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Why is it that games like these don't have some sort of autosave?  Like a single autosave that overwrites itself when you reload it.  You get to a door, the autosave triggers, you go through the door, you die, you load, you DON'T go through the door and run away screaming.  Maybe it's mechanical, since you'll notice it's autosaving and..  yeah, I answered my own question.

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Fuse principality btw. It's awesome.

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Im really digging these long episodes.

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Awesome.  I hope these 40-50 min episodes continue.

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50mins episodes help pass the boredom of being home from school allllll day

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Damn, hulkster just took it like a bitch.

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easy beat of hulk-mini-boss thingie. nicely buffed

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Go for an all-Hindu squad of personas!! Vishnu be praised!

Great video btw guys but question: what are those question marks on each persona's screen under the next ability that is going to be learnt?

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You guys were kinda foolish for not taking Andra. Those skills were up my alley, Garu with Mazio and Maragi? and Media!? useful for people like Jeff and I.

What am i even saying. The more i say, the more that persona freaks jump down my throat for not taking "S.rank into concern"

It's the dodgy collision detection that's really screwing you up on those "sloping bottom" guys

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Wow, very productive run today! :)

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The camera control is so hard!  How do I move this joystick?!

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Hahahaha this was an amazing episode. USE THE FUCKING BALL! AHH!

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I loved the reaction against the Wondrous Magus on floor 9.  What luck too because I have a feeling that a game over there would have ended the endurance run.  I also have a feeling that Jeff is going to completely lose it one day when Vinny misses a shadow.

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That nakid owl man must loove to party hard.

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Very entertaining run, you guys did an awesome job against the sub-boss.

I actually enjoy watching you guys figure stuff out for yourself, but I do want to suggest that you try to fuse the elephant guy just to get the Foolish Whisper spell, then you can fuse him into something else and make sure that spell is inherited.  Foolish Whisper silences all enemies, which is goddamned essential against those Magus freaks.  Seriously.

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Camera tip: Tap circle button occasionally when walking around, instead of using the right stick or L1/R1.

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Good job on the mini-boss, not sure at that level if Yosuke has it or not but he can eventually remove stat bonuses which would remove the +attack that he kept putting on himself, instead of playing the RNG game with the minus hit debuff :p

Also quit being scared of purple monsters, you have the Silence All now.

Try re-equipping sarasvati aswell between fights, this way you get atleast 5 SP free every fight. An easy way to get free SP on Charlie is return to Floor 1 after using a Goho and just clear out the early floors, won't get much XP but you will earn a lot of yen (I just beat Shadow Kanji and have about 90k yen atm) and you can recharge charlie with ease as you can pretty much just rush your way through it. Then run back to the beginning of the dungeon and return to what floor you were at.

Now that you are out return to Yuki's castle, kill the boss there and get her the fan. After he is dead return to Kanji's castle and get to the top floor and return to the entrance start from floor 1 again and re -clear as MUCh as you can (use Goho's often if you want to save between floors when it gets tougher) you want to be atleast 25 before fighting Kanji's Shadow and the re-clear will load you guys up on money as well as you can regen Charlie's SP some.

Also with the camera controls just anticipate that you are going to have to turn the camera when attacking a shadow, also like GreyFox stated use Circle to snap the camera.

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You guys should do few epic marathon runs sometime :D. Watching you fool around is funnier than any heroes/prison break shows. I'd stock some drinks, kebab & snacks for the marathon. Awsum show so far!

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Don't worry too much about the whole not getting "high amount of damage" spells - I got to the end of Persona 3 and didn't have anything but medium damage skills.

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you seam to have lost your way

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Great episode. Oh yeah, did anyone else here an odd sighing noise around 46:43 or was that just me?

Yosuke's Tentarafoo will work with equal effectiveness against the mage enemies, as those are a normal battle on the higher floors.

..Anyways, if you want, you'll be good to go for the boss if you fuse Rakshasa. He makes things slightly easier, yet isn't totally required. Good luck.

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