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Even I'm tired of this game and I'm not even playing it. Super funny to watch though. Don't listen to anyone telling you how to play the game or how bad you are at a certain thing, they're just nerds.

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Uh, what? The gameplay segments of any game obviously lose a lot of appeal when you're not the one playing. As much as I love this game, I'd normally get tired of watching someone fuse personas and climb up a dungeon. Vinny and Jeff make those parts entertaining for us just like you said. I do wish they would mix the school life parts and the dungeon parts a little more instead of waiting until the last minute, giving us a week or two of fighting guys in a row. But hey, as long as they keep it up, I'm happy.

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Hey, nice job with hulk hogan! You probably have no idea how much that dekaja debuff helped you out there.

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"use the fucking ball"

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I hope you know that, by default, all gamers are nerds. It's just a case of the stat loving type of gamer being far smarter than the FPS type, hence the difference of opinions.

It doesn't really matter because it makes the dungeon vids more funny, but you don't have to be a gamr/nerd to know that Vinny plays the game like he's never touched a PS2 pad previously. He's so bad he's good.

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Damn cliffhangers.

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OMG that was so close! LOL Geez these giant bomb moments really make it both hilarious and thrilling.

Oh yeah like the others say you guys should probably fuse some high dudes. :|
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"It's just a case of the stat loving type of gamer being far smarter than the FPS type, hence the difference of opinions."

The douchebag is strong in this one.

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Wow, you really are a douche, Aion. What Delta_Ass said. 

Whether you like stats or FPS games etc. has nothing to do with how smart you are. I'm a smart person. I have the 'stats' to prove it, if that's what you're into, but let's just assume I am.

I don't like going into really fine detail in RPGs, planning every little thing so that it all comes out absolutely optimal. That's not because I can't wrap my poor little brain around such things, it's because doing that would make the game not-fun for me. 

I vastly prefer the approach of just taking each moment as it comes, not worrying too much about making mistakes and, in fact, assuming that I will make less than optimal decisions during the gameplay and being okay with that. 
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Great episode. Those Magus dudes are crazy.

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God damn you and your cliffhangers!!

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Here are some stats on those Magus. Theres three types that appear in the whole game: Magical, Wondrous, and Prime.

- = light damage

Magical Magus: Found in Yukiko's Castle on Floor 5-7. It has a max HP of 180 and a max SP of 135.
Phyiscal = -
Fire = Nul
Ice = Nul
Elec = Nul
Wind = Nul
Light = Nul
Dark = Nul

Wondrous Magus: Found in the Bad, Bad Bathhouse Hall 6,8,9.. It has a max HP of 165 and a max SP of 269.
Phys = -
Fire = -
Ice = -
Elec = -
Wind = -
Light = -
Dark = -

Prime Magus: Don't want to spoil location. It has a max HP of 364 and a max SP of 472.
Phys = -
Fire = Str
Ice = Str
Elec = -
Wind = Str
Light = -
Dark = -

So yeahh bottom line; these things fuck shit up lol

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yay. you used buffs!

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Now I really want to play this game. The bad thing is I sold my PS2 about 2 months ago. Is this game or anything like it on the 360?

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NO thats your answer

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go up the FUCKING stairs!!!  i think jeff should take the damn controllers from vinny...he doesn't seem to have a clue and can't hit for shit!!

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I love Endurance Run so much. By the way...

Persona 4 Achievement Unlocked
-"Use the F'n Ball!"
Used an escape ball to run from a dire situation.

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i believe the definition of nerd is one who foregoes social skills in order to achieve deeper insight in a subject, hence all gamers are not nerds since gaming can be a social gathering.

Why am i after you Aion? You boast your high knowledge at every turn you can, and ridicule anyone who doens´t share your point of view. You might know alot about PS¤, hence your stil missing the point of this endurance run which everyone is trying to tell you.   It´s right in front of your eyes, yet you turn away and sling out other spitefull remarks.  Giantbomt is whiskey powered and in partnership whith luchadeer. Can it be spelled any louder?
You are more narrowminded than random comments on youtube, you even have to balls to say you are smarter than FPS gamers! You are not smart AION you know alot of stats but intelligence is a city in space you will newer travel to see.

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Yes, wasn't games like these just for the fun and laughs that come out of it?
BTW, I still can't believe how much Vinny is failing to whack the enemies lol.

