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Posted by FlipperDesert

I forgot it was monday. I love mondays.

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Posted by mubress


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Posted by Captain_Felafel

You guys REALLY ought to start grinding in the TV because you have a week until Kanji dies and at your current level, you're not even able to get to the last floor (11th), let alone take down Kanji's shadow. As much fun as it's been watching you do all the Social Link stuff, it's time for leveling up because if you don't, you'll die so fast. Like.. like.. like this!! *Snaps fingers*

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So you guys finally met Ai, shes fun alright, make sure to hang out with her, she stands by the lockers in the school sometimes

Also you guys need to start grinding to get to higher levels if you wanna beat Kanjis shadow

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Posted by Bardon

o.o Endurance Run. . .in the morning ? yay !

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Posted by Fastshot

Awsome vid as always

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Posted by FLStyle


I think this was recorded last week so it was ready to go up straight away today, Jeff isn't back from Wrestlemania yet. 
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Posted by Red

It'll be rarer to hang out with Chie until you save Kanji. The same is true with the rest of your investigation team bros.

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Posted by pawsoffury

Grinding isn't really required.
As long as J&V clear out each floor on the way up they'll be fine doing it all on the last two days.

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Posted by Mimakos

well done guys..just want to say,i love your site..podcast..reviews.and endurance run..just realised we've been with you guys ofr almost 20 hours of persona 4...>!!!!!!!waaaahhgggg

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Posted by Geoff

While I don’t necessarily agree with everyone explaining every in and out of the game, you guys seriously need to get your levels up, or your going to get smashed by the bathhouse boss, you'll also need to start using buffs and de-buffs for the boss.

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I am even more amazed vinny and jeff read any comments/email/ anything on this site. Damn now  I have to watch what I say.

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Posted by chacho89

WOW extremely early guys!! I love it!!! I love Mondays NOW! THank you Giantbomb (-:

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Posted by Winternet

Mondays are awesome!!

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Posted by endaround

1) Stop worrying about Dilligence.  Just do the Basketball SL and you'll get your Dilligence high enough.  Expression and Knowledge are way more important.

2) MATCH PERSONA.  Unless you do you'll have more and more just sitting around days.

3) Go back into the TV.  You have until 6/4 and it will likely take you most of the time remaining.

4)Fuse!  SLs are meaningless unless you fuse.
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Posted by RagingLion

Enjoying the Endurance Run as always.  I think you do need to start going into the TV, though.  I'm getting a sense of deja vu from when you were on Yukiko's castle and you spent ages on s. links and so left yourself with barely enough time to complete the boss.  Hopefully you'll be ok, I just want to see you able to continue.

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Posted by Creamypies

I know it ain't that exciting or fun to do, but you guys really gotta start grinding for a while. Otherwise the bathouse boss will absolutely destroy you.

And we don't want you guys to give up on this game, cos this is too much fun to watch.

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get well ryan get the cough checked out
or atleast is sounds like ryan coughing

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Posted by MeatSim

Best part of Monday, right here.

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Posted by nexas

The girl for the fox quest should be in front of your shoe locker

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Posted by Altersparck

Good job with the Endurance Run, guys. It's a great start to my week! :D

That said, you seriously need to grind it out in the TV world. Without giving away too many details, this series will see an untimely end unless you're properly leveled; not just your characters, but personae as well. You can get away with not grinding if the game were set to Beginner, but on Normal, not so much.

And Jeff: buffs and debuffs are kingmakers in P4. Spells like (ma)tarunda, (ma)rakunda, (ma)sukunda, dekunda, (ma)tarukaja, (ma)sukukaja, (ma)rakukaja, dekaja, debilitate, and heat riser can tilt a battle in you favor and prevent it from becoming a war of attrition.

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Posted by Metal_Mills

I like how you practice basketball but have never actually played a game. haha.

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Posted by xDot

Your investigation team will hang out with you again once you've saved Kanji.

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Posted by Kombat

lol this series has like 1 episode left

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Not buying that offer would be BELOW STUPID!

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Posted by SonicFire

Guys...seriously, you need to start level grinding, and not just social grinding. The reason there's not too much to do is because you have a mission in the TV world...

Put in better terms, if you want to get in on that hot Chie chill time, then you need to grind away through the next mission.

