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Huzzah, it lives!

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ZOMG I'm not first.

gogogo don't die

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i'm so glad to see today's episode..   i worried they might put this gem to rest!  :-D

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Man, I'm nearing the end of this game and I'm over 80 hours. Hope they keep this up that long cause some CRAZY stuff happens.

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you guys made me buy this game finally....   and i logged about 14 hours in one session.   damn you!

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MINOR defeat? Dudes, your shit got WRECKED!

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Wow, Vinny you drive me nuts when you start buying the useless steaks and shit.  Why do you buy that stuff you can't even use in battle?!?

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Dude why are you flipping out. Just let him play the damn game the way he wants.
You guys keep trucking!

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That was flipping out?

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It's not something you buy at the steak house.  You eat at Aiya's on a rainy day, and it takes time.  Also, that girl that was next to your locker is in the hall on floor 2 now.  You kind of walked right past her.

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It's hilarious seeing how emotional people are getting.

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i would so sign a petition to make a min of 40 mins to an hour per episode love the long ones :D

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Apparently you really shouldn't be avoiding your buffs/debuffs.
Also when I saw you back out of both red wall AND ice break I screamed at the monitor, and I don't even know anything about P4.
But yeah, that was... yeah.

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You were doing so well until you pulled out those low level persona.  No reason at this stage to do that.  Just get some guys close to your level (pulling out you Ippon-Datra after you got Savastari and you would be good to go)

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OK, this episode was pretty boring.

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I vote worst episode ever on this one. 38 minutes of scrolling through fusion menus? Huzzah!

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Don't get discouraged by the negative comments, guys! You're probably worried about thinking that Fusions isn't exactly good TV material or something, but most of us watching here are either Persona fans or people thinking about getting Persona. The former know the importance of Fusion, and besides, you can make the introduction (which involves mashing your X button through the dialogues) hilariously entertaining.

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yeeah sitar babe

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Entertaining or not, it needs to happen. The game relies on fusing new Personas often if you want to survive.

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Haven't watched the episode yet, but started my own run on Sunday and am generally in the same area you are up to (only a few days earlier).

You are kinda tight on time, and you really need to spend that time leveling up. Once you hit around 20-21 or so, go back to Princess Yukiko's Castle and fight that boss in there. He is quite easy just make sure you have one persona with "Tarunda" otherwise he will pretty much 1 shot your group with I think the ability Rampage. After he is dead, make sure you grab the fan on the stairs, its a huge upgrade from Yukiko. After this leave and return to the Bad Bad Bathhouse and if you want start from the beginning again and rework those floors, try to not overuse SP as much as possible as you should level til atleast 25 before attemping Kanji.

Also you can buy a bunch of Goho-M and instead of risking wasting 30-40 minutes of clearing and losing items. Just goho-m out, save and return to that floor.

Hopefully i'll be past you guys soon so I don't see spoilers from this :p However finding ghoul 2 days ago did make me bust out laughing. I just heard that voice in my head.

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Fusion power!  It had to happen.  Hopefully things will be a bit easier in the dungeon now.

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Just to point out something:


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I hope you guys aren't getting discouraged. I was in your exact same position the other day. All hope is not lost.

Just be sure to be around level 21 when you face the mid-boss, and try to get as far in the dungeon as you can, and then back out, and continue the next day on full HP and SP. You're going to want as much as you can for when you face Shadow Kanji.
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Most viewers think that this is a waste of time, but people who are into the game know that fusing is important. Because fusing leads to ... winning battles. Especially boss fights and those magicians in the last episode for example. And if Jeff and Vinny can't get past a boss then the Endurance Run ends anyway. But since they finally bothered to "waste" (as some might say) over half an hour on fusing then that must mean there taking it a bit more seriously and definitely want to continue doing it. Don't think that from know on the humor is gonna disappear. No, it's just something they needed to do for some time, and probably will do in the future as well. It's just a part of the game, but I'm sure the fun WILL continue.

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And, I'd also like to say that you're doing the right thing by learning how fusion works. It might be boring but you'll become better at the game and will die less.

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Boring? Debatable. Going to make the game better? Yes, most likely. Patience will be rewarded in due time.

For people who've never actually played the game before(and it seems like there's a lot of them), like it or not, fusion is absolutely vital.

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Wow, just wow.  So you guys want to get rid of Ara Mitama, and you guys did get rid of the two Fools.  They would have fused a Cu Sith, which with your Sun S.Link, would have learned your precious Growth 1 right off the bat.  But no, you dismiss both Fools, and actually buy the old lv 10 cu sith whose Garu skill makes Orobas completely redundant.  My god what is wrong with you guys.

