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Posted by Alamun

Is this where the next Endurance Run video is going up?

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Posted by Alamun

I still don't understand the numbering system that goes after the video name.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

They number videos in order of upload, I think.  When it was placed in the queue.  Not sure what the 17 is, though.  Maybe item type?  Page location?

Posted by Hausdog

first when the actual VIDEO is up!

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Posted by yuyihin
Another Endurance Run video !!!
Posted by BreakThings

please stop posting these......

Posted by Fastshot

Awsome Vid helping me on my own persona 3 endurance run

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If you're not doing any dungeon runs rainy days are the best day to report in to the fox for more Hermit SLink bonuses.

  • Fishing can be kinda tough. Hit the O button as soon as the floater drops below the surface, then start hammering down on the button to pull it in. Keep another finger handy to press Triangle, Square or X when a cue comes up, because hitting it can speed up the reel-in or improve the fish caught. Fish can be used for some quests, like feeding a cat or handing off to a guy, etc.

  • Locker notes happen if you become more popular (and intimate) via tests etc. As you start to max out SLinks random items will start appearing in the locker. You won't get all that much from it but most of them can't be bought in a store.

  • While most fridge food raises your courage, some of it has no effect and won't waste time. Courage is actually one of the hardest stats to raise, since you can only raise it by a relatively late-game job, beating optional bosses (and you know how that went), and reading books/eating fridge food. You can also raise it by eating at the diner, but that costs money and time.

  • You don't actually have to do anything that's suggested in the bathroom, it's just some random status update, but going in there occasionally nets you some random items that can be used in the dungeon.

  • The TV shopping deals are usually pretty good weapons-wise, and most of the stuff there can't be found in the shop, only in gold chests in the dungeons. Also, you receive a prize sticker with every purchase, and you can mail them in once you have 3 (at the red mailbox beside the textile shop in shopping district North) for some random healing/status cure items.
  • There's a time delay between ordering and receiving, usually a few days, so sometimes it's not so great.
  • Staying home to do stuff like study or read really raises the stat reward (from "increased" to "greatly increased", so if you really have nothing to do on a particular Sunday and have tests coming up you should consider it.
  • TaP and Dr. Salt don't go bad, but if you have the cash to spare (not much needed) and buy five from each machine every time it really adds up and is a great way to restore SP without having to pay Mysterious Fox.
  • Those bits about speculating from context etc. are generally random, but if they go well you can get an extra stat bonus, just like checking the dictionary while studying.
Posted by Peter

f'd up video about a quarter way through

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Guys, it's a Friday, so you could have done temperance/day care.

Also, you can check your shoe lockers daily once you finish the first quest for the Fox.  So try taking some time to do it now.

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This is Tanaka. He is coming over the airways, to you.

Posted by MeatSim

You can buy shoes and get free food with them? Home shopping network FTW!

Posted by Vorbis

Was going to type a message but MY HAND STOPPED.

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Guys-match persona!  30 secs in the velvet room now saves hours of grinding later.

Other things-fully check your menu-you can see what days you can meet with SLs and see your 5 intrinsic stats.  You need lvl 3 on knwoledge to open up Margaret's SL which doesn't take any time, just fusing.
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Posted by legendary1

Nanako didn't level her Slink because last time you went to her you didn't have a Justice persona. How can you hate poor Nanako so much? :(

Posted by Venatio

Remember guys, when popularity does lead to intimacy by Social links you can have as many girlfriends as you want so date everyone you can!

Posted by mgssnake

God Vinny is so bad at playing this. They ran by the velvet room door like 3 times, doesn't he have a memory? He should give the controller over to Jeff.
Why else would Jeff play P4 during his spare time? Apparently he's also tired of Vinny not being able to handle things.

Posted by jrsmaster411

Equip the disinfectant, you still have some people who have the default accessory which does nothing

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Wait did this episode reveal a small return of Jeff's impression of "The Knife Show"?

Posted by EmperorSeth

Sigh, ran right past the Fox's shrine again...

Posted by TobyD81

That's the worst-stocked bookstore ever. Every book is always down to the last copy!

Posted by Logan

When you work at your desk and get the two options the bottom one will be the safe bet and get you your standard reward. The top option has about a 50/50 chance to either go bad and reduce your reward or positive and greatly increase it.

Posted by Six

im still enjoying the run.  Keep up the good work.

Gallactic Punt...  hell yeah.

Posted by TheHendenpeter

Watching them make mistakes over and over is probably the reason so many people can't stop watching this. Normally when you watch these kinds of videos its the persons 17 septillionth time playing through the game and they have seven or eight faqs open to help them. With Endurance Run, its like watching a 2 year old stick a fork in a light socket, over and over again. My favorite parts are when Vinny and Jeff argue over something and they're both wrong. I forget what kind of irony it is where the audience knows whats going on but the actors don't, and they've managed to create that without the intent, a sort of meta-malpropism. Kudos to Jeff and Vinny, I think they made a new kind of rhetorical device. Also the commentary is classic Giantbomb, and who doesn't enjoy that.

Posted by TheHendenpeter

Oh, and before I forget. "Look me in the eyes when I Rank Up" had me on the floor, I love when you guys decide to take everything anyone says that far.

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Posted by skrutop

Man, Jeff's excited about the fishin' "YEAH, go FISHin', dude!"

