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Please read this - I promise it'll help you guys a lot!

First of all, before I get into offering advice that has probably been posted in the previous 35 video comment sections, I want to say thanks to both of you for going on this run. You do kinda suck, like all Persona newbies do (including me, at one point) but that makes it even more fun to watch.

But it's also rather painful watching you guys do so much wrong. You're getting better with the battling side but you still aren't on top of the other aspects. If you want to get more enjoyment out of the game and end with more than half of your social links finished, you need to read on and keep reading until most of this information is stuck in your brains.

The first thing you need to know is that the game ends if the main character (Charlie) dies. It doesn't matter if the other party members live - the game ends as soon as Charlie's hit points drop to zero. You've been lucky so far, avoiding discovering this, but you'll find out the hard way if you aren't careful.

Secondly, stop doing social links without a persona of the same arcana in your inventory. Having a persona of the same arcana in your inventory gets you bonus points when you answer questions correctly. (You'll know you answer questions corrently when you see yellow music sign things appear above characters heads.) If you keep doing social links without the right persona in your inventory, you'll wind-up wasting lots of days in order to get closer to your social links before they rank-up, and that ain't good when you're spending so much time in dungeons.

The only exceptions to this are hermit, which levels up as you complete the quests he gives, regardless of the persona you have, and the social links that level up auto, like the fool/investigation team one.

And that brings me to my third point - how many days you've been wasting in dungeons. In order to get as many social links done as possible and have more time to level your main character social links, you'll want to beat each dungeon after the first in 1-2 days, or 3 at the most. Don't leave the dungeons up to the last few days. Get to the midboss, beat it, get as far as you can and then retreat or, depending on your condition, beat the main boss, and do it as quickly as possible.

Your main character social links are closed off when you still need to rescue someone, leaving you unable to rank them up. That's bad when the playable character social links are the ones you should focus on. The higher you get, the more abilities they unlock, eventually getting an upgraded/evolved persona that isn't weak to anything at rank 10.

The other social link you should focus on is the fox (the shrine in the north shopping district). It's best to do his quests (finish them, anyway - accepting quests from him doesn't take up days) on rainy days because you have limited options on those days. The higher you rank up his link, the less it costs to fully recover SP in dungeons. I'm sure you can see the value you in this, right? It'd allow you to pull yourself out of a hole and save you even more days to fo social links.

There are a few other things you need to know about rainy days. The first is that only on rainy days the Aiya shop (north district, near the entrance) offers a rainy day challenge. If you pay 3k and go for it then you get 3 stat boosts at once, which is excellent. The best thing you can do on rainy days at this point is to pay 3k for that challenge.

The other things are that rare monsters appear in dungeons on rainy days. Rare monsters drop rare materials, and rare materials can be sold for rare equipment. If you're going to spend money on equipment then you might as well buy the best stuff. Also, although this isn't important, you can catch rare fish on rainy days. Basically, lots of good shit occurs on rainy days.

Now, before I shut up, there are two more issues I'd like to address, both relating to battles.

1: Use buffing skills. They're the key to boss fights, which are battles of endurance. You need to deal more damage than the enemy and take less. To do this it's vital you, at the very least, lower your enemies defence and hit/evasion using Tarunda (I think?) for defence and Sukanda for hit/evasion.

I'm going to use the battle you got killed by rampage with as an example. Rampage is a skill that hits everyone 1-3 times each. If you'd lowered the hit of the boss, most of his attacks would've missed. If you'd also lowered his attack, Yukiko wouldn't have kept getting killed by one attack. See where I'm going here? Most boss fights are won by the use of buffs and debuffs.

2: You'll see gold shadows in dungeons. These gold shadows drop 3k, 6k, 9k...and so on until you reach the final dungeon. They also drop chest keys. The catch is, you need to kill them before they escape. To do this you need to surprise them (make sure you hit them from behind) and then exploit their weakness, or knock them over and rush them. I think zio is the weakness of the early gold shadows.

...okay, I'm done. I hope this helps!
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\/ dude, shut up

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Gonna watch it now, but please consider making these episodes longer!

35-40+ minutes would be amazing.

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Wow...that's like WAAAAY too much information, Aion.  You can simply beat the game without doing all of that.  And still have fun doing it.  Who cares if you max out your hermit arcana by beating mid-bosses on rainy days, or whatever it was you were prattling on about?  They're not playing with a guide and a bunch of know-how...they're figuring out as they go on, like people used to do before gamefaqs.com

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ohhh another episode!  XD

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Information overload. If you're going to give them advice, do it in much smaller chunks.

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So anyway, I've noticed that Atlus PR manager Aram Jabbari is following Jeff on Twitter. I wonder if he watches the Endurance Run. :)

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when i saw Death i LOL! lucky u guys, too bad u got it too soon that thing helps when everyone's SP is dowwnnn

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Fox's healing is based on its Social Link.   The higher it gets, the cheaper it costs.  You can find his shrine on the north part of the Shopping District.  It's to the right, just near Kanji's textile shop.  And it doesn't cost any time to get the social link started, just when you finish it.  You'll understand once you visit it.

