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Midterms coming up... time to put down the bowls

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yay 25

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Yay, no "Duder, it's over"!!

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Boring... I wanna see some fighting!

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...Say what?

Woo! I like me some Persona 4 endurance run. :)

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Cool.  Keep them coming, guys!

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Nice... Just when I was asking myself how to kill some time before leaving the house. Perfect timing.

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Oh, if it's not too late, check the TV.  There's a show that only airs on Sundays.  I'm not sure if it started yet, but worth a try.

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finally one without stupid grinding

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WOOT was waiting for this =D top 15 commenter this edurance run is awesome i hope they go far!

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People around school and town will start giving you quests now that you fulfill by killing stuff in the first dungeon.  You only get what they need when you take the quests.  Unfortunately the last 2 quests aren't given out until 5/18.  So you can go in the TV but will have to return if you want to do the quests,.

Also fishing has now opened up-talk to the old guy down by the river
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Quarter Century Milestone!

you guys rock

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Just got my copy of Persona 4 on the 1st day of European release! Although I guess its gonna take a while to catch up with Vinny and the Jeffster....

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"Boring... I wanna see some fighting!"

Hell no.

Urgh Yukiko is such a downer. She needs to get laid.

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No, not really.  
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This one's much shorter than the other episodes! What's going on~~~~ *cry*

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"I wanna come!"

I laughed so hard I nearly died.

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@Babblinmule @endaround That really just depends how much you spend on any particular component of the game. In theory- you could spend 2-3 times as much time as you technically need to in the dungeons- grinding and collecting items- beating the bonus bosses- etc.

The way the game is designed- there are inherent limits on how long you can spend doing any particular activity. SP, Cash, the time/length/relative length of any particular activity. Time blocks are the universal limiter- whereas SP is the combat limiter. As you progress through the game- and especially during multiple playthroughs- these limiters become less and less- as your ability to be both more efficient with your time as well as less efficient (You can spend as much time in the dungeons as you want- etc.) increases.
The calendar/day system  is fairly linear throughout the game- as it was in Persona 3. Individual activities might be difficult- but the patterns of effort stay consistent throughout the game- which is why people say that it gets easier further into the game. This is all a catalyst for the skills/understanding you gain as you progress further and further. The force that acts in opposition to this is the weakness/affinity system. Further into the game- your able to more quickly analyze the weaknesses of enemies- but most of the time- its still very much comes down to a process of elimination. Other forces that limit the player's advancement- regardless of the player's actual development- include high HP bosses/enemies, status changing skills, and non-traditional attacks. There is also the choice that the player makes regarding the original difficulty and the demands they make on their own- like beating the bonus bosses, maxing out all the social links, completing quests-etc. Persona does a very good job of rewarding players for just about any activity or thing they do- but said activities are hardly the most efficient path to completing the game. The counterpoint to this is the story- which exists as infinite fragments- spread amongst all the characters in the game. This is meant to represent a reality that is far closer to our own- which can be difficult to portray- but an amazing tool if can use it. The effects of this can be brought into the light by the situation Jeff and VInny are in. They want to consume the story parts- thats what they're most excited about. However- to truly get the full story of the world of Persona- you actually have to deal with everyone. Or you don't. It all depends on how far you want to go- and thus- the most directly player controlled component of the game- is also the one they'll most likely be drawn into- thus- putting it back into Persona's developer's side of the court.

This might not make sense- but I feel its fairly accurate.
Apologies for the lack of formatting- I was just thinking.

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If you guys die, you better not give up! Keep going!


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WOW so soon thanks.

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Who's a better parent:  Dojima or Britney Spears?

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I think you guys are gonna like the next person, their awesome, and probably the best voice actor in this game. Anyway, you guys have a break until then, so relax with Funky!

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Man I have never seen anyone upset because they had to eat steak instead of tofu.

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Make it at least 30 minutes a day, I command you!

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I lost it after Ryan's "Yeah, you wouldn't!"

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Oh, awesome, this game cracks me up.

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Ze glasses, zey do nahzing!

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This one was hilarious!

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I actually find the dungeon episodes more entertaining than watching scenes, and I think it was pretty apparent in this episode why. Still, I had some good laughs!


Please give us a player so that we can watch all of these in order without having to click play or change videos. I just want one loooooong endurance video to watch.

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"Big Johnson says: Liquor in the front, Poker in the rear!" XD

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haha, my favorite part of these now is Ryan and Brad screaming things in the background :P

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Short and sweet.

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Sounded like Ryan was playing Resi5 in the background with a "I need ammo" sounding at 0:30 :P
That aside, funny episode!

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Wait, what? Crazy glasses? What the hell is going on!? Too weird.

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why does the only black person in the game have to be the "pusher man"???

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So I really like Yukiko. Her attitude is strangely attractive.

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Liqour in the front and poker in the rear!!  HAHAHAAHA!!

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Yukiko's laughing fits are the reason why I like her character at all. The rest is fairly hit and miss.

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Well, that was a bust. Into TV land just for glasses and the next day, Chie wants to go again.

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study study study!!!!!!
test time!

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YAY-YA i wish there was some more funky student time dude!

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Amazing stuff guys!

Agreed about the funky student haha!
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after being lame and reading the games story summary on wikipedia...i really hope they finish this game at some point hahaha

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This was unexpected.

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them some funny glasses