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Stuff in the fridge that won't make you sick doesn't take up the evening. But it's hard to tell sometimes with the crap that ends up in the fridge. Everything at least will give you some Courage though.

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Fishing can be quite hard at start. But when your controller starts to rumble, keep on tapping the circle button them something that follows up ( X) until you successfully got a fish. Also you could fish at night time, just exit your house during the evening to do so. So that you won't waste a day fishing, and start buying ITEMS (TaP, Super Croquettes on rainy days)

You could only get items from your locker, if you receive the highest mark or one of the top ten.

Posted by dendro

dont know why no one has suggestet them some janitor stuff yet ,because when i played P4 i found it very amusing what u could do there ;)

Posted by endaround


It hasn't opened up yet and their dilligence isn't high enough
Posted by Nettacki

Tanaka Returns!

He was also in Persona 3, and was just as much of a capitalist.

Posted by LordAndrew

It actually took me until November before I figured out how to fish properly. But I also had the luxury of resetting every time I screwed up.

Posted by MagikGimp

One day someone will buy that giant TV and THEN WHAT WILL THE INVESTIGATION TEAM DO?!?!

                                                                                              find another TV probably...

Posted by Skillface

Guys, what the hell?

Just because they're not playing it YOUR WAY doesn't mean they're playing it THE WRONG WAY. It's their first time through the game, cut them some damn slack!! They're gonna play it the way someone would play through it the first time. Not like they're an expert.

And saying "Durr hurr ur doin it rong, u gotta do this" isn't helpin' ANYBODY!

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Go back to Yukiko's Castle and fight that optional Boss! It's time to get revenge! You can get an awesome weapon for Yukiko that grants her +50SP just for equiping it (check the floor after you beat the boss)!  Plus, defeating optional bosses will beef up your courage stat which is required for certain Soclal Links to progress.

Note:  Those weak, low exp, enemies aren't worth your time or effort.  Just run past all the enemies in Yukiko's Castle until you reach the top floor, save the game, then go in and exact your revenge on the Boss. The "Contrarian King" should ring a bell.  Remember the one that wiped your party out with "Rampage"? 

Preparation:  Go to the "Velvet Room" and fuse an appropriate leveled persona, one that is strong against physical attacks.  The boss aborbs fire; fire will heal him.  Wind, Light, and Darkness have no effect.  Use debuff spells on his attack and hit, then use buff spells on your party for evasion, attack, and hit.  Physical attacks are the best way to beat this boss.  Keep your party at full HP at all times, so that they can withstand his "Rampage" attack.  You could use two dedicated healers for this fight.  Upgrade your party's armor and dedicated attackers weapons, if needed.  You need to be patient and just outlast the boss; You'll win this fight by attrition.

Posted by Mistral

For future reference, instead of running to the drama room or whatever to see if the s-link is available, just look around on the second floor. If the sports club/drama club is available, you'll see the guys/girl from that social link hanging around with a ! over their heads.

And fishing is a giant waste of time until you get your diligence up. Most of the equipment the guy trades is nice, but not vital, and there's only a couple quests that need fish, so there's no reason to rush into fishing unless you literally have nothing else to do.

Also! With equipment, you should look at the effects more than the atk/accuracy or defense/evasion(especially with weapons since, as you said, you don't really use weapon attacks much, so the effect your equipped weapon has is its most important attribute). For instance, Yukiko ends up getting a +50 SP fan if you beat her bonus boss, which is such an incredible bonus that even though its damage is really low(especially by the end of the game) there's no reason to ever replace it(granted, it helps that Yukiko shouldn't be physically attacking things anyway).

Posted by Chewii101

Man...i remember one of the old game**** podcasts where a guy called in to ask whether to buy a 360 or a bundle of knives....including katanas. Good times....lol

Edited by Lilarcor

I suggest avoiding fishing until you guys get your Diligence up to rank 3 or so. You guys should also go to the Shrine and accept the ema request from the fox. The sooner you rank it up, the cheaper it'll be when you need SP refills inside the TV.

Also, the 'you think your relationship will become stronger soon' message means that it will rank up the next time you spend time with that person.

Also, if you guess right during the job (and it is just a guess, you can never tell for sure), you earn more money for the day's work.

Posted by GiantDragoon

Pure gold guys.

Posted by Agent_Lost

Level up the team Social Link, the get better bonus in the T.V. and if you get to max social link they get a new better persona.

Posted by BlazeHedgehog

All the guys who write detailed instructions on what they are supposed to be doing remind me of those guys who obsess over Pokemon and do EV training and all that nuts stuff.

Posted by The8Man

Super-crime-fighting-team: Bentman and Ghoul, GO!

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Just because they're not playing it YOUR WAY doesn't mean they're playing it THE WRONG WAY

When they play in such a way that they're making the game unnecessarily difficult and less entertaining for them and the viewers, then they are doing it wrong.

Going fishing before raising Diligence a few levels is a waste of a day.  Neglecting to consistently fuse personas that are the MC's level or higher will end up getting them killed.  Not going into the Velvet room and getting compatible personas before doing a S.Link just means more of those boring scenes where nothing happens.

Jeff said on the podcast that they'll want to quit if it gets too hard, well, having a quick read of the tips laid out in this comment threadis the best way to make sure it doesn't get too hard for them.
Posted by quicklii

Awe! I miss Goul!

Posted by SinGulaR


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