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I have seen the future...

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Well...there it is. 
I am also bad at tying my shoe.

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 'Generic comment about being in the future'

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So, here we are.

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Aha! So this is time travel! But... It's kinda empty in the future. 
Do we have to wait the long way for Vinny and Jeff to get here?
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This is so confusing.

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Hey hi.

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Ahh come on I was promised an end in the future.

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Aren't we getting a little ahead of ourselves here.

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From what I can see in the future, they will be inside a dungeon on episode 152. Great!

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If I see my future self post will it also create a time paradox?  Or do I have to see myself in person?

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Welcome to 1985

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Hello Future FLStyle, nice to meet you.

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My god, two episodes in advance? What has this world come to?

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151 will be a short one, 
talk to attendant
fuse (again)
go to dungeon 1st lvl.
check out.
this episode will be a boss battle .

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Wasn't looking for 152...whatever.

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I think this is the last episode. :(

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@Themanohall said:
" I think this is the last episode. :( "
I doubt they're going to go through an entire dungeon in two episodes.
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Next to last?

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@Sake_Sunrise said:
" Next to last? "
Doubt it. It took me a while to get past the last dungeon, like 5 hours or something. But then again I grinded a little bit to 88 or something.
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Adachi ate the future. 
My bet is that the ER goes until 158.

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I've seen the future, brother...it is murder.

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Finally I have seen the future and it is Endurance Run, sadly no meat dimension.

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Hello, fellow time travelers!

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I think they need to drag it out to 160 so they aren't in some random 150s place number wise. 
that would help me keep a sane mind. 
then start playing through shenmue.

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@Chewii101 said:
" Adachi ate the future.   My bet is that the ER goes until 158. "
I'm guessing it'll end Friday, episode 155. 
If they keep doing 1 hour episodes, they can finish the dungeon by Thursday. Boss Friday. But then the ending itself is after that, hm...maybe the last episode will be a 2 hour marathon.
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I can't believe the Endurance Run is this close to ending. So weird. I bet Jeff and Vinny are relieved though.

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looks like they are so willing to get through this endurance run we may go up to 2 eps per day

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Two minutes to go! Places, everyone!

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@Past FLStyle said:

" Hello Future FLStyle, nice to meet you. "

Ahhh hello past FLStyle, nice to meet you too, let's get this episode under way!
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@Themanohall: It's the first episode.
In the future.
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NOS was giving out the tiny bottles at PAX all three days. I used to think energy drinks were all lies, but day-um, that shit got me up and pumped.

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It really bugs me that Yukiko pronounces Amaterasu as amaTErasu instead of amateRAsu.

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Everytime mother harlot raises her goblet she yells IT'S A CELEBRATION BITCHES, ENJOY YOURSELF!
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Giantbomb stand up tour confirmed!

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Best opening conversation...ever.

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Satanism != Satan worshipping

Atleast not in LaVeyan satanism

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I'm gonna say this game will be done by Friday.  They're approaching the end of the dungeon.

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I'm still amazed that they don't replace the "element boost" for the "element Amp", I don't think that they stack.

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There's a good chance Satan might appear in the next episode. You know what that means. You guys got a Twilight Zone episode taking place too. Whenever Satan is involved, so is a story about being careful what you wish for. Heh.

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@Agent_Lost said:
" I'm still amazed that they don't replace the "element boost" for the "element Amp", I don't think that they stack. "
Many others have said that they do - and it seems to be true.
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keep at it guys you wont be disapointed with the boss fight and its conclusion

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I really want to see the Satan persona now! Hopefully we'll at least get a glimpse of it until the dungeon is finished...

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@Agent_Lost: They stack.
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If only they'd fuse ishtar...  High level maziodyne caster, as well as Spell Master and Salvation.  Best of all, with lv 10 lovers, it auto-learns all of it.