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I wonder what the lag time for comments is, meaning, how far down the road would any advice be taken into account by the Endurance Runners.

"I've come to vash your vindows"

Would it be smart for you guys to check your total social link progress in the stinky car?  Maybe that would help inform your card choices a bit better.

@Shane: Yes.  predicting is for pleasure.

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Well for part 26 they were playing on Friday and it posted on Monday so I don't think the lag time is that bad.

@ahoodedfigure I can predict urls too! woo hoo

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Let's hope they do other things besides going after that King. Get it on with Yukiko, she's got a kinky side.

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Hot stuff.
Studying with Chie- or anyone else- is a good idea. It increases Knowledge and your Social Link all at once- and is valuable for the build-up to testing.
During testing week, the game automatically progresses- with each day usually containing two questions- with the last day being based on your Knowledge score. You have to get every question right to get a really high cash/social link reward.
I won't tell you about the questions- since its more fun that way.
Oh- and you get a bonus increase in Knowledge when you study on rainy days- for sure in the library- and I believe at your desk as well.
You guys are so mean to Nanako.

The videos are put into a system that automatically uploads them and posts them to the site. It goes up at around 6 AM PST, 7 MST- automatically.

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I wait for these every morning.  Good times.

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This is my breakfast.

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Apparently the delay is enough that they missed my comment about not going home. Sodas wasted. :(

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Did you know popularity leads to intimacy?

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I would totally buy a t-shirt saying 'Popularity Leads To Intimacy, Vinny!'.

Make it happen, guys. Make it happen.

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Damn, those scenes were awkward. I was expecting Yosuke to start babbling "Nothing happened between us in the TV!" after he said Charlie was good with his hands.

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haha this was a great epsiode had loads of good moments in it. CHOKE THE KID AND TORCH THE PLACE!

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Nanako= emotional baggage!

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Haha..."I like balls."  These are a great way to pass the time while get my coffee and checking my work e-mail in the mornings.  I have no idea why this is so entertaining (it really, really shouldn't be), but it is.

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Wait... I thought you guys (GiantBomb crew) are located in da West Side. I got feed for this video before 9:30 AM here... so you guys upload this video at around 6 in the morning? Wha?! D:

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Thank God Nanako finally has some fun. I was starting to feel sorry for that poor girl.

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Hey Charlie! Hit that big ass ramp!

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damm you guys make these early anyways great job as usual

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Loving the twist on studying actually being a plus, keep it up guys!

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HILARIOUS episode. i Lol'd alot.

Popularity leads to Intimacy!

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You guys can double the time you play on this each day right? Go on, pretty please? Half an hour just slides by...

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Hey man.....I got final answers, try to keep it on the DL aight?

test day 1,
Before Christ
test day 2,
test day 3,
Rene Descartes
Mt Olympus

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get a game guide

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"kill the kid torch the house!"

Hahaha, that rant by Jeff was hilarious.

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Basically- the game guide is the comments.

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Great episode. Nanako depresses me so much...

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Love the endurance run!
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This keeps on being awesome.

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yea Vinny! popularity leads to intimacy, didn't you know?

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7:30-7:50 HOLY SHIT LOL!

I'm sick at the moment and laughed so hard I had a coughing fit, haha.

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that was a harrowing and emotionally draining episode

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Nice episode guys. Be nice to Nanako. She's a sweety.

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yosuke is such an idiot

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This may be the best episode yet.

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I really enjoyed that episode.  Some great comments by Jeff in there.

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I hope that the next episode is longer, these are just so awesome and entertaining

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"Kill the kid, torch the house... we gotta get outa here"


I have tears strolling down me cheeks!

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Dojima hooks you up with money, a crap load if you get the highest on the test... and Nanako gives a pretty sweet item too... so keep on studying~. ...Oh and that weird history teacher hooks you up with chest keys also.

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Video cuts short at the end, don't know if anyone else has that problem.

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Great episode.  Popularity leads to intimacy, Vinny.  Like someone said above, a t-shirt with that on it would be money and would become and instant best seller.  I would definitely buy one.  Great episode and can't wait for tomorrow's.

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OMG XD this is one of the funniest episodes 

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Aw man... I feel bad for Nanako... poor wee lass.

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Google for some picks of Japanese bentos and you'll know why it seems to be a big thing to make one.

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Haha hilarious episode!

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Yeah, suplex that Chie.

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Please consider making these episodes longer, 20-30 minutes is never enough! :(

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guys the magic is back !!!  hitting X for a half an hour is where its at! haha.  we had comedy, we had feel good drama, we had awkwardness, growing releationships.   humour with progress. awesome. now i must continue in my campaign for the return of funky student !  that episode is going to a hard one to follow!

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I did this yesterday, and Daisuke is a dumbass. Nanako is cute.

Kill the kid, burn the house down.
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this episode made me crack up so many times lol
keep them coming guys!!!