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AH! I was here in front of my pc waiting for this XD

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Haha, great so far.

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Gonna watch this while having lunch.

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I think that's supposed to be a lady.

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Thanks, been waiting for this. =p

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got to get me one of them hats

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ah ive been on the site for like 3hrs waiting for this...worth it haha

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It says he's a slender young man. Are you calling the game a liar?!

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Man, staying home from school really is awesome.

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Nice, there is an episode today

That "Guy" is called Naoto, Im alot further into the game then you guys but I still think that thats a girl, even if it hasnt been revealed yet, its just that the voice sounds so much like a girl

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Damn, Yukiko is weird.

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This was hilarious!

Slender young man haha aweosme

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That was good stuff, though short.
Anyway, don't forget to match personas to have more interestiing stuff happen. Also, check out your locker at school (it's kind of hard to spot). Don't forget about fox either. He'll have another wish.

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I miss Ryan now :( but still it's awesome as always XD

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The video ends all abruptly for me right when they talk to Nanako toward the end there.  It looks like there is about a minute left in the video.  Oh well, guess I'll just have to miss it.

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Hehehe, this was another great episode.

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ohh snapp

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I wouldn't worry about buying all that TaP. I made it through the entire game just fine without it. If you are going to buy vending machine stuff I recommend you just buy one of everything since certain quests will require obscure items sometimes so it's nice to just have them all and not have to go hunt them down.

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Some good stuff will finally start going down in the ER soon, maybe even tmrw if the episode is long enough

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Fox is still a girl.

When you first entered the TV with Chie and Youske the scarf was tied into a noose and hanging above a chair.

The drinks in the fridge don't take up your evening, they just taste good.

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Between the "slender young man" and Kanji, welcome to the two best characters in the entire game.  Please no spoilers, can we let them figure stuff out that is a forced part of the story on their own instead of having people spoil it?  If you want to talk about stuff that they might miss (fishing?) or is purely optional (Contrarian King tips) that's one thing, but can we please leave talking about story points which happen as long as they keep playing out of the threads for the people who haven't beat the game or aren't further along? 

(And yes, I've beaten the game twice and picked off all five endings, but I'm enjoying watching their perspective on this.  I hate watching a few people ruin what's generally been great interaction between Jeff and Vinny and the Giant Bomb users because some people need to flex their knowledge and spoil plot points.)

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YES! I've been waiting for this..XD You all have brightened my day.


Ohhh shiiizzz....that is one scary dude.

And Kanji is into dudes? Now this is getting interesting. Though I really think that Dude is a chick in disguise.

Oh well great vid guys!

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Good asever

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I'm so addicted to this shit.

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I think the common factor of the victims are that they appeared on TV right before appearing on the Midnight Channel... I'm sure the very first victim was interviewed since she was the center of the scandal too.

But that's just my guess.

And this is fun! Keep it going! xD

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No Ryan!! .. aww

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I can definatetly tell where they're going with this Kanji fellow...

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So I heard some folks like Chie...


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You guys made the right choice, Chie is way cooler than Yukiko. But please, no more fan art. I don't wanna see where that goes.

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as great as Yukiko's low budget tv show was, I can't wait until you guys see Kanji's.

oh yes.

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What are you talking about, Yukiko is way cuter than Chie. I for one went for the Amagi challenge!

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you guys need to turn up the game volume a little

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I just love watching these, you guys are so funny! Anyway, please raise the volume, it's way too low.

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... Just say the word and it's bear time!
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Lets not have Yukiko vs Chie discussions again!  i side with Chie though.

I can tell this episode will be good

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Another hilarious episode! It's too bad this wasn't as long as the last one, but ~20 minutes is still decent.

And yes, "slender young man"...how should I say this...dude looks like a lady! And as you might have guessed by the fact that he has a portrait, you'll be seeing him more later on.

And there ARE some foods/drinks from the fridge that don't send you to bed early, but they don't raise your courage either. I think that soda was one of them, but don't quote me on that.

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If you say you like neither of the girls, your courage increases :)
Also, saying both improves expression or understanding I believe.

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Slender young man needs to eat a hamburger.

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Great episode.  Getting to the good stuff now...

Guys, can you please not spoil the game for Jeff and Vinny?  We all know what happens, but it doesn't mean you have to spoil it for these guys.  Remember that one Simpsons episode where Homer spoiled the Star Wars movie to people who were waiting in line to see it?  Don't be a Homer.

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I swear to God, this game has the dumbest fucking characters I have ever seen. If I ever played this game, I would just become so frustrated with how overwhelming dumb everyone is.

And were we really suppose to believe that that "guy" was a guy? Holy shit. Yukiko might be a complete idiot. But that doesn't mean the players are too.
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Oh and also, people saying Yukiko is "cute", get bent. There is nothing cute about her. From her stupid annoying laughing fits to her "I'm a sad rich kid" personality, she has no redeeming qualities. 

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Ryan?  You've left us.

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I'd've said both girls.  Chie is cool, and we know her better, because she's so outgoing.  Yukiko kind of has the shy thing going on, so there's more to find out about her (plus we know she has that sexy "dark side").

Go Vinny, Go!
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strangeling has it right. Shy girls with a wild side are what it's all about. Let's not forget her "lacy unmentionables"...

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Anyone have good ideas for what next game would be good for an endurance run if they ever survive this one? lol :)

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Can anybody else imagine that Yukiko is the type of Girl that sits in a room on her own laughing away to her self, pulling another chunk of her hair out  and blaming her dad because of all the wired things he made her do when she was young? 

Also has any body else dated some one like that? lol

Cheers for the episodes guys its great watching !
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anyone got the dl link?

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you like that kind of girl? oh, ok.
yosuke is so smooth. i wish i was like him.

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No more Ryan? What?! Also, good choice on Chie.