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Try to pick up Ghoul as well as other personas. The more that you have in your compendium, the greater choice that you will have for fusing and you can get a specific arcana for social links.

Liked your homage to Fallout Vinny with Ghoul: "Don't hit me!"

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Nice, another one :)

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I havent watched the video yet but did you guys give up after you died? I really hope not

EDIT: Alright I watched the video and I really hope that you guys continue the Endurance Run even though you died, there is still so much fun stuff to see in the game

You guys really should have escaped from the battle or used a vanish ball, also that last enemy was glowing a special RED that meant that it was an extra strong enemy

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this don't look good...

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I haven't watched the video, but screenshot makes me LOL.

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OMG! 46 minutes!

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Nice, will watch this when I get home. From reading the comments I am guessing you finally started the actual game? :D

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I wanted to warn you about what was going to happen if you attempted what you just attempted. But I was scared it would count as a spoiler.

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Vinny, Jeff the idea is to get the saving of the poeple out of the way THEN doing all the social links.

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Oh, guys. :(

Today was just not Charlie's day straight from the get-go.

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Again, Oberon is totally a dude

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beer + doritos = teh win

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Goddammit, Courage Blocked twice in one episode!

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Lol after actually watching the whole thing.

I heard a rumour that the escape button does something, this is unproven however.

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Stop wasting SP on enemies you can beat with your weapon. Use you magic on the other ones, but not that weak one.

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Persona Physical attacks from Charlie Chie and Youske then use yukiko to heal when you need to

stop wasting precious SP on enemys.

gah i guess im just angry because i cant play P4 for 3 weeks since its back @ uni
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Not working at like 42 minutes?

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Does this mean tomorrows episode will be as long? Sweeeeeeet! :D

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It must be kinda humiliating for people who run a gaming website to suck so much at a game. Seriously, my kid brother could play better than Vinny, and Jeff clearly ain't too good if he's been playing the game in his free time and doesn't know when to escape.

As funny as watching these vids is, it's getting more and more annoying to see the duo do stupid things time and time again. They spend time doing social links, go into the dungeon and then go into the velvet room. Then, when they see they can fuse a level 14 Titan with Mazio, which will level up 2 more levels because its social link is rank 4, they refuse to fuse it, not doing anything. If they'd used their heads, they could've used Jack Frost in the fusion and then fused another Jack Frost, which would've been more powerful and had an extra skill because of the fusion forecast.

They've caused their problems by not listening and I can't see a way for them to beat the boss at this stage if they don't start studying a P4 guide in order to become semi-decent players. The omens do not look good.

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Try and get yourselves to about level 25 before you get to the 11th floor.

And leave social links 'til after you've saved the person, because social links are around more after that.

Just a tip lol.

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Edit: I'm posting this because I really really hope you guys continue. This is one of the most entertaining things on this site, and I don't want to see you guys put off by the idea that you need to go in-depth and grind things out just to make basic progression. There are a few minor things you guys have overlooked, and with the benefit of feedback I think you can correct your mistakes and progress without making the game a chore rather than fun.

Stop wasting SP on regular enemies. You don't need to use magic all the time, obviously use it when it makes sense to do so, but if a physical attack does the same or similar damage then use that.

Stop neglecting your persona physical attacks. Sure, they cost HP, but HP is cheap outside boss battles whereas SP is a lot harder to regain.

Stop neglecting your debuff spells. Buff spells are less important at the moment, but decreasing the attack power and hit chance of a strong physical enemy WILL make that enemy much easier to manage, and decreasing it's defense means you kill it quicker. It's worth the turn to lower it's hit chance at the very least.

Strong enemies with no apparent weakness are often susceptible to confusion, fear and other status effects. A good example is those tigers with the ball and chain. Try using Chie's "skull cracker" on them (chance to inflict confusion). You'll find it works nearly every time and makes fighting them completely trivial.

Finally, fuse often. You DON'T have to be knowledgable of all the ins-and-outs of fusion to just progress, don't let that put you off. However you should be fusing off all the scrappy personas you pick up in dungeons into SOMETHING, unless you are trying to level it to learn a specific skill first. Your main character's stats are directly dependant on the persona he has equipped, so you should try to keep his personas close to his level, or he will fall behind the other characters. You won't catch up with the rest of the party just by levelling personas with battle xp alone.

