" @Vinchenzo said:
" Thank God the last episode is tomorrow. Enough of this trash. "
:How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Giant Bomb. "
AKA Dr.StrangeJeff
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Well done guys - you put all that Persona training into practice - good tactics.  Was really digging that final boss music as well.  Also, that moment before you start fighting when everyone in the Investigation team gives a one-liner about how they're pumped for the fight and then Charlie just goes "hm" was indeed hilarious.
Looks like episode 150 will follow on the proud tradition of having a really special episode when it's a multiple of 50.

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@funcmode said:

" Wow I can't believe how easy  that boss made things for them. Seriously, I've never seen him use normal attacks before - nevermind two normal attacks on his last freaking turn... these guys got so lucky on boss fights it's unbelievable.

Maybe he ran out of his own SP - unless bosses have an endless supply by default.
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Its time to do the TRUE ENDING!

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Loved it! I wish it was tomorrow already!

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That was fucking awesome

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Shenmue/Yakuza Endurance Run!
Or, even better, Tales of Vesperia Endurance Run!

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Aww come on guys, go for the true ending!  That would give us at least another week or 2 of ER!

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I have a sneaking suspicion that Persona 5 will be announced at TGS, and assuming Vinny and Jeff go for the true ending, it seems the timing will be just about perfect.

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Yeah! That was awesome! And guys, I've been hearing about a true ending stuff. So perhaps tomorrow isn't the last episode.. *wink* *wink*
Anyway, you have been doing a great job. Congratulations!

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Another boss falls at the hands of Charlie Tunoku.  Great job, guys.

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I like breakfast with my endurance run

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Guitar Hero or Rock Band in the background?

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woot, final boss fight.

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Congratulations guys, but from reading the comments all I can say next is "Good luck!".

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alright guys everyone start the chant: "true ending! true ending! true ending!" in demand for it.
nah just kidding, if they get it without any knowledge of it though.. my mind will be blown.

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To think when I first started watching this madness I never thought you guys would make it this far. But you trounced that Disco Eyeball of Doom. I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow, but man, great work. The ER has been hilarious and awesome.