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woooo my preorder has been dispatched!!!

now as long as royal mail doesnt lose my package like they did my HardDrive ill b playing it tomorow!
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NO! Don't stop this,please ! I watch this every day, this endurance-run is the best games-related entertainment i found so far!

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NOOO! Vinny! Keep Going! I look forward to this EVERY DAY!

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stuus is right.

You stop it before the whole game is over and i'll kill myself. Seriously.

nah just kidding is that funny lol

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Please dont stop the feature, even if Yukiko whoops you the first time around. It really is a great, entertaining, funny feature, and it's stuff like this that makes Giant Bomb stand out as the greatest gaming site around. :)

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Mmh... Don't stop doing this feature *lifts his fingers trying to do a Jedi mind trick*
heh... suckers...

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Don't make me start a useless petition against you guys!

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YAY! Giant Bomb defeats slow internet speeds!

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Whoo hoo! *watches in the middle of Calc 2 with great excitement*

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I can finally stop refreshing and waiting for this video. I look forward to these every day!

I'm moving to a very remote location in a few weeks and I'm going to need some games to suck up my time. I've never played one of the real Persona games (only DDS) and I wasn't sure whether to get FES or 4 but I think you guys sold me on 4.

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Don't worry so much about the buff and de-buff skills. There only relevant for those hour long boss fights =/

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got problems? delete cache and try again :P

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Good luck guys!

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Oooh man. I was late commenting on this 'un. Anyways, I really hope you guys keep this up- It's helping me not be bored out of my skull now. Only 3 days until it's released! I can't wait T_T.

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You 2 are in the thick of a game now! You can hear the tension in their voices, Vinny keeps taking deep breaths through the whole thing. I think the comments are weighing in on him. lol

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Haven't finsihed watching yet, but shouldn't you guys fuse Izanagi with something else and create more powerful persona? It seems like Izanagi maxed out in terms of skills. :\

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It's here!

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Quite possibly the best Endurance Run yet.  Epic episode.  lol

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Woot like a potatoe.

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Great episode but it cut off right after chie took out those four Beatles.

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Please dont stop this videos, they are awesome.

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This was easily the worst episode so far.  Watching you guys figure things out for yourselves is what made the rest of the run entertaining, and often funny.  Trying so hard to shoehorn yourselves into such an unimaginative strategy as power-leveling and getting such a specific, narrow set of skills was such a bore.  Don't give others too much credit and yourselves too little credit.

Nata Taishi is male, BTW.

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Hey Vinny, my morale is up too! You guys actually listened to us. Now just fuse a senri tomorrow and make sure it inherits red wall to cast on chie and you're pretty much set.

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whats p with this video its taking a long time to load

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I love these videos, Jeff and Vinny, you guys made me order this game and when its released tomorrow here in Europe Im gonna get it

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Through the looking glass?

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 Nice episode, guys!  I really love this feature.  I literally cheered in triumph when you defeated those beetles and your Slime learned Red Wall!  It seems like you are starting to get the hang of the game -and I say that as someone who is completely unfamiliar with this series, so take that for whatever it is worth.  Keep 'em coming!

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Awesome. Endurance Run has been just getting better.

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Get over is gryphon. The fact is they would have been destroyed if they hadn't gotten this stuff done and that would mean no more endurance run. This really is the only spot in the game where you either need to grind a bunch or use that 'red wall' strategy to get past it. That said I also don't like people telling them how to play ie get SODA!!!, but given the circumstances it was necessary that they do this now.

And Vinny, the only time that a persona will be registered when you pick it from the shuffle is when you first see it so you don't need to worry about taking in a persona that you already have saved and having that saved one erased. To replace a persona already saved in the compendium you always have to register the new one in the velvet room.

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Remeber to sell all the stuff you have at the shop and get some better equipment.  You have some extra chainmail sets to sell as well don't forget.  Then fuse and get to her.

And get soda for the week though you won't need it for tomorrow.
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The series is awsome, but a new game could be fun too. Just don't end this whole "Endurance run" thing you have going there.GO GB :D

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Does Teddy have "zero-stitch" technology?

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Wow shit is getting TENSE, and I'm very happy that you did exactly the right things today. I actually think you're gonna get out of this bossfight alive. Kudos for that, and don't forget to fuse senri tomorrow ( slime, Ukobach and izunagi, I think ) and be absolutely sure that red wall is skill inherited. If it isn't just back out and try to fuse again until it is inherited.  I'm gonna switch to the Rocky soundtrack, while listening to this now ;-)

Feel kinda bad that everybody including me has been trying to tell you how to play the game. However this is the only point in the game where it's veery hard not to fail if you don't do exactly the right things. And we all want you guys to keep on truckin' :) 
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Congrats on getting everything you needed. Vinny, that was a bit scary when you were hit by that enemy trying to find the staircase. Good luck tomorrow, can't wait.

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Best of luck tomorrow guys, I for one won't nag you to keep going if you fail. :p

If it does end though, will you ever try the endurance run with another game, perhaps one that doesn't need as much strategy behind it? I can think of a few games that'd be really cool to see a playthrough of, it's been a nice way to see something I previously had no clue about.

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I find myself screaming at the screen "DO THAT! DO THIS!" As if I was watching a football game or something ^^

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You guys will do fine tomorrow, there's an item that you can buy that will heal 50 HP to each member, you should pick one of those up just in case. It's in the place where you buy Goho-M's. Try messing around to get a decent Persona for Charlie too. I beat the boss on my first try at level 14 so you should do fine.

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Duder its over half way through?

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Get over it Love.  Even if they would have loss this boss battle, they would have learned how to find a way to overcome it.  This part of the game required neither grinding nor Red Wall, as I made do without either.

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Dear Jeff and Vinny:
Penalty cards are the ones with the red crosses on them. The ones with the broken symbol in the middle are just blanks- nothing. Those aren't the ones you have to dodge- the red cross ones are.

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I was ROLLIN SON when Vinny turned the wrong way and got smacked up. I'm so curious with laser eyes for the next episode. Keep it going.

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Are you guys ever gonna save her?! It's been going on for over a week now!

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Something you guys should know when fusing Personas. There will be skills with a red background behind their name when you are viewing the resulting Persona. These are inherited skills. The skills that are inherited are randomly chosen from all of the skills the Personas used in the fusion already have learned. So after you have selected the Personas you want to fuse and see the new persona that will be born you  can see what skills will be inherited (red background). If you do not see a specific skill you want to inherit then you can back up until you have unselected all the Personas you are using and reselecting them. This will give you a new random set of inherited skills.

I bring this up because if you are going to fuse Slime, you should make sure that whatever you make with it should inherit it's Red Wall skill for the boss.

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For the record, the red X's are penalty cards, not the shattered glass ones, which are just empty and don't do anything. Also, the save points on the boss floor can also take you back to the dungeon entrance without having to use a Goho-M, which Jeff figured out at the end. You guys are definitely starting to get the hang of the dungeon crawling. The next two dungeons are a little easier in my opinion, because you start to get more skills to work with. The number of Personas you can hold will increase soon, it's either level 15 or 20, I forget which.

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To morrow is the big day :D

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normally these videos are great but just watching you level is boring as hell

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yuikio died! thank god i hated that little queer.

look on the bright side,now Chie and Charlie are all alone ^_^


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Look on the bright side, from what I can understand, no more grinding will really be necessary in the future, as long as they dont run past the enemies they meet on their way through the dungeons.

Anyways, entertaining episode as always. Seems like youve got most of the skills and stuff that you need, so with some new equipment, it sounds like you'll be able to whup Yukiko's Shadow soon enough. Best of luck!