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Posted By insane_shadowblade85

I decided to buy the game yesterday but I made a small mistake. I ended up selling Chie's chainmail after buying her....chainmail. This is why I shouldn't play games like this at 3 a.m. -_-.
I was waiting for a Wah Wah Waaaaaaaah to play in the background after something like that.

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Posted By Muffin_Hunter

"...put on some music, taking a warm bath... ah, put on some Elliot Smith, these razor blades are real sharp..."

Oh Vinny, you're so morbid.

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Posted By agent_lost

It time to go back to TV worlds, 3 raining days = FOG

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Posted By GamerGeek360

Well that was fun...

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Posted By endaround

They have time.  The 27-29 is enought ime to clear the dungeon when they are already on floor 5.  They'll need GoHo-Ms to back out and fuse every so often but they have time.  Now the next dugeon when they have about 15 days to clear Yukiko's dungeon a 2nd time and go through the next dungeon, then they'll be pushing for time.

For those who don't know, you basically go through each dungeon twice (you don't have to but its highly recommended).  You fulfill the vast majority of quests that way.
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Edited By LordAndrew

Normally a player should theoretically be able to do it. But if Vinny and Jeff plan on doing it that way, they'll have to stop attacking every enemy they see and wasting SP all the time.

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Posted By unangbangkay

If you meet the requirements you can do multiple jobs. You can do the daycare job, and one of the two nighttime jobs (the coming soon ones) in the same day, so you can earn some mad cash outside the TV. All three of the above jobs open up social links THE SECOND DAY you take 'em, and can improve each time you do so after that.

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Posted By endaround

I still think they can face the majority of enemies on floors 5-7, they just have to stop casting spells that enemies aren't weak against.

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Posted By SinGulaR

I have absolutely NO idea how that game works and I don't care. Just listening to the commentary makes this great. :)

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Posted By coffeesash

You can make way more than 4000 yen just spending a couple minutes in the dungeon getting materials and selling them

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Posted By Sabata

Man, you guys are so screwed.  :(

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Posted By RipTheVeins

I'll give you guys the basic 11 tips for beating this game, keep in mind these are directly out of the strategy guide:

1. try to get the character's stats maxed out in the order: Knowledge, understanding, expression, courage, and dillegence (for most purposes you only need dilligence to get to level 3).

2. Use S. Links to boost stats early in the game ( try picking 1-3 s links to go after at a time and strength yields some good diligence bonuses, and sun is good for expression, also choosing band club gives you better stat boosts, but a less entertaining story.)

3. always take a corresponding persona with you to the S. Link you're trying to build up (this won't affect the persona, but the s. link will evolve faster)

4. Pace yourself in dungeons.

5. armor is more important than weapons in this game.

6. conserve SP as much as you can.

7. visit dungeons on rainy days for better bonuses.

8. OR eat at Aiya beef on rainy days (it will boost multiple stats instead of just one).

9. Prioritize your party's s. links for better battle bonuses.

10. Use persona's wisely (try to make sure you have a persona for each type of element, and take advantage of swapping powers to personas during fusion)

11. keep back up saves (guess this doesn't help much with the purposes of this series)

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Edited By sneakysnake128

Yay! A horse furry!

But seriously, why would you make a persona that you already have in the compendium!!!!!!!????? And at the same level!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????? I'm not the only one pained watching this. Not to mention you lost Dia, losing 2 perfectly fine personas for no reason whatsoever.

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Posted By Treppass

'protection?!'  i loled.

i like the way this game trys to tackle grinding, in the usual sence anyway.
i imagine it breaks the whole thing up nicely.

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Posted By strangeling

Go Vinny, Go!

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Posted By Vorbis

Addicited, since P4 isn't out here yet I may have to get P3 instead. Give longer episodes!

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Posted By iAmJohn

Stop giving them tips, guys.  It'll be a lot funnier watching them fuck themselves over :x

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Posted By Serbovich

Hey guys, here's a tip on fusing personae:

The red colored skills that your new persona gets are chosen randomly from the skills of the persona you're using to create it. So, if the persona you're using has a particularly useful skill, you can manipulate the fusion so that the new persona will have that skill as well. This is done by re-selecting the two (or three) personas you're fusing until you get the skill you want.


You want to merge Pixie and Sandman to make "whatever". Pixie has the Dia (heal) skill. If the dia skill does not show up in red in the resulting persona's arsenal, just back out of the fusion and select Pixie and Sandman again. The red skills may or may not be different this time, but if you keep doing this, you can get the Dia skill for the new persona. This way you can give any good skills that your old persona has to your new persona.

Granted this will be very boring in the video since you may have to re-select pixie and sandman several times to get the skills you want, but later on, you can do this to give your new persona multiple useful spells. Say you merge a wind persona and a fire persona, you may get a Lightning persona as the result. By re-selecting the two original persona you might be able to give your lightning persona wind and fire attacks as well, getting a very useful persona as a result.


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Posted By Aop

When you glance through books it takes 2 days to finish it.... 4 days if you read thoroughly. well, you could mix it  up and do 3 days.

I don't think anyone actually explained this fully, Nanako sometimes buys food around mid week. But that only happens when you saved a person.

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Posted By Mjolnir

You guys should have fused Ukobach, since Orobas is stronger and has the same fire spell.

Also, love the Billy Madison reference.

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Posted By jingle_bell_jerk


Thank you.  And everyone, he's right; where is the fun in watching Jeff and Vinny regurgitate an identical P4 run to your own (i.e. playing it like most of us here probably played it - with the intention of maxing out everything)? Let them figure things out and play their own game.

I mean, this is just nuts - pages after pages of comments filled with advice on how to play the game right (for every video no less - and usually the same advice over and over).  There's Gamefaqs for that.

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Posted By hakunin

hey, they ask for advice; we give it

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Posted By Hector


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Edited By jingle_bell_jerk

>>> hakunin

You're right, they do; but we keep giving them essay answers.  Plus, have you noticed that despite all our best intentions, they're still doing their own thing 99% of the time? Like they might take one or two things from the comments, but that's about it.  I just think it's a wasted effort.

Think about it this way: if they have the time to read pages after pages of conflicting strategies and suggestions, they have time to read through the faqs.  They just don't want to, and I applaud them for that.  It serves their commentaries better when they're muddling through things step by step (which is what I'm here for - the commentaries).

Filtering out noise for the skills you want on your Persona takes a bloody long time, so I'm sure I speak for everyone here when I say nobody wants to watch them do that (even if it means they're skipping out on a crucial part of fusing).

Just my 2 cents.  Not looking to start an argument here.

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Posted By Falcoski

Yeah, this is what I look forward to all day...I need to study and do homework but my priorities are
1) Endurance Run
2) Food
3) Sleep
99) School Work XD

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Posted By Ilko

Haha, thinking they're hiding something on Orobas? The game makes no effort to tone anything down at all, just wait til you see the Incubus.

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Posted By ahoodedfigure

Work on MWF, Practice...  when was practice?  If it was TTh...  this is heading toward disaster :)

At least as far as I can tell...

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Posted By TheFrostedGamer

The commentary makes these fun to watch. Would've never known about this game without these vids. *cred*

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Posted By Curufinwe

@ jingle_bell

If they don't follow at least some of the advice in the comments they're going to end up royally fucked sooner or later and the run will be over.

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Posted By Alphazero

Wasn't the next episode up this morning? Where'd it go?

I gotta watch my stories...

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Posted By AleM


The main goal of those videos is to flow naturally. They follow the advices to some extent, but their intention is not to go through the game like a hardcore gamer. If the run is over, so be it, even if they followed all of the comments and searched for information on FAQs, I'm sure they would die at least one time.

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Posted By Curufinwe

Buying some TaP sodas would flow perfectly naturally.

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Posted By AleM


I didn't say it didn't.

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Posted By ch3burashka


I actually don't know what the refers to. I just know it from Family Guy.
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Posted By MagikGimp

OK, so I'm going through these gradually (late comer) and really this game has only just started to get going right? So if they've already only done about six hours in four weeks and the game takes at last sixty hours to complete then by my calculations, and stop me if I'm wrong, that's ten times four weeks (a month) which means they'll finish sometime in around October??

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Posted By retwakm

this is awesome i hope you guys do more endurance runs

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Posted By denj3325

Has anone noticed the crotch of izanagi? What it might look like?

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Posted By Shindiggah

am I the only one that is seriosly creeped out by Kou? xD
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Posted By scarace360

time to get a Joby job

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Posted By RedCricketChase

How long til Kou gets laid? :(

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Posted By OneManX

Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone

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Posted By kollay


Shit never gets old
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Posted By wumbo3000

"Hey no we're always naked!"


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Edited By buwchbach

@OneManX said:

Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone


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Posted By Pop

weird that they never mention anything about the music and how weird it is.

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Posted By Duffyside
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Posted By BirthWild

2013 WHAT UP PLAYAS! Love the endurance run! IT NEVER DIES!

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Posted By Sikboy1029

These are awesome

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