Fusing personas also takes advantage of bonus xp from social links, which are wasted otherwise. This way you can have personas that are even higher level than your character, because they gain levels due to S.Links.

Again, you don't need to go too deep into it. Just go to the velvet room every once in a while and fuse out all your crappy picked up personas. You can even fuse the ones you create again if you choose. Just fuse something at least.

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@Aion and similar people bitching about Vinny and Jeff's gameplay - If you don't like it, don't watch it. It's that simple. I fucking despise this Persona elitism, it really is sickening.

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Nice episode guys. It's best to stock up on Vanish Balls for the situations where you know you'll die; they let you escape from any non-boss.

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Best episode yet.

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I think Aion is a little cranky :-(

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Unlucky guys...

I'm looking forward to tomorrow already though - Long may "endurance run" continue!

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maybe they're just trying to make an entertaining video instead of trying to max out all of their stats and personas you sperg. Kinda humiliating how much you care.

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you should dedicate some real time into the velvet room in a endurance run  bring some weak fools back to form stronger fools ( bring back izanagi perhaps and fuse some fools with him)   fuse some fools under your strongest social links, take every factor one of them fools can do into account

  the lowest level a monster should be (besides senri since it has multitalents) should be at least a level 15-17 in your arsenal

 because constantly swapping monsters in the middle of battle aint gonna get their levels up any quicker i never played this game but it seems just like damm pokemon in terms of them leveling up  

and i know you aint want to do a 50 min endurance run dedicated to grinding so yeh fusing fools seems like the quickest way to get some high level people 

also the reason senri and jack frost have zio and such is because they inherited those skills from the people you use to fuse with but the results are always randomized so you gonna have to back in and out a lot to get what you want , so say like you fuse eligor and jack frost together chances are that fused monster can get arm chopper and mabufu 

your strongest links are : yukikio (priestess), chie(chariot) , drama girl(sun), ball lovers(strength), and i think investigation team ( i think its judgement)

Take some time and read this guys i aint like these smartasses teling you you doing it all wrong you making this shit harder on yourselves for this game

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Seeing as you've dug a pretty deep hole, it'd be better to let the days run out and let Kanji die, if that happens, Egor will let you go back 1 week to retry. Seeing as your most current save lands you at 3 days until Kanji dies, that'd be best. Try it!

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When was the last time you saved before you died?

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Hahaha you kinda deserved what you got...you really should of tried to escape.

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Aion of course is also wrong-they got resist fire on Jack Frost, thats better than an extra level from the SL

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You sound like a very angry person. Sounds like you need a hug from something or someone:(

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this is also at this Aion person...you are being a total tool.  they are playing a game, having fun and trying to bring something entertaining to all the people watching.  they are not gonna go out and buy guides and all this other stuff you suggested. yeah they could do a few things different but whatever, they are learning and just playing a game to play it and do something different out there in the video game site world. all my friends that I got into this site from this feature alone will surely cancel you out if you decide to stop viewing since they are not living up to your expectations.

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You guys who haven't played P4 don't get it, you really don't.

If Vinny doesn't have the same arcana as the social link he's doing, he gets less points. If he gets less points then he needs to make up for that by spending more days between each social link rank. More days spent ranking up social links means less social link scenes, and that means less entertainment - less witty comments.

If Vinny doesn't learn that using a level 10 persona at level 18 is bad, he will die. You saw what happened when he ran into a tough group of enemies on floor 5 - not even a boss. If he keeps dying, he'll quit, and he will keep dying because he won't be able to beat the second dungeon boss without decent personas. If the videos end, how will that make for entertainment? The fun will end.

Also, people who do stupid things and get laughed at aren't worthy of praise. They're worthy of laughter because of their stupidity. The duo deserve praise for their witty comments; not their ability to spend 30 minutes killing 5 or so enemies.

I hope the run continues - that's why it annoys me that it looks like the run will be over by Friday.

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Oh, and I stand corrected about Jack Frost - I forgot he was fused on the day where they could get Resist Fire on him. The thing is, Vinny and Jeff weren't aware of that - Resist Fire wasn't the reason they didn't fuse Titan and then refuse Jack Frost.

