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wooooh, at last

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Hey everyone,

Sorry for the huge delay. We had to unexpectedly leave the office yesterday, so today has been  a lot of getting back up to speed. Almost back on track...


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YES!! NICE!! Episode 24 FINALLY!!

Good series, keep it going please

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in the words of ric flair woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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Edit: I was right about the thing relating to Jeff's Twitter and the fumes.  Who'd a thunk.

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It's all good Vinny! It's all good! We're just happy to get a new episode! Hell yeah!

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I just got wood when I saw this pop up.

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I was scared for a while that Endurance Run might've ended.

Long live investigation team!!!!

Also Vinny here's tips.

Although Yukiko might've been most difficult boss in a way, that doesn't mean the game gets much easier. You just have more options and easier way to grind, but to fight against bosses you still better grind.

Also some enemies have random kill moves. If Charle gets caught and he dies, that's immediate game over. Be careful with those and have Personas with null dark and holy.

and be nice to Fox.

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Glad you are all alive... are the neighbors done polluting your offices?

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You guys are Ace!

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OMG YEEESS! I was so worried it was over :(

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WOOHOO! Thank GOD it's not over! I was so very worried....

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Never ever scare us like that again :)

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Man Love has never been so acceptable.
Thank you Vinny

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finally you guys can stop shitting your pants lol

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yay endurance run lives to see another day!

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Hellsyeah! It never felt so good to be wrong. At one point I thought the internets were going to explode.

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Next time record this while breathing the fumes

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Hell yeah!

Persona 4 kicks so much ass. I really suggest anyone who find this endurance run entertaining to purchase it. The game deserves it.

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Almost worried that you guys ended this....Thanks for putting it up.

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Whew...finally! Glad to know you guys haven't stopped the series. Thanks for all of this.

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You scared me....just look at my twitter.

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Excellent! All that talk in the last episode about the endurance run ending was making me nervous. I haven't played P4 myself so I'm getting real curious about the dungeons people were talking about. I'm going to love hearing Jeff and Vinny comment on the next few dungeons.

On the other hand, you have my full support if you want to stop and do something else guys. It's fun because you're into it, if it just becomes a chore for you I'd rather you do something else instead. It seems you've picked a good game to endurance run though, I would have expected a lot more grinding from a JRPG-type game.

Oh, and since Vinny was apologizing about the delay I have to add: I can imagine getting these up every day must be pretty harsh, good work on getting these out with nothing but an occasional hicup. I take my hat off to you gentlemen.

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GOD i love this.

i think Brad and Ryan want to join in :P

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Glad you decided to keep going

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Ahhhh. Tension is over and we can all relax for a bit, chow down soba and juuuuust chill it. At least until a couple of days when we have to go into the most twisted comical dungeon in the game

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Also go find out if Funky Student will ever have another riddle to drop

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Alright, SERIOUSLY get your social links up. You're going to be getting a lot more personas now and trust me, totally worth it.

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*gasp* it lives!

Dark Dojima!

Man, i love Jeff's anecdotes.

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I'm sure that happened "yesterday".

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Woo! Keep it going!

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Investigation Team GO!!! Cool episode. :)

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Jeff has to be sneaking in some secret play time for this. He knows too much...

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i want some soba now...

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late but worth the wait.

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First, yes there is a social link for Nanako and Dojima.
Second, Yukiko is awesome
Third, Teddie is a GOD

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THANK YOU! I come to this site everyday to watch the Endurance Run and I'm sure there are many more out there.

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My god...that conversation on the roof was the WORST.

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Another Stupidly hilarious episode!

Also it can't be helped if charlie is that hungry. Dojima starves them because there is never anything in that damn fridge.

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Hahaha, glorious. I enjoyed Ryan's shouting of Mt. Olympus.

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End the Persona 4 vids now, end it on a high.

Joking love what your doing.

When you've finished the game :). Make a DvD of all of these and charge $30, i'd buy it, Hey, if you can, even try Bluray

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I think teddy was a little too creepy in the last episode...  i think he is pulling the girls in thru the tv... but the shadows are taking over before he can have his way.

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I loved the Giant Bomb Think-Tank for that mountain question.

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Yukiko is awesome btw.