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Guys, this argument is so five minutes ago.

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Can anyone find my an image of a cat being lured by a string? No? What about an image about hypocrisy?

Vinny and Jeff suck at P4. They are as funny as they are annoying to watch. Most comment posters have no clue what they're talking about. And most are probably Halo loving Americans.

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So Aion, on another note, do you prefer P3 or P4? Personally, I found P4 to be noticeably better in every category, with the exception being that the climax and ending of P3 were much more satisfying. If you stop before The Answer, that is.

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It's hard to call. I'm replaying P3 right now, having finished P4 a week or so ago. If pushed, I'd go with P3 because P4 basically copied everything from P3, I like the first five main characters more than the P4 cast, I like the social links more (the Chihiro and Yukiri girlfriend social links are great)  and the darker vibe given by the use of blue and darker colours than P4 had makes the game more enjoyable.

It's also a fair amount harder than P4 - just today I died, losing around an hour of progress, because an enemy hit a critical against the MC and followed that up by killing him. If it was P4, one of the other characters would've takan a mortal blow for the MC, and that character would've survived with 1 hit point at worst. P4 was too easy after the first few dungeons.

It's really hard to judge them because P3 kinda falls apart in terms of story and characters towards the end. Where as P4 had no story outside of character introductions until right at the death, P3 actually tried to go into more detail earlier on, and it was painful because the story was poor once the mystery element was removed. And the characters that joined after the start sucked - a dog, a robot, a kid with the worst voice actor ever, a female Fucka with no soul and a guy who says shit a lot. The failure of the story and late additions to the cast kinda ruined the experience for me.

So, put simply: I like MOST of P3 more than P4. P4 was easier to handle in terms of story until the end because there was little to no stor yto get annoyed with until right at the death. P4 made a number of gameplay changes but most were minor and some, such as the easier gameplay and retarded new quest system, made the experience worse.

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Man, Fuuka was terriible.

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Nah, they don't suck at P4, they're just inexperienced and adjusting. Give it some time, the farther they climb the learning curve the faster these grinding episodes will be.

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Honestly, anyone saying Jeff and Vinny are bad at this game are watching this for ALL THE WRONG REASONS. This is supposed to be entertaining, and is designed to focus around the commentary. If you are really that annoyed or bothered when they don't do well (which is perfectly normal for most gamers, you're not going to be invulnerable to losing 100% of the time),  just don't watch. It's that simple.

I think Surplus Gamer hit the nail on the head stating that you should just take things as they come, and have fun with the game. Once you start thinking too much, going overboard in prepping for things that haven't happened, and writing notes on the game, is it really still a game for you at that point, or an obsession?

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Playser advantage is so random. I go crazy on Persona 3 FES because of it. Argh.

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@Aion And yes before you the comment reader read this, yes i care enough to write a long elaborate anwser. Im caring to much about this anwser i know.

First  im not even american and the image followed when i created my account, I just haven´t bothered to change it because im lasy.

I like RPG´s more than i like most fps games but how can you even dismis everything im saying because you think  im a halo gamer? thats smart to you? What difference does it make, even though truly i might actually be more like you than fps gamers if i have to label?

I find it hard to categorise people by such defining terms as Stats of FPS gamer etc. hell i find it hard to believe you do. Because If i where to define people by those labels as you so often do making assumtions left and right believing that people who play FPS most by definition don´t know anything, you would walk the same path as the guys asuming that just because you know alot your boring or a nerd

By giving me that label your doing exactley what your bitching about. That my friend is the definition of hypocrisy.

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I feel sorry for you so I'll give you a hint: my comment about FPS gamers wasn't even semi-serious. Think of it as akin to a fun IQ test.

About the issues I have with Jeff/Vinny, P4 is an obsessive game. How can you play a game for 80+ hours and not be classed as obsessed? The game was created for people to get involved in. And, although it's funny seeing Vinny play the game badly and not learn as he goes, it's hard not to feel at least a little bit of frustration when you watch people do things so wrong after you've put so much time in the game yourself recently. I can see where the people who haven't played the game and are watching with no idea how the game works are coming from, but those people can't seem to understand where the advice giving people are comung from.