Not that it matters until you leave the dungeon, of course.  But for future reference.

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Now that you've seen how much the Fox charges you know why sodas are important, 

Yeah "bad" Death means getting kicked out and losing all but 1 SP pretty much ending your exploration for the day.

Try to get up to level 7(miniboss) and see how you're doing.  Also fuse to clear out at least one spot.  You don't need Orobas.  Orobas+Archangel should give you a Titan which is very useful (Mazio).

You'll need to use physical skills more this dungeon.  Eligor is a really good persona for that.
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Death is a bitch.

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In addition to Aion's tips: Don't forget to keep your back's to the wall.

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As you saw by using Yukiko's Media, an upright Death is not too hard to deal with. A reverse Death is a lot more troublesome. It reduces your SP to 1, which is quite expensive to restore.

Death seems pretty bad, but if you're low on SP it can be a real lifesaver. Or end the day's exploration. But if you're low on SP it's at least worth a try, because if you don't have enough SP you'd probably go home anyway. And by using the Death arcana to do it, you don't have to waste Goho-M items or eat SP by using Traesto.

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lmao that was amazing when the fox showed up haha

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James Ronnie ZIO!!!

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Death is one of the better Arcana Chances; you'll realize its use when you have next to no SP. Healing, like you saw, takes hardly any SP. And you were right about the downside to Death reducing SP to 1.
(Judgement is the best.. it automatically heals all your SP, with no downside)

Fox's fee depends on how much SP you're missing (it's a SP/yen ratio).
This rate lowers greatly depending on your Social Link with him. (at max S.Link, it's dirt cheap)

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Yay Endurance Run!

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aww, that was...slightly dissappointing. apart from that death arcana, that was hilarious, i never roll death, it's pretty much generally bad news, unless you're grinding and you're at the end of the dungeon.

as for below? wall of text? 0_o
maxing party chars is useful, since they then gain all these skills. also, unlike p3, you can't really screw up links by choosing the wrong choice, it just means you rank up slightly slower. they also don't reverse, and you can date every girl with no consequence. actually...i don't think anybody ever goes through a playthrough with less than 3 gfs for mc.

gold shadows are rare shadows, always a hand of some sort, that runs. in this dungeon, once had one that ambushed me, magaru'd or something, got another turn, agi'd chie, got another turn and ran

the glowing red purpley weird shadows are powerful shadows, the opposite of gold effectively, they give a whole crapload of exp but are harder, whereas gold gives a crapload of gold and 1 exp.

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woot monday!

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In an item/skill/store/etc menu, you can press square to see details and you can still scroll up and down to go to other items without having to press square, move and press square again.

I have had death do both 100%HP and 1SP and the other way around 100%SP and 1 HP.  I don't remember which way the cards were facing though,   (I thought I got it right-side-up twice and it picked randomly between those but I really don't remember). 

Every chance you get I'd fuse personas to get several choices near the max level you can create. 

Sadly a card changed my jack frost's bufu to mabufu and that isn't particularly good for conserving sp.  (Though I have since fused and got rid of jack frost). 

If you level some (around level 20) you get 2 more persona slots. 

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@Aion: Dude, that's not any way to get more enjoyment out of the game. Following a list of dos and don'ts isn't fun for them to play or for us to watch. It's the same as following a walkthrough: it turns games into a button pressing machine rather than something you play.

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I don't see why they can't read what I posted over a few days until it sinks in. Putting all the information (well, most of it) together in one post makes it easier for them to find information than if they scan through 100 comments.

Of course, it's up in the air whether they read what I posted or not - I can't make them. If they use some of what I posted, I'll throw in smaller chunks of helpful info I didn't include in the future. If they don't, I'll just sit back and chill, getting laughs out of watching the vids. It's fine with me either way.

Nearly every player who has access to the internet reads info in advance before playing Persona 3 & 4 because they aren't the type of games normal people can afford to play more than a few times - they last too long. I don't think Vinny or Jeff will replay the game once they're done with it for work. So, they might as well get as much out of the game as possible, no?

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Damn Vinny, you get in EARLY!

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Endurance Run beats the I Love Mondays video for first up... love it.

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NEVER roll the dice on a Devil Arcana, if you mess up it will downgrade one of your personas and bring all their skills back to their stock - which when you get further into the game is the worst thing ever.

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I played the game myself, picking what I wanted to do each day and not cheating for the right answers for questions. I'm having a lot of fun playing it (77 hours in), too. There's no rule that says you can't have fun and play so that you don't miss lots of scenes.

If they want to continue playing how they are, it's cool with me. But, at the very least, they should always have a persona of the same arcana as the social link they're ranking up - that's basic. And they'll struggle with bosses a lot, maybe even dropping the game, if they don't learn how to use buffs.

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I'm reminded about the Japanese folklore behind foxes and it makes me wonder what else that thing is capable of :)

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About episode 36: It was too short. 15-25 minutes is nothing when it comes to dungeon crawling. To get anywhere you need to put in 40-60 minutes and not end the video before you even get to the second floor. After waiting for this episode over the weekend, it was a bit of a disappointment.

Oh well, at least there will be one video per day until Sat. I dread to think how many episodes will be needed if this 15-25 minute pace continues, though...

