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Ima chargin mah endurance!

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Cupcakes, this time.  Serve yerself.

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The test results are in!! im pregnant! LOL

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Oh yes!

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duder its over??

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Nothing like endurance run to kick start the day :-)

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Sweeeeet, nice and early.

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lol When you live in the UK and wake up to this being up you know there is a problem!

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I hate how it doesn't work when it first shows up.

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Aww denied by the duder once more.

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high quality works

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Thanks never thought of that


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Otacon said
"lol When you live in the UK and wake up to this being up you know there is a problem!"

Yeah, I Know Right?!
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I LOVE these videos but bring on back the epic 40 min sessions duuuuuude we wana se eyou 2 finish this game :P or i may have to go and buy iy and playing through the 11 or so hours ive seen allready would suck balls but then I LOOOOOOVE THEM BALLLLLS

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duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudddddddddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr  :'(

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Do you like cats?

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Vinny you missed Funky!

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27 minutes? I suppose that thats good but I want longer episodes again like maybe 40-50 minutes

Anyways keep up the Endurance Run guys

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Damn it Vinny! His name is Vince Carter! He's the BEST! Good Endurance Run either way guys.

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I'm two bosses beyond you guys now, and holy crap have you got some amazing stuff in store.

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Something Persona 4 has managed to do commendably well is to actually to get me to care for some of the characters - imparticular Nanako, which I realised just as I was watching this ep.

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The Mori Ranmaru is back where you got Yosuke's persona

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Its not working duder :(

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Hey, does any one else who is/has played the game think the bathhouse dugeon is really hard? almost all of the enemies don't have weaknesses and the floors are way bigger. I don't know what some people were talking about how it gets easier.

oh, and Vinny, Jeff, the bath house has 11 floors. don't go thinking they all have  8.

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Just a fair warning to the viewers, don't worry no spoilers, but Funky doesn't get new riddles until early SEPTEMBER...but it doesn't disappoint :P

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So if someone who disappears from the town always appear on Midnnight Channel before appearing as a corpse on a TV antenna pole, that means anybody can watch it too, right? They can watch this weird, low-budgety TV show and know exactly who that person is in the TV, so what's preventing cops from investigating into this matter?

What a serious plot hole, unless a cop, maybe the young detective, looks into it later in the game. Still fun game tho!

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Its funny that they always say to Tune in Tommorow on Friday episodes even though they dont post episodes on weekends

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I thought the early floors of the bath house was really hard. It's those bribed fuzz that got me.

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You have yukiko with media, the fox is there to give you SP refills, and Yosuke learns Tentarafoo at lvl 23, which is close to being an I-win button for random encounters and should be gotten about 1/2 way into the dungeon. Your character himself can really start to mess with persona fusions to start getting imbalancing combo's, now that you have some fusion room opened up and lots of new skills appearing. The enemies themselves are harder, but all the perks you are getting should give you the advantage overall. I highly recommend keeping resist physical from a slime and just passing it through every persona you use, that will give you good protection against most enemies. This upcoming boss is a real killer, but you have the tools to make him easy.

BTW: Get a Sarasvati! She F**king rocks. An excellent caster already with Media and Mabufu, but level her from 17->19 and she gets invigorate 2, which restores 5 SP every turn. Helps save a shitload of cash that you would have payed fox for SP (5 SP costs 300 yen at the fox at the moment, and you get that every single turn). Can't remember a specific fusion that gets her, but she's a lvl 17 priestess persona.  Its possible to win a very large number of fights for a while just by using Sarasvati to spam media for free (costs 5 SP, you gain 5 SP per turn) while the rest of your team just use physical attacks whose health cost are covered by Media.  As with resist physical, invigorate is a great skill to start passing around your personas for now, at least until you level up the fox's slink and the cost goes down a ton.

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I found the personas Rakshasa and Sarasvati to almost be a necessity in the upcoming dungeon. Rakshasa pretty much nearly negated the boss' hit-all physical. It's important to actually use debuffs here: Yosuke's Dekaja, Tentarafoo for random battles, and Rakunda to hit bosses harder.. etc. It'll be difficult, but pretty managable. You don't need Rakshasa to win, just makes it slightly easier.

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So...some people can see it and some people are getting the 'duder' message?  I know that I haven't been able to see it...cleared the cache and everything.  Anyone know what's going on?

EDIT: Nevermind...the high bandwidth version works fine, but the others are borked.  Must not be finished converting on the server side, yet.