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Posted by mysteriousfox


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Posted by AndrewB

You see, the problem with the comments on these videos, and the reason I generally avoid reading them, is this: you guys were all bitching before when they were grinding levels on non rainy days, telling them to instead raise social ranks, now you're doing the same because they're following your advice? True, in their situation, I would probably be grinding out levels on days where I otherwise had nothing to do. But if there is a right and a wrong way to play this game, what is the point of playing it? If you have to do everything precisely on every single day to win, where is the fun?

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Posted by GamerGeek360

Oh yeah, it's Monday! I'm leaving for Florida soon so I won't get to watch these till Friday.

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Posted by Mistral

Haha, even the game's nagging you to go into the damn TV and save Kanji already!

The good news is that rainy days(like the two coming up) are the best time to go into the TV since there's nothing to do except fish, eat beef bowls at Aiya, and turn in requests to the fox. The bad news is that you're on a tight leash since you've got less than a week left to save Kanji, but you've still got several floors of dungeon to go...and depending on how many shadows you fight(you should aim to at LEAST beat every shadow on each new floor before going onward; if nothing else, this minimizes grinding later), you might be in for another massive grinding session before you can beat Shadow Kanji.
 And as others have been saying, you can s-link with team members more often once you save whoever's in the TV(otherwise they spend half the time they should be s-linking with you to sit there and go HEY MAYBE WE SHOULD GO IN THE TV TODAY).

Also, fuse some personas! You're obviously starting to remember that fusing personas is POSSIBLE, but it doesn't mean jack until you actually do it. Fusing is the key to initmac...I mean, to strong personas. All those s-links you've built up will pay off with exp bonuses for new personas, which will give them a level or two(at the point most of your s-links are at, anyway) in a way that's FAR easier than grinding that level. And of course, inherited skills improve your persona's movesets even more. And, depending on the day you fuse, the fusion forecast will give your personas even more awesome bonuses. The bare standard personas you get from shuffle time are wimps compared to what you can make through fusion.

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Posted by CleverLoginName

On my virtual birthday, we hanged out with Chie and drank sour milk. What kind of life am I living?

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Posted by SinGulaR

You so have to go into a dungeon and whack some monsters on the head.

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Posted by Milkman

You guys probably can't hang out with Chie because your social link with her is as high as it can be at this point in the game. Also, I've never played Persona but you guys should probably go in the TV....

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Posted by trimon

Hey Jeff and Vinny make sure you guys go to the Aiya restaurant on rainy days for their special bowl. It increases all your stats!

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Posted by Wright

"expired milk? oh hell yeah!" that was fantastic.

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Posted by Milkman

Err...I should really watch the whole video before I comment. But still....dude, go in the TV.

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Posted by LordAndrew

They could theoretically get Chie's Social Link up to the max if there was time to do it. But the reason Chie doesn't want to hang out is because she's concerned about Kanji.
The problem here is that Kanji hasn't been rescued yet. Once you rescue the TV victim your friends will want to hang out more often, so it's a good idea to do it as soon as possible.

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Posted by ves

Firefox can't find the server at www.youngmothersociallink.com. :(

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Posted by KestrelPi

Don't like to dictate how to play the game to people, but it's true that all these phonecalls are the game's way of saying 'hint, HINT!'

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Posted by HT101

This makes Mondays even better for me.  Now I have one more thing to look forward to on Mondays, along with 24 and Chuck.  Keep this up and I can't wait to see what happens when you go back to Bad Bad Bathhouse.

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Posted by NorwegianSCREAMER

You're doing it wrong : P

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They took our jaaaarrrbs!

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Posted by Muffin_Hunter

Jeff and Vinny are on a mission, a mission to bang Chie.

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Posted by Dethfish

I started watching Endurance Run because it was so funny but now I can't wait til tomorrow just so I can see what happens in the game.

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Posted by Carlos1408

grab Chie's hand!

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Posted by Derios

Good stuff.. and i've heard Kanji's dungeon is like 11 stories so you guys might want to go into the tv.

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Posted by darkjester74

Social Link established.  You can now fuse Personas of the Bitch Arcana.

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Posted by evilpaul

Hey guys, I finally got caught up with the Endurance Run and wanted to comment!

Two things...

Did you equip Chie with those Adios shoes you got for her yet?

And can Vinny sing the Junes jingle? I think that would be pretty awesome.

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Edited by DickDarlington

@ evilpaul

No, they haven't equipped the shoes on Chie yet. Hopefully they are reading this or remember to do it once inside the TV.

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