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*sets up tent*  Anybody want some hot chocolate?

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Yes ahoodedfigure, and a cookie

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Wooo it worked straight away for me! NICE

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Finally new vid awsome :) hopfully we meet funky student again. The game ends their 4 me 2 :) cant get any better

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That funky student must be the James Brown of Japan...

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I bet he like them balls. lol, this game has too many sexual overtones. But once again, awesome vid, loving this endurance run. Keep it up! :)

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Wow, what are the odds of a luchador mask appearing in this game?

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Kou: I loooove them balls.
Funky student: Damn!!

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That was full of win.

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I loooooove them balls, baby!! I've got to get through P3FES so I can start P4. Definitely more unintentional humour in this one.

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I don't think everyone you make a social link with joins your party.

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This might just be the funniest one yet.

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Nothing wrong with soccer/football!!

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I loooove them balls! Yay ya-ay!

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"I looove them balls" is intentional though.....

Really should do social links now until 4/27.  You have the sports team and Yosuke with a social club avialable on 4/25-and taking the tour shows the two options you get..  Also make sure to pick up your soda allotment this week since you can get  5 a week from both machines and if you miss them you miss them.
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Soccer is for scum bags? Way to piss off Europe Jeff! Damn Colonial!

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Hahaha, that was the best yet.

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God bless funky student

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Wearing Luchador masks and wrestling with Chie? Alright. Im getting this game. Thats it, im SOLD ALL THE WAY.

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Damn, this game is awesome.

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Those of you that have played Persona 3 will notice the awesomeness/advancement of having a dual character social link- instead of having to deal with another whole social link- which is how it worked in Persona 3.

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Wow, way to leave us hanging on the edge of our seats with that cliffhanger.

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Holy crap, best one yet!

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ive been reading/viewing this site since the inception. finally got un-lazy and signed up for an account and the whole nine. I have preached the philosophy of this site to so many of my friends which all stems from content just like this. I have all my friends hooked on this stuff; those who love rpg's and those who hate them. now i need them to sign up for accounts like i finally did. love the site, love the features.  no filter, no scripts, the best.

Funky Student has to be leading all early voting for character of 2009. It's his to lose! Yay y-ay.

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I was complaining to myself when I started the video and saw that it was only 16 minutes long but after that ending, I have nothing to complain about.

Like GunRunner, I also have been coming here for a while now and singing the site's praises to anyone who will listen. I enjoy everything I see on the site but I'm absolutely addicted to this Endurance Run.
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This is the best one!

Posted by MasterSplinter

Superman that Chie!!!

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best ending yet

Posted by KingOfIceland

Man, some ball looooovin' AND wrasslin with ladies in your sleep.... what more do you want?

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These are pure Gold. You must finish this!!!

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So awesome.

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At some time you'll be able to go outside, to one of 2 part-time jobs, or fishing. Once you buy books, you can use the couch to read them and improve stats.

Oh, you can talk to the guy in your room near the board for a quest.

Don't worry too much about keeping schedule, anyone you can hit up social links with on that day will have a word bubble over their head. You just have to know where they are.

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Oh man, oh man, Yay ya-ay! Polishing balls...luchador wrestling, this is the best.

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Holy shit the ending was epic win.

Best episode so far guys!

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Man, I thought this show would kinda get a little more boring after the first two weeks, but I was dead wrong.

I looove them balls.
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Funky Student for Brawl... wait. Anyway. I'd have to say this is the best installment yet if only for the mention of balls taken way out of context. Heh.

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Dude i seriously hope that the guys that localised this game knew what they were doing. Funky student is awesome, hes like a mix between a cool guy from the 50s and Ice Cube what whit all the talk of cats and yay ya-y.

This was btw the best ep ever. I laughed my ass off when you found out about the dreams and the basketball player that looooves Balls.

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Too much innuendo!

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Luchadors, balls, yay ya-y. This episode had it all.

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That crap is ridiculous. I couldn't stop laughing. This game is so out there I actually want to play.

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Keep it up!

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I picked up this game yesterday after an endurance run of watching these endurance run videos.  I couldn't stop.  Thanks for providing such great content and filling in the blanks for me regarding what this title is all about.  I'm having a lot of fun with it and have almost caught up with you guys.  Today's ending cemented my total lack of buyer's remorse, despite that Killzone 2 will now have to compete for my time.

...ooooooh the Dead Rising Quick Look just went up.. Yay ya-y!

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lol that was the best ending ever.

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Matte_G, join the club of people insulted by Jeff.  The list is long :)

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The best ending ever.

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Oh Christ, that was hysterical. This game in completely insane and I love it.

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That episode was amazing :D