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Good morning Giant Bomb.
Have a lovely day!

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First comment!!

No!! stupid slow PC.

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oh man, I totally hate how i found this just before i had to leave for class D=

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And now, my day can finally start...

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I think the just general review/commentary about games during the grind is a great idea!.
And if you weren't thinking about it that way- its a good idea anyway.

Don't call Yukkiko useless. You know who's kind of useless? Yosuke. And yet I'm level 40+ and he's still in my party.
Though it is nice to get his special weapon earlier- the Skill Spanner- which is not only more powerful- it also gives you a large SP bonus- which is really valuable at this level.
Um- also- don't go after The Castle's Bonus Boss at this point. Unless your going to level like crazy.
The early floors aren't usually particularly good for grinding/leveling. Most of the time- I rush towards the 9th (Or checkpoint/save) floor- and then- if you want to grind- you can just enter the building from that floor- and backtrack only one or two floors.
Make sure to beat the mini boss in each dungeon- usually on the 4th floor- before wandering elsewhere. Most of the time you won't even be able to skip it- but there is at least one dungeon in which you can- until you get to the end and can't get by.

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When you go to the river you can go down the steps by the enterance.  Down there is an old guy who gives you a fishing pole and you can fish at the rocks there is you want to but it takes full time period though you can also fish at night.  Though you'll likely spend you entire time studying soon as exams are coming up.

Also-fuse!  You shouldn't be carrying aroun persona less than level 10 to fight  really and you need to get a sun persona anyway for the Drama Club link.
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Just wait until they meet Kanji, that should be funny, I just defeated his shadow

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Jeff, if the laser sight thing is what you hated about RE4, get the Wii edition.  Not only is the aiming far, far better, but they replaced a the laser sight with a reticule.

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Daaaamn, guys. You got this up early today, nice.

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¬¬ I feel deceived you filmed it last week!

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Yosuke isn't useless, far from it!  He gets Tentarafoo which is great, his wind attacks get really powerful and he has buffs.  And at the point Jeff and Vinny are he also hits really hard with physical skills.

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so like...  jeff keeps saying hes done with this..  are we still expecting these to end soon or did he change his mind or what?  

hey not that i'm complaining or anything..   just confuzzled  :-/

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If you guys haven't gotten there yet, you still have Yukiko on computer control.

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Wow that is so a sofa now sit on the sofa

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You guys sound like you're getting bored with this.

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Don’t fight the bonus boss yet! I ran in there at a slightly higher level than you guys this weekend and got my ass raped. He has one move that will kill your whole party instantly. Go back later.
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Vinny seems like the kind of guy who wakes up before noon.

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Great start for the week!

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Is there any way to have the original Japanese voices with the english text in the UK version.

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Man I got to the sauna dungeon last night..... Jeff and Vinny are gonna absolutley love that part.

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Enjoyable episode guys, don't worry it'll get awesomely interesting again soon enough.

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My PAL copy came today. The game, a soundtrack CD, and an ugly yellow Person 4 T-Shirt thats so big it could fit two of me all for €25. Who says value for money is dead?

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As others have said, the mini-boss on this dungeon is brutal, so you might not want to fight.  Or fight it, but save first.  Don't worry, this isn't a "ha, you guys don't know how to play the game" thing; most people wait until they finished the next dungeon and have another 10 levels or so before fighting it.  On the plus side, the "starting level" only resets once per dungeon, when you fight the regular boss.  So you can get to floor 8, give up on the mini-boss for now, and still be ready to kill him as soon as you want.

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god bless you guys i am waiting for my bus and i nothing to do so thanks !

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If you want Japanese voices, you get the Japanese version. The English voices are great though, so I don't know why you wouldn't want them.

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Don't listen to Chie. You have no reason to go into the TV until the next person goes missing. You should be using these days to do Social Links and improve your Diligence and such.

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Duel wrenches that's a awesome weapon.

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Spend tomorrow at Aiya's. Its in the north section of the shopping district. Since its rainy you will gain in three stats.

I wouldn't go back into the TV until you have unlocked the next dungeon. Beating the bonus boss won't gain you much, its a very hard battle at this point and you have no shadows to level up on well. The boss gives a decent +courage boost along with a pretty nice weapon for Yukiko (something like 100 attack strength and +50 SP), but its nothing you need immediately. Get Yosuke's, Chie's, and Yukiko's slinks up to level 3 and they get a nice new ability. Chie's is especially awesome.

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Well it really wasn't too bad they went in.  It does mean they will need to go back if they want to do the quests, but the only other things they could do on 5/1 were eat to raise stats or go fishing.  But yeah after today they shouldn't go in until the new dungeon opens up.

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Whack those fools :)

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I spoiled some big plot points on myself by accident and lets just say it gets crazier and crazier. I love Japan.

And I tried playing RE4 on the PS2 again today, aiming sucks and even when you get a headshot it doesn't really do anything. Damn bullet-sponge Spanish zombies.

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  • You should just accept every job on the board. They'll open up options for you to use the table in your room, and open up the night jobs (which you can only do if you meet the requirements). There's no commitment needed, you can just pick whatever you want to do for the day.
  • You can open a social link on the second day you go to the day care job. Same with the (coming soon) jobs.
  • If you don't intend to visit the TV world too often in a given month, the best days to do so are rainy days. A lot of Links are closed on rainy days, particularly rainy sundays.
  • Redoing a dungeon, unfortunately, does not net you a great amount of EXP, at least at the earlier dungeons but there's some good money and materials in it, given that the game is heavy on cash.
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This game went from pressing x a lot to pressing triangle a lot. sweet.

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The best day after rainy days are Sundays since they aren't many SLs on Sunday either (especially right now).

Besides eating at the dinner they can study with Chie or Yosuke to boost knowledge and SLs.  Exams are coming!
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Yukiko gonna mess you up KITANA STYLE.


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That ain't no Price Is Right, sucka. Nanako is watching Super Sentai!

Awwwww yeah!

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Now I want an Endurance Run of HAWX while Jeff and Vinny talk about Persona 4.

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Im glad you talk about something else  =)

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Great episode today.  I too can now officially start my day now.

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can't wait till you guys get to the next victim. freakin awesome stuff :)

also, don't fight the boss in Yukiko's castle, he's insanely difficult. I tried to kill him on level 19 and got pwned.
tried later on level 20 and beat him, but it was tough as hell.
didn't get much outta the fight neither so not worth all the grinding.

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It is worth it, you get a weapon for Yukiko and a Courgage boost.  That said going back after say the mid boss fight of the next dungeon and it will be much easier.  Its not that its a tricky fight, just a shadow with high hps who does a bunch of physical damage to everyone so you'll need lots of hp to stay alive.

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I see what you did there... >.>

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You can add me to the list of people wh ohave bought Persona 4 ^^ Came out a few days ago here.

About RE, I could never play the old ones because the controls where messed up but I really liked RE4.

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The actual importance of Yosuke's new weapon is the +40 SP bonus.

Make sure to always check the info of new weapons/armor.

Also, the reason you're not getting any exp from those early monsters is because they're so weak. (exp scales)
Just fly through the early floors to get through to the top floor.

IMPORTANT: After you beat the Bonus Boss, check around the room. There will be a secret weapon, like there was for Yosuke.

P.S. You can get a Fishing Rod from the old man by the Samegawa River.
(the set of stairs you passed up when you went to the Flood Plains)

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"Girl, you're like school on Sundays...no class." 


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My PAL copy arrived! Now I''m faced with a painful dilemma- do I watch this and catch up? Or do I wait and catch up but then have seven to watch?

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equip that stanky buddha

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"girl, you're like school on sunday - no class"
I love you : )
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great episode keep them coming :D