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"Here at last, on the shores of the sea, comes the end of our Fellowship. I will not say "do not weep", for not all tears are an evil."

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Thank you guys so much for the 99 hours and 59 minutes of entertainment. It was such a fun ride!

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Duder, it's over!

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Welcome to the LAST world of tomorrow!

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The end's not near, its here.
RIP Charlie

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The old Endurance Run is dead, long live the Endurance Run(2)!
Bring it on Jeff, Vinny and Drew, great job and enjoy your time off from enduring!

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Duder, it's over! 
Thank you Jeff, Vinny, and Drew for continuing this, even in the face of adversity (corruption, power outage). You truly showed that NOTHING STOPS THE ENDURANCE RUN! 

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And so it ends.

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Aha! Is this our last chance?

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Can anything stop the Endurance Run!?

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@AllanIceman said:
" Can anything stop the Endurance Run!? "
The ending, maybe.
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Now play either Persona 3: FES or Mother 3.

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The giantbomb crew has definitely put a lot of work and dedication into this feature. Its part of what makes this site great.  
Keep up the great work guys, and hope to see an Endurance Run 2!

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Persona 4 True ending.   ; )        
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Thank you both so much for 100 hours of incredible entertainment. Its been quite the ride. Woo!

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It's been a long strange trip guys. Glad to be apart of it. Persona 5 can't come soon enough.

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Thanks, Jeff and Vinny, for enduring! Watching all these has been great fun.
Monday through Friday will feel weird without the Endurance Run.

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This is the way the Run ends: not with a bang, but a.....BUFU!! 
Thanks Jeff, Thanks Vinnie, Thanks Drew, Thanks everyone and anyone who had a role to play in this....this...thing.... you have entertained countless people with your antics and for that i thank you. 
(raises fist in the air whilst 'dont you forget about me' plays in the background)

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@Crushed: Mother 3.. would actually be really really awesome. haha.
My vote still goes to Yakuza or Yakuza 2! I love those games and want the GiantBomb community to experience them, heh.
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We are gathered here today to honor a great Endurance Run. Many of us here watched the ER since it's birth. Other met the ER in it's childhood, other in college, other even in it's 50's. But, the most important thing, is that all kept watching the ER and stayed with him until he reached his last breath. That moment has, unfortunately, come. And all we have left to do its to give him our last farewell.
Those who are gathered here have witnessed many things. Encounters with Funky Student, Mysterious Fox, Kou "I loooove them balls" Ichijo, casting bufu, rushing the last boss, wear luchador masks and wrestle chie, meeting OWL HEAD, using the FUCKING BALL, school trips, power outage and Teddie jumping out of his suit are just some of the best known moments of the ER's life. I think I can speak for all of you when I say that it has been a hell of a ride.
That said, I have only a few last words: goodbye my dear friend. May you rest in peace, away from evil and spoiler comments, and may the gods be with you. Except for Izanami. I heard she's a bitch.

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The Endurance Run passed away today at the age of 155. It is survived by hundreds of fans, and its good friends Vinny and Jeff. The family will be announcing details of the funeral shortly. Its final request was for its ashes to be scattered at sea.
Its only regret was that Vinny and Jeff did not fuse Mara, the literal dick on wheels Persona.

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Never before has there been so much excellence.

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This will be bitter sweet as I'm happy it's over so there is an ending but I'm sad that one of the only consistent things in my life at the moment is going away
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After all these months, it feels like an old friend is leaving us all.
Thanks Jeff, Vinny and the rest of the GB crew. It has been a beautiful ride, every last moment of it.

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@Crushed: Yeah, I was sooooooo bummed when they previewed the persona but didn't summon it or comment on it looking like a dick, probably because all those text was in the way and you couldn't see the balls.
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I think one or two users have already said this but, I'll say it once more: The Witcher would make a fine Endurance Run. I don't think it would top Persona 4, but it would do a great job. Until the release of Persona 5 of course.