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The steak place is okay too, as long as they buy the proper steak and don't forget that they have the steak later on. But yeah, Aiya is a great place to go on rainy days.

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As to fusions, basically a straight fusion will gain 5-8 levels, a triple fusion 10 levels.  Straight fusions from the  same arcana drop down in levels, you can't fuse the two fools you have because nothing is lower than Izanagi.  The manual has a straight fusion table btw.

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Good job getting Sarasvati, that will be helpful.While I cringed every time you dissed the buff/debuff dude you fused,  you're on the right track with regards to just filling the persona compendium.


If you fail to save somebody and go back a week, you don't get to keep whatever you did during that week. It's basically like loading a save game.

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Awesome, more episodes. Can't wait for tomorrow. D:

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You guys need to chill out, they're not playing min/max and not following any guides, so stuff that seems common sense to you won't occur to them. Just go along with it and laugh.

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Ha... an army of improved personas. INVESTIGATION TEAM GO!!!

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The mitamas crack me up. Good fusing episode, although it would have been nice if you had an extra 10 minutes just so we could see you using the dudes you'd just made and such.

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Wow. A whole 40 min episode with just fusions. I guess there will actually be boring episodes. I did not think that was possible.

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Also, to hell with the people that complain about the episode being boring.  It's necessary to actually advance with the game and I'm sure the bulk of the viewership well understands that.

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You get Neko Shogan if you fuse the tear drop things, anyway you can't really kill yourself in having different personas so long as their about your level, just roll with what you got and have fun. And yeah, the fusion stuff was the most frustrating thing when I played it.

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The fusion system in this feels like it's  more arcane than it should be.  Does the system change every time, or is this a continuation of the older Persona systems?

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One of the things that really helped me in both Persona 3 and Persona 4 was having the mindset of having two different Persona sets.  I had a battle set, and a social set.  The battle set was the most powerful Personas I could put in that had all my elements covered, healing, and buffs/debuffs so I could fill whatever role was necessary for a fight.  (Far more important in 3 than 4 where you have control of your party members.)  Then a second set of social personas which would match up with the social links I wanted to advance so I didn't have to sit around and see the dreaded "You feel your relationship will become closer soon." screen (or worse yet, NOT advance a S Link and NOT see that screen).

Yes, watching people fuse for 40 minutes might not be the most entertaining thing in the world, but as most here are saying, it's VITAL to use your fused personas and not the ones you just pick up in the dungeons.  In Persona 3 it's nice to be able to shuffle time a Mother Harlot, but fusing her and getting four or five extra levels and a bunch of inherited skills is much better. 

And the steak place is fine as long as you pick up the specials and remember to burn through those first when you're outside of combat.  150hp healing for like 350yen is a pretty good deal and not being able to use it in combat is a small drawback for that kind of efficiency.

It is pretty arcane, but you're fusing dieties, it's probably supposed to be a bit arcane.  There's also a fusion chart in the rulebook (does anyone open and read those anymore) which will tell you what arcana you get when you fuse two personas together.  It has to at least be a touch different than P3:FES since FES had Aeon as a potential arcana type (which was special to Aegis).
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I enjoy reading the comments from everyone who takes this run a little too seriously.



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Yea the UI kinda sucks in this game.

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I've played through P3 three times and P4 twice, and here's what I recommend when it comes time to fuse. Just start going through all the possible fusion combinations, and when you see a persona that's not in the compendium, fuse it. And when you run out of combinations, just get outta there. The exception is if you really need a certain skill or if you somehow made only really low-level personas, in which case, feel free to pull one out of the compendium and fight with that. The only elemental skill you really need right now is Zio since your teammates have the other ones covered. Anyway, then just go back into the dungeon, get more personas from Shuffle Time, and go back to the Velvet Room when you're a higher level.

It might seem sloppy and inefficient, but it works pretty well for me, and Velvet Room sessions only take about 5 minutes, tops. I think it will save a lot of frustation (for you guys) and it won't bog down the Endurance Run.

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keep trucking guys this needed to happen now you got some heavy hitters in your arsenal and im betting ita the younger bombers that are complaining about this episode 

also dudes you got sarasvati a level 19 use your level 19 please dont go and switch to a orobas to use its level 10 flame when sarasvati has a level 19 flame
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These comments are full of losers.

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I like Sarasvati.  I used it until I maxed out with Yukiko.

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i wish i had the ability to smack everyone of these people that giving negative comments 

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I know legendary 1 is happy. they finally have saravati.