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Jeff's laugh of pure joy at seeing the Fox is priceless.

Posted by Metal_Mills

Aion: Endurance runs: Serious business.

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Death you say, roll the dice my man.

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That fox is stealthy I wouldn't want to owe him money.

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I could listen to Jeff saying 'Oh, DUDE' all day.

And I'd never stop laughing. Ever.
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( :
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Nice to see Fox again, even if not much happened today. Don't forget to hit the Velvet Room and register the new Personas.

Posted by LordAndrew

You can get a reversed Social Link, Shirogane. I know it's possible on at least two occasions with Ai, and I think I heard that there's another Social Link that can reverse.

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Aww, yeah...those pecs are nice.

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Lol this epiosode was awesome, made me laugh !

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For the love of god, when you find the stairs take them. Try to get to the boss first with as much SP as possible and save. Then you can fight it and if it kills you then you can screw around on all the floors below it.

To clarify for Vinny on why he did an all-out attack on that one guy after he attacked, it was because the enemy was the last one and he missed, and sometimes when enemies miss they fall down on their own.

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Trust me, you don't want the Death arcana. Unless you're dying, then it doesn't matter. Oh, and you called the reverse arcana effect.

If you don't want the fox to charge you so much, do it's social link. The price starts at 60 yen per SP (more or less, depending on the foxes "mood") at Rank 1 and eventually drops to 15 yen per SP at Rank 10. How's that for incentive?

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Aions advice was useful as hell. Crymore. I'm 40 hours in and didn't realise about Rank 10 removing weakness.

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Oh boy, more dungeon crawling! Two things to keep in mind as you take on the bad, bad bathhouse:

1)Death's not as bad as it seems, since a free sp restore is AWESOME. However, you really don't want to take it when you haven't used much SP yet, since it does kick you out and rerandomizes the floor layouts in the dungeon and you won't have much of a bonus to show for it(and if it lands reversed, you'll have cut your day short VERY early, or else you'll have to pay the fox a shitload of money to keep going).
2)Please go to the Velvet Room and fuse up some new personas already! Your personas other than Jack Frost are getting to be pretty underleveled compared to you, and the new personas you get from shuffle time never quite keep up with you either. Not to mention that fusion personas are better than stock personas from shuffle time since they get to inherit useful skills and can get bonus EXP from social links. Getting attached to any one persona is just about the worst thing you can do in this game, since each persona is only useful for about five levels(as in Charlie's level) or so and you'll definitely want new personas as often as possible to keep your skillset ahead of the curve, especially since you should start seeing more powerful versions of your basic elemental and physical attacks about now.

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There's nothing exactly wrong about them fighting monsters on each floor. I did the same, fighting most enemies on each floor, and I'm still doing so at the end of the game. I also managed to beat all but the first two dungeons in one day, only using the fox before fighting the box of the 6th dungeon.

What Vinny's doing wrong is wasting SP on monsters needlessly. I mean, what does it matter what an enemy is weak to if you can just rush them and kill the enemies with physical attacks? The first thing Vinny should do when encountering new enemies is see if his normal attacks do a lot of damage. If normal attacks will kill the enemies quickly, simply hit triangle and slaughter them, then move on. SP conservation is more important than finding out what enemies are weak to early in the game.

Right now both Vinny and Jeff don't seem to get that Persona 3 and 4 are battles against the clock. Lots of days get taken up by the story, exams and the like, and social links aren't available on every day. Planning isn't really needed - I just did what I wanted on each day for the most part - but there is a need for more days to be freed up right now. And that ain't gonna happen if Vinny keeps fighting a few enemies, wasting all his SP and going home after a floor or two.

Anyway, I'm gonna see if either Vinny or Jeff read/listen to what I typed up yesterday before saying any more. There's no point saying anything further if they don't care about my holy wall of text. :)

About the persona evolution/weakness thing - I think 2 characters (Yukiko and someone else) don't get the weaknesses removed when they hit rank 10. Most do but, as far as I know, they don't.

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Aion, I get you're trying to be helpful, but I don't think repeatedly posting Vinny and Jeff's mistakes is gonna do any good.  They've made clear their antipathy towards stat skills, and that probably won't change until it finally bites them in the ass.

It's not worth being so uptight about, and party of the entertainment of this run comes from watching them makes noob-ish decisions like they do.

Edited by Aion

I agree, and I'm going to shut up, stopping giving advice unless they ask for it from this point onwards. It's just difficult to watch people make mistakes in a game I'm playing myself right now, even though it's funny seeing them screw up and learn the hard way. :)

If they take the advice they take it, and if they don't then that's cool. I'm cool with whatever they do. I don't mean to come across as forceful or whatever - that's just how I am.

Keep up the vids, guys! I'll be lurking, watching them and commenting from time to time.

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Another great episode.  The reaction of Jeff to the fox showing up was priceless.  I haven't played this game but from playing other RPGs, I have found that stat reducers and uppers are key to success.  Many people have already said that, but that is my two cents.  Anyway, can't wait for tomorrow's installment.  Time to go listen to the Bioware podcast.