And, yes, Fucka was a waste of space in P3. Her voice actress was horrendous, seemingly reading lines from a page and not even trying to sound human, and she had zero personality. I liked the dog more than I liked her - at least the dog looked cute.

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Actually, in P3, if you come from directly behind the enemy, you can get a player advantage over every single enemy in the game (except bosses obviously). Once you learn how to do it, the dungeon crawling parts become almost a little too easy.

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P3 is still harder because you have to go up 10-20 floors without saving to reach the next checkpoint. In 4 you can retreat and restart from the last floor you were on at any time.

Of course, in P3 you could just avoid every enemy, but without experience the player would struggle against some of the bosses. And, even in battles were you jump the enemy, if you get unlucky, like I did last night, it's still easy to die.

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That's true, I guess I just don't like the way it's set up in P3. I think it's too easy to get a player advantage, and in Hard mode, it's pretty much required that you do it every time or you will die. It gives combat a different feel, where you're basically racing to kill every enemy before they get a turn.

Also, you could always avoid every enemy to get the checkpoint, warp back to the previous checkpoint and start bashing some enemies. You get your experience and you can warp out without consequence whenever you find a teleporter.

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Haha.  I love how these guys play with their lives against the mages.  Let this be a lesson...never fight the mages.

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I find your answers disgusting to this. These videos are incredibly entertaining to watch. Am I a Halo-loving American? I am an an American, yes. Do I love Halo? Nah, but I enjoy playing it. This doesn't make me any less intelligent than you, nor does it give you the right to rag on an enjoyable series simply because they're not playing it the correct way. Honestly, if they were playing one of my favorite game series completely wrong and doing it the way they're doing now, I would be extremely happy as such. I can't understand why you want to berate and completely try to tear down what they're doing. Just enjoy it. I like seeing them succeed and mess up on their own, they're hilarious and they make extremely entertaining videos. I can't understand why people can't just let it go.

It's not such a big deal, it's just a run through the game. They're not looking to "achieve your level of expertise" or anything. Just let it go.

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Can someone kindly destroy Aion? Seriously, the guy isn't even leaving constructive advice anymore, he's just trolling for the sake of trolling.

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God, I really just can't take this anymore.  It is just so clear that Vinny is just some Halo Xbot who wouldn't understand the DEPTH and COMPLEXITY of games from such an amazing country as Japan.  They suck at Persona 4, and I should know, I have beaten it 6 times already, I can max out all the social links with my eyes closed, one handed.  And they can't even grasp the increidble drama of it all!  How Funky Student is a commentary on the brown person in modern japan, yet they just laugh at him! Disgusting!  If they had half a brain they would be doing everything Aion is telling them to, he is CLEARLY the only person on this website that knows what he is talking about.  I wouold give them advice too, but this Chie hentai won't jerk off to itself.

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I'm not sure whether it's impressive or embarrassing that you put so much effort into that. I'm leaning towards embarrassing.

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I give up. Aion you woundt be able to pass a simple iq test. Your anwsers are those of a simple liar whos bin busted and then yells out "I knew it all along! Im super smart and played you all"
You meant every single word. Don´t worry i wont be arguing with you any longer, since theres nothing to argue against. I hope you are smarter in real life.

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When Yosuke gets Tentarafoo you guys can use that on the dudes that keeping kicking your ass; they seem to be susceptable to confusion.   Once they're confused you'll get a few free hits at 'em.

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I now have a devoted follower called 'Eion'. My plan to remove all Americans, Halo players and people without a 'D' at the start of their names is clearly going well. Soon there be only good people and skilled P4 players remaining on this website.

As a rule, each of my followers names must contain 4 letters, the last being I, O and N. And my followers must have an image of an eye.

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My brain imploded into itself when I read the last post.

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Yo guys, when you aren't really doing anything special and are just waiting around to use yousuke to nail those rocks with wind, switch to sarasvati and start regenerating SP.

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Another excellent episode =) Thanks for the entertainment guys. It's nice to just chill the hell out and just watch a couple of guys have fun playing a game.

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Hey Jeff and Vinny, just finished the game yesterday! Took 80 hours, and IS worth it ;) Keep going!

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Persona 4 is serious business, as are all video games, and thus having fun is unacceptable when playing it.

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this is awesome.....ppl no spoliers pls

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Your guys Andra reaction was priceless! BIRRRRRRDMAAAAAN!