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Yeah, I used all that and I'm at the top floor, but im just saying it's harder to get to the top.


So does anyone have a good strategy for beating Kanji's shadow? no spoilers please. Don't want to ruin anything for the users or Vinny and Jeff.

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Investigation Team GO!! 

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Guys, always, always, ALWAYS, bring a persona matching the S.Link you're doing.  I cannot stress that enough.  It makes them advance much much faster.

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Make sure Yosuke is using dekaja whenever the boss gets buffed. NEVER let the boss get a buffed attack off.  Make sure to keep Tarunda on kanji's shadow as much as possible to lower his damage, and have rakunda on whatever enemy you are trying to take down at the moment to speed up the fight. Kill the Nice guy (free up yosuke from taking off his buffs every turn), then the Tough Guy (or not, depending on if you feel safe with him still there), then the boss itself in that order. If the boss power charges you almost definitely want to guard.

I can definitely agree that the Kanji's dungeon itself was harder then Yukiko's, but IMO Yukiko as a boss was harder then Kanji. Just keep Kanji debuffed, your health high and its just a matter of time before he dies. When people say the game gets easier as you go on, they mean as long as you take advantage of what you are given. Unlike most other recent RPGs, any of the SMT games WILL get rediculously difficulty if you aren't preparing well.

Also, listen to Turambar. No reason not to have a matching persona for Slinks now that you are practically rolling in cash and have plenty of persona spaces. Later on in the game not having a matching persona will make the Slink take 2x as long to raise.

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When I did it I pretty much just used Yosuke and the MC as buff/debuff/healers and attack with Chie and Yukiko. Its not really hard you just have to keep debuffing kanji's shadow with Yosuke and be sure to watch your health; ignore his minions. I did it like at lvl 25-27 no problem.
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I'm still getting the duder...wtf?

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Thanks guys, hopefully Jeff and Vinny see this so they don't die.

BTW, Is Izanagi useless now? I think he's bad ass but it looks like he just doesn't learn anything new anymore.

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I agree Izanagi is pretty badass but, unfortunately, he's useless at this point.
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What's the chance of getting another episode on Saturday morning?

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@Papercut (again): Izanagi itself is pretty much useless, but I highly recommend fusing him together with the highest level persona you can get that has Tarunda. Get a resulting persona that has Tarunda + Rakunda, save them for boss fights and keep fusing and getting those skills on higher level personas (so that you have better stats and defenses while using them). Matarunda and Marakunda are basically useless since you shouldn't need debuffs for regular fights, and they cost more. Keeping those two skills together on something for every boss is great. You can keep tarukaja as well, and its good since most of the time during boss fights you only have 1 or 2 characters dealing most of the damage, but Chie has it anyway so whatever.

You might want to keep a single low level persona with all 4 cheap elemental magic spells (takes a while to fuse but its dirt cheap since they are low level). Use it because those spells are really cheap and you can spam them to figure out the enemies weaknesses/knock them down. It's an OK idea, but I personally didn't care since I kept invigorate and was just fine on SP.

Later I got Victory Cry TOTALLY by accident, which I kept to the end of the game (and apparently I am insanely lucky, but oh well). The way to get it is to fuse a Kaiwan (level 24 star persona) on a day in which the forecast is a skill change. Then tetrakarn can morph into a horde of insanely powerful skills, such as victory cry, brave blade, repel (any element here). I wouldn't go for anything other then victory cry, most of the others will definitely ruin the game balance.

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*nerdy voice*  He's not gonna fall for the banana in the tail pipe?

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Actually many of the shadows have a weakness to light attacks, but until you get Mahama its really expensive (and even then its not cheap).  You're better off punding physcial skills and healing. Status attacks also work well.

Assuming Vinny and Jeff play this afternoon:

1) Buy more Soda
2) If you want before talking to the Slender Boy you can get more quests for stuff dropped by shadows in Yukkio's castle:  A boy on 2Fat school, hisotry teacher on 2F, guy 1F practice building, girl 2Fpractice building.
3)Try to get up to level 7 on the dungeon (miniboss level)
4)Warp back any time you run out of spae for persona to fuse

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Thanks everyone, especially legendary1, INVESTIGATION TEAM GO!!!!!!!!

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Am I right in noticing that the year is 2011???

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Yes, the year is 2011. And Persona 3 took place in 2009/2010.

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duder its over but I haven't seem it yet

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More hanging out wit Nanako!