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PERSONA 4: 5 YEARS LATER : Charlie returns to Inaba to see what's changed.
  • Chie gets "put through the wringer" by Dojima-san all right; she's now Dojima's second wife. No longer a teenager, her steak habit has caused her to become roughly 300 pounds.
  • Nanako is now an emo tween spending all of her time texting with her friends and posting to her Live Journal. Whenever Chie asks her to do something, she responds with, "Fuck you, you're not my real mom!" Chie is too fat to do anything or care.
  • Dojima spends his days reflecting on how his life turned out, staring at the gun that could end it all, and sighing before putting it away for yet another night.
  • Adachi is released from jail after the courts re-examine the "putting people into the TV" story. He finds religion and becomes a Buddhist monk.
  • Yosuke is still working at Junes. Now he's Assistant Manager! Meaning he's still a gofer. He finally got that motorcycle, but soon crashed it in a drunken stupor and lost his license.
  • Yukiko turned out to be the worst manager the Amagi Inn had in its generations of existence. After turning down opportunity after opportunity to change things up, she's forced to sell the inn to a line of love hotels.
  • Rise's career flunked horribly. Her only jobs she can get now are in reality shows and made for TV sci-fi movies. She's caught in an affair with an older politician, she develops anorexia, and eventually OD's from some bad shit given to her at a party.
  • Naoto became bored out of her mind trying to find the next case, only to discover that Inaba had no cases. She tries to track down some drug dealers, only to find that Dojima is selling confiscated Somas out of his house. She quickly succumbs to addiction as a way to keep the demons at bay.
  • Kanji became a successful businessman and the head of a large corporation selling a massively popular series of plushies. With the acquirement of the I-Say-Ho Jack Frost doll series, Kanji becomes worth several hundred million dollars. When Charlie asks to speak to him, the response is: "Oh. The gentleman who did not complete my Social Link ladder to its completion. Well good sir, I request that you bend yourself into a uncomfortable shape." 
  •  Teddie is now a registered sex offender arising from a misunderstanding wtih Nanako over the nature of "Teddie fur."
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Commence loadan with crappy internet...

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Not like this.

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And it's up.
Duder, it's over.

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Endurance Run, where were you?
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OMG it's up! I'm scared! I'm stoked! 'm hungry!!!

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Goodbye, everyone. It was fun while it lasted. Seeing Jeff and Vinny beat my favorite game ever has been a privilege I am happy to have shared with all of you. My weekdays will feel empty, but you know I will look back and think, "Damn, that was awesome."
Let's do Persona 3 next. :P

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Jeff, Vinny, Drew, thanks for the memories, you guys gave me a reason to get through work every day.

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Awww I'm sad its over!  I hope you find a suitable replacement endurance run until persona 5 is released
Thank you Jeff and Vinny it was awesome!
Yes the timer goes over 100 hours (mine is more) so what a great place to stop :)

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Endurance Run over... Now what am I going to do after work every day if not look out for the new ER!? I've been doing that for too long man!

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How about a poll on the forums or something with some games to pick from and see what people want most? (assuming there's another endurance run coming eventually)

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Duder... it's over... something stopped the Endurance Run... motherfuckers.
Awesome ride however, and I'm excited to see what they'll come up with next.

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And now the girls ...singing!!  


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I can't really see a Persona 3 endurance run. It would nice though if it happened. 
Igor is the servant of Philemon.. His assistants' Margaret and Elizabeth are the ones who rule over power. That pretty much means they're as close to godly as Izanami, perhaps stronger? I have no idea.

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*claps for Vinnie and Jeff* 
thanks for making this feature so awesome

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I posted this on the last episode's comments, but I'll post it again:
If you've watched from start to finish, every single episode, then by the end of this year you'll have spent over 1% of 2009 watching Endurance Run.
(Now I just need to catch up and watch the whole thing.)

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@takua108: Is that stat really true? Thinking about it, it wasn't really a waste, though. After coming to GiantBomb specifically to watch the ER, it somehow put things in perspective and I've gotten more social in the "real world" again. I don't really want to give Persona credit for that, though. It's probably due to the interesting people in the forums.
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It's been fun.  Great job dudes!

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