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I doubt they'll get to the boss on this one, but wait till they see him.

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OK, I'll wait.

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yip yip yip

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yay social linkage

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I hope the 50th episode is something special.

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I am amazed  they do not have a UPS on every PC and video game in there place in case the power goes off..

I use one of my old ones I don't use on my PC server anymore and It can power a playstation 3/xbox 360.wii  for like an hour after the power goes out and a ps2 even longer than that, no save game loss ever again. I learned that lesson in the 16 bit days when you couldnt save you got a ups.


the NEs can rock on for like 6 hours on the same UPS after the power dies I have not lossed a game since 1994 due to power outage with these things.

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When given the choice between multiple Social Links, give preference to those in your party.
Not only do they get the Bonus Fusion Exp. bonus, they also learn new battle techniques and become stronger. Also, always do the Dojima/Nanako S.Links when given the option, since those are done at night, when there's not really much else to do. (S.Links > stat increases)

P.S. The shoes. You bought them -- you're not gonna equip them?

P.P.S. The choices during S.Link Events are important. Some will advance the S.Link faster (when the person gets the little animation above their head), others won't do anything at all, and some will even reverse your S.Link progress (these are rare).

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Damn it i'm addicted to this endurance run.

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Next time you're wandering around trying to figure out what to do, why not visit the Shrine in the Shopping District again? That's open every day of the week, even when it's raining.

We need more Mysterious Fox.
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I want this to go on till the end, but i also don't want vinny and jeff to lose their minds... and yet i do.... oh dear mysterious fox where for art thou to clear my conflictions!

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You punched a girl in the face! Your courage has increased!

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You guys really need to go see the fox. You can find him at the shrine in the northern shopping district.

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at the shrine, shopping district north, next to the textile shop.

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Yeah, I wanna see them make it to the boss here just to see their comments.  It's not looking good though.

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Isn't there supposed to be a hot girl working at the hospital? Dammit, that diligence needs to increase stat!

And b'aww, damn courage always working against us. Wish there was a more direct way to increase it.

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Tomorrow...  do the weekends not exist anymore?  Argh!

I don't understand preferring drama girl over Yukiko...  real life XP suggests the opposite is safer :)

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Drama girl says, "Needs mo' Drama"

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Nanako will now take a mortal blow for you ; )

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Courage tends to take care of it self once you get the hospital job and beat optional bosses.  Going to Basketball is all you need to do for Dilligence.  Foucs on Knowledge to Level 3 ad then Expression up to Level 5 and then go back to knowledge. 

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lol @ how ironic the gas station ending joke is.

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Agreed on equiping the shoes or any new accessories that you might have picked up & forgotten about. Too bad they don't do the dialogue options like Mass Effect, where you can see the dialogue options if you had enough of a stat, if you didn't have enough in the stat there would be a mark next to it or a different color.

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I wanna get paid for making envelopes. 

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Nanako does not go grocery shopping until you save the 'victim' in the TV.
You guys are going to find it difficult to find something to do during rainy days, so visit the fox and get the quests immediately. Aiya also has a 3,000 yen meal on rainy days that boosts 3 stats out of a total of 4(minus Expression) which is completely worth it.

Also, the s.links react differently depending on which answers you choose.. You don't have to be lovey-dovey, happy-go-lucky at all times. for example, choosing 'You're getting hairier' when talking to Yosuke gets you a funny reaction and some much needed points. Good luck guys, it's been a lot of fun to watch this endurance run.

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It's like, crack, but Persona 4. So it's like crack.

Also, you guys should conisder getting to the seventh floor on the dungeon, so you can fight the sub-boss. Then it's short climb to floor eleven, where you get to fight Kanji's shadow. You should think about doing that soon.
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If you wanna keep working on Nanako's S.Link, you're gonna need high expression to progress at some point, so stay with drama girl, even though I don't really like  her.

You should also try and do the quests for Mysterious Fox before Fridays, because Friday often doesn't have anything else to do, so it's a good opportunity to finish the quests that day.

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woww how do u have a collection of Precious Moments? don't they only come from the Philippines?

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I'm not playing this game along side the guys though I do have a buddy who is.  I see what they see and enjoy their discovery when it happens but in reading the comments which vinny says he does as well, heed the call to talk to Fox...hell, chat it up with slippy, falco and peppy while your at it !

"You can't smoke with kids you sicko!"

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There are two night jobs you can take: Tutor and Janitor. Janitor requires Diligence rank 3 and increases courage. Tutoring requires Understanding rank 5, so you probably won't be taking it until later in.

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Vinny and Jeff can boost their courage by fighting the extra boss in Yukiko's Castle next time they go into the TV.  They should be high enough level by then.
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Quick gameplay hint: If you go into the menu and select Social Links, you can check each one and it'll tell you the days of the weeks you can do 'em. This goes for basketball, drama, your job etc.

2nd, you can go visit the fox social link. He's in the 2nd part of the shopping district in the Shrine, which is the red arch to the right side of the street about halfway up.

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I know that dungeons are the most boring part of the Endurance Run(for the viewers, at least), but you should really get back in the TV soon. You have a little over a week left to rescue Kanji before it's game over, which should be more than enough time to save him(you should be able to get through his dungeon using only one more day if you manage your SP well), and saving a person is the only way to consistantly be able to hang out with your party members(who should be your top s-linking priority, although it's not quite *as* vital now that all of your current team has their follow-up attacks).

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I appreciate that you guys are playing the game straight through on one save and living with the consequences of your decisions. People sabotage there own enjoyment of the game by playing with a FAQ printed out right next to them and multiple saves points. It takes all the weight out of the decisions you make.

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Whoa. You totally ran past Namatame several times without talking to him. And is that Misuzu Hiiragi's picture on the job board? Nice.

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Man, I don't know why Vinny likes the drama girl so much. Chie > Drama girl

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Get the tutoring job with your new more kindly understanding demeanour.

....Note to self, post comments AFTER watching the whole video.

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You know, just reading the "We did something real bad, Sorry Nanako", I thought they ate her pudding.

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You can't get the tutoring job until much later in the game. I wasn't able to start it until November.

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just fyi, if someone aproaches you in the hall and asks, it's pretty much a guarenteed social link increase if you do it.

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Poor fox at the shrine is hoping to see you :(

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And people complain about spoilers in the comments, what about when the commentators do it!

Really though, for those who understand, that was creepy.

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Man, it sucks that Charlie is such a Sissy at this point of the game...

Still, hope he can eventually be the Psychologist Shadowslayer that this town needs.

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the last 10 minutes were hilarious

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I'd say take the Janitor job. It increases your devil social link,and if you get it maxed out,you can create what the social link implies. :D

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Man, Yumi has issues! I think her practicing near any body of water could be bad news. Remember what happened to Ophelia?

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Unfortunately they don't have much time to think about what they say before they say it. Users can though, and there's no excuse for spoiling the things that they've obviously had spoiled.