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And this is why you have the ESCAPE option. And Vanish Balls(which are better for emergencies like the one you had since they work instantly, whereas Escape can take several turns to get you out of the battle).

Also, fuse personas already. Don't go "nah, this guy is all PHYSICAL so I don't want him" or "Pfft, this guy looks LAME", just fuse whatever higher level personas you see and forget about the old ones - a newly fused batch of personas is practically guaranteed to be better than the personas you used to fuse them all, and you're only hurting yourself by having 95% of your personas being seven or eight levels below Charlie.

On that note...LEVELING UP PERSONAS IN BATTLE TO GET NEW SKILLS ISN'T WORTH IT. The game mechanics are obviously biased towards getting most of your personas' levels through s-link exp bonuses(even at this point, newly fused personas should get at least one or two levels from s-link exp, whereas it'd take several fights using only that persona to gain a level or two by beating shadows), and a skill that a low-level persona has to level up several times to get will almost always be a base skill on several personas a few levels up the ladder. The one exception here would be Cu Sith's Growth 1, but even that's not really worth it since the fraction of EXP shared to Growth 1 personas is so low.
Really, stop worrying about losing helpful skills from your scrubby band of scrubs and use them in fusion, and you'll find that you're getting better skills(or at least the same skills/skills that do comparible things) on a newly fused batch of personas...not to mention that you'll have higher stats to use them with. At the very worst you can re-summon something from the compendium if it has a skill that you ABSOLUTELY must have, but at this point nothing has a skill amazing(and unique) enough to be worth re-summoning after cooking up a newly fused batch of personas.

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Fudge is right, man that 's bad luck.

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....well that was a dumb thing to do.  I would have seen the weakened guy and the dead one before my first turn, and immediately gotten the hell out of there.

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They're not even playing that bad, they just don't understand that most of the personas they're carrying around are almost 10 levels behind them, which is bad (tm). The personas they use should be about the same level than them or higher.

I think they saved just before going to the dungeon, and they still have 3 days to clear the whole place, which should be plenty even if they waste their SP a bit.


Fused persona skill inheritance (red background) is random, based on a pool of skills from the personas used to fuse the new persona.

Basically, just check for  high-level fusion results and then check what skills the personas used in the fuzion have, and cancel and  try to fuse them again until the new persona gets the good skills you want it to.

Always fuse if you see a result persona that you don't have in your compendium, just get the persona you used in the fusion back if you liked it.

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Aion said:
You guys who haven't played P4 don't get it, you really don't.

I'm sure everyone "gets it" Aion, they just don't care as much as you seem to - I think most people are here for the entertainment.

Stop worrying that they're gonna stop playing because they might keep losing. This game is not hard; I'm at around November in the game and haven't put a huge amount of thought into any of the countless hours I've spent playing. If they stop playing I'd imagine it's for other reasons and I wouldn't hold it against them.


Aion said:
If the videos end, how will that make for entertainment? The fun will end.

To be honest these silly comments are already spoiling some of the fun.

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Agreed, I'd super appreciate if you could never post again Aion. You are the one who "doesn't get it". These videos aren't about beating Persona 4, or even power gaming it, they are about testing the will of these two guys while they play a terrible game.

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yep dedicate some time to fusing next episodewent back and watched a past episode and yeh you could have fused a level 3 ukobach and a level 2 slime and you almost got a level 20 owl lady thing named andara so yeh bring back some weak fools and fuse

and i told you the dicks are coming out to bitch at you guys for todays episode
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Gah! USE THE VANISH BALL!!!!!! 100% to escape1!!!1!1!!!!

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Good Lord, some people here take this endurance run waaaay too seriously.

Studying a P4 guide? Are you serious? The fun thing about the Endurance Run is that Vinny and Jeff play this game their way, not by following some Gamefaqs guide or something. Can you imagine how boring that would be?

This whole bitching and complaining is pathetic, and also quite embarrassing. Just chill and enjoy the videos, ffs. If you don't, then stop watching. It's as simple as that. 

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i kinda liked it how you guys got crushed today,  gues next time you should just use the escape thing if you come across these guys again ;)