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Give NAO!

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Is it just me that find Kou somewhat disturbing?

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this will never get old
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Please continue this forever. :)

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yay only 21 mins :D these make my day

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On a select number of days during the game- Nanako will have gone grocery shopping- and there will be ingredients in the refrigerator to make lunch- which you can share with a Social Link- and increase it.

Vinny wants to be a self assigned leader during a serial murder streak in a small  Japanese town.

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This is up early! Awesome!

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Holy shit I've been slacking. I've missed like, 10 episodes. That's cool though. Gives me like, hours to do something awful to my body and watch these videos.

Hm. That sounds wrong. I mean with substances. Not like, doing something to myself to yours guys voices or something.I mean, you guys have great voices, don't get me wrong, I just don't swing that. way. If I did though, you guys, yeah. Topsies. Well, I mean, besides the whole weight thing.

Not like a little weight isn't good on a guy, but you know. Just not for me. I'm sure guys are, alllll over that stuff. You know. Like guys are. Not saying you're gay or anything. Just, you know. Saying guys must be all up in that memory foam bed you call a stomach Jeff.

Yeah keep it up guys.

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daaaamn, that was fast. Vinnie, weren't y supposed to get some sleep? Oh geez, Vinnie, Vinnie 'pats him on the head'

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I like the 40 min bumper editions personally.

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They changed the file name pattern again. I'd appreciate it if someone posted it.

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Work those socials guys. Great episode.

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Omg,i so love this endurance runs.Everyday when i come back from school first thing i do is checking if there is new endurance run part.Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Haha, poor Nanako..

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"Sweets" is totally code for "tail."

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This game is complicated.

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You need a calendar for this game.

Alright on Tuesday I'm gonna hit the bong with Funky student after school, then in the evening gonna get my groove on studyin', then Wednesday gonna play with Kou's balls...
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Tip: Missing practice isn't really a big deal; however, you should try to make it if you can, since it increases stats/Social Link. In fact, starting on the 25th, you can join a culture club, which has practice on some of the same days as your sports club. (sports practice raises Diligence, culture practice raises Expression)

Tip: If you really have nothing else to do on any given day (which will rarely be the case, especially a little later on), you can go to the Library (Classroom Building - 2nd floor) and study to increase Knowledge.

Tip: On rainy days, the stat increases of various activities are raised. (e.g. you earn more Knowledge from studying in the Library, you can catch better fish, etc.)

Tip: On rainy days, you can go to Aiya (Central Shopping District, 2nd screen) and eat their special lunch (costs 3000 Yen) to increase 3 stats. (it takes up a "time slot", though)

Tip: Check your Fridge on the 25th. Chow down.

I hope this bulletpoint "Tip:" format is easier and faster to read.  ;D

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Loooooove these shows, keep 'em coming!

Nanako has the most depressing life ever.  Raised by a TV.

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The Nanako and Dojima SLs when they open up are sad...

Keep doing SLs until it rains and raising stas at night. 
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Im so hooked on these hopfully they make it to the boss this time :D

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Im so hooked on these hopfully they make it to the boss this time :D

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Download link if anyone wants it:

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Yay! There's a heading just for Endurance Runs which implies that they'll go on FOREVER! And even when there done P4 they'll do a new game! Sweet! Infinite Endurance Runs!!!

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Gratzi Pazy!

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Show these on TV!

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good length  today i know some people feel the longer the better but i think its better in 20-30 min chunks

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When its the grind- and most of the time is spent wandering dungeons- it works out better- both saving/editing/entertaining to just put it in the larger chunk videos.

It probably will just end up being the convenience/save points from now on.
Which is fine with me.

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Were is child services? the parents home only like once a week.

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I forget... why wouldn't Yosuke let them go to the shadow liquor store?

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Meatsim: It's common in Japan for the father to go to work before the children wake up and come home after they have went to sleep. Most kids only see their father on weekends. Typically the mother stays home.

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Well, the mother's long dead so it was pretty dodgy if Dojima was leaving Nanako alone all day and night before the main character arrived.

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These videos totally make my day.

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They're going to put on their job hats, climb into their job cannons and launch themselves to job-land, where jobbies grow on job trees

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Kind of an important tip:

Like Jeff said at the end, you guys really should go into town next time before doing a S.Link so you can buy 5 TaP sodas from the machine next to Shiroku and check for jobs on the Bulletin Board.

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curufinwe: Nah she is old enough to be a slave, I mean take care of herself =P yeah I agree that's it's not right that she has to take care of the home alone, but it's great training for becoming a housewife I guess =P

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Side-trackitis strikes again.  I would be dead set on saving Yukiko, the poor gal.  Why does the game encourage you to do a bunch of other stuff while she's stuck in Castle Anthrax?

Argh, match up some cards!! :)

This is nice, just chilling and watching someone else play an RPG.

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@ahoodedfigure Actually- the game encourages you to go save her- as Chie is there- every day- wanting you to go save the day. The game just gives you the option- showing you the mechanics of the game.
Its more that people in comments have been constantly "recommending" that they do the "efficient" thing.
I did the exact opposite in my playthrough- saving Yukiko as fast as I could- by collecting/selling items just before going back in the following day after Chie is too tired to go on.

@curufinwe @dagas I don't think Dojima is a terrible parent by choice- its more that this was the result/eventual solution. If one wants to fill in the blanks- its likely that Dojima sent his daughter to daycare- until she started going to school- where she declared that she could take care of herself- also feeling that she wanted to help out.

And thus- Nanako is my favorite character in Persona 4 so far.

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Thanks Pazy for the link :) Saved me some headaches :p

Man I love these shows :D I checked at work if it was up already and raced home to watch it :)
Never disappoints, and the random crap of Brad dropping of mail and the rice crispy snack makes it THAT much better ;)

EDIT: By the way, is it supposed to be "Featured" and not "Endurance Run" ? I think it was placed with the wrong tag :o

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waffles rock

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Need to get yourself a JOBBY JOB!

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Oh god, I started laughing hard when you started dicking around after coming home.

"Oh! We're you watching this?! PPPPTTTTBH."

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lol @ the "What's My Name?" quote

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I love these videos.  I can't get enough of em.  I wonder how long they will last though.....

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These videos are awesome, I hope it goes on forever!

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Great as always!

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Another episode, cool! Keep those coming:)

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You have to rescue Yukiko first before you can get the sweet wrenches for Youske, from the shadow liquor store.