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If anyone has the addresses (and hasn't been told  to not share) for the video files so far- I'd appreciate the listing.
I want to put them into my digital time capsule/digital media archive.
And no- that does not involve any Apple products.

You know I love you guys- and this might be an implication of you guys starting to record on day-by-day basis- but 16 minutes?

Raspberry Lemonade over Red Cream Soda

Chie is awesome because her follow up attack- which you earn by ranking up her Social Link- is the only one that actually manages to kill someone. All of them  (at least in my usage) basically activate when you crit/hit weaknesses- most often when there is only one enemy left. Now- if all you wanted to do was mass attack for massive damage- the others- who just crit their follow up attack target- would be fine. However- Chie's one hit K.O. is far more useful- since it resolves both not having knocked down everyone- it also can get rid of that one really annoying- not weak to what everyone else is/overly long and painful damage sponge/annoying attack/effect Shaddow- all at the same time.

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monday already!? sweet!

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waatahh!!! :D

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@ LifeByDegrees
This one is http://media.giantbomb.com/video/vf_persona4_31_sand_700.flv
If You want all the others then PM me. I can send you the list.

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Got this game for myself a few days ago. Need to catch up!

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Anyway, way to leave us hangin'!

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I like how Vinny and Jeff read the text to us.  It's like story time in kindergarden.

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As for mixing drinks, Pepsi + milk is really good.

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2nd last good one again just love this keep up the good work

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Hey Nanak- WOAHH!!!!

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Nooooo don't swap out Yosuke! He's the best character in the game. Only wind user and he's way fast, always attacks first.

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I can't wait for you guys to get to meet Kanji's shadow and get to the bath house, and it seems like it's taking you forever to get there.  I'm expecting big lolz from your playthrough when you finally get there.

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Wow this is up already? I haven't even left for school yet...

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3/4 orange soda and 1/4 Root Beer is the best mix I ever made...maybe because it was also the simplist. Haven't tried it in a long time, though :(

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There a persona skill that gets you out of dungeons called Traesto that cu sith learns at level 15 so you don't have you keep buy Goho-M

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Can't beat a social link with a fox...

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Five is an even number now? lol

Oh and quarter of an hour is REALLY CHEAP you guys, shame on you; you'll never finish this by October at this rate.

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Why is it only 17 minutes? It should be at least 30. Although +40 min would be even better. Right?

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You can scroll up and down in the detail view! You don't have to keep pressing square twice on every item. :)

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Back in the days I always used sedatives to study. Now look what it got me ;)

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Anyone who want the links to the Endurance Run videos can get them from my blog. Enjoy :)

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damn this was a short one =(

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You guys need to get matching persona out for Nanako.  And you should be studying anyway.

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The time between the first and second dungeons is supposed to fly by what with social links and tests and stuff but you guys are taking forever doing stupid stuff like buying yosuke better armor than your MC. Remember that for your party members defense is tied to the endurance stat of their persona, and for the MC it changes based on which one you have equipped. So unless you get to fusing, their stats are prob higher than your MC's anyway!

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Hit the button Frank...I mean Drew

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If you are using Firefox as your browser, download the FlashGot addon and you can directly download the videos. Works with just about everything on the web. I use it to save videos off youtube all the time.

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WTF is this game all about?! one moment you're at school,talking to some people,than you buy some drinks and than you go to buy some armor! wtf?!

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If Charlie doesn't seal the deal soon, Chie's going to go hit up Taters Long for some study time and sedatives.

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Way too short guys!

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Little short this time. Some potentially funny stuff just around the corner after midterms with the next TV victim... you wont see it coming...

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I wonder how many P4 girls Jeff and Vinny will nail before this endurance run is over.

and I'll laugh at them if endurance run ends with Charlie still being a virgin.

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@exfate and that other guy who posted about it- and the day before as well.

Unless you tell them all about it!!!
Its one thing to hint that interesting/ridiculous things are going to happen- which I brought up what feels like a month ago- its another to bring it up every single time- sometimes almost giving away the whole shebang!

This is more of a general rant to/about those who never seem to read the comments- bring up the same things over and over again- and are just far too excited to not be excited anymore.

I personally get a kick out spoilers- and don't mind knowing what's the entire monkey headed deal about the corncob and the button pipe- but ya know what I like to leave? The details.
And whether your worried about Vinny and Jeff- or just the other people currently playing along- you really shouldn't go blah te blah about anything that might make this game more exciting/different than a mindless race through a series of X button bonanzas.

Share things about mechanics/what you've enjoyed/experience- within the context of the situation.

Rant complete.

Oh yeah- and I'm in November.

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Just for humor purposes, you guys should spend more time with the fox. Oh, and keep it up. You guys are HILARIOUS. Thank you.

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Nanako wants to hang out :) You should get a Justice persona to make the most out of Nanako's social link

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Jeff anecdotes!

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Dude when I went to high school, everyone was out of there like 15-20 minutes after 3pm unless they were in a club or sports team no one stood around for a couple hours looking at walls.

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Mixing drinks: Dr. Pepper and orange lucozade half of each. Awesome!

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This episode was WAY too short guys, I sure hope that the next episode is longer

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More like, "I'm so excited, I'm so SQUARED."

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Anyone who stays in class once the school day ends is crazy.

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@LifeByDegrees: Just trying to encourage them to get past the uneventful, slightly dull, midterms. It's hardly a spoiler to suggest that this bit of the game is a bit boring if you let it drag on, and that the fun starts again after that. Chill... Relax... Chillax, even.

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it was short BUT FRIGGIN SWEET

I love these runs

cant believe its on number 31 already..

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too bad mt connection at GDC is too slow for it to load :(

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I hope they do longer sessions of this in the summer when there's usually a lull in games and I'll also have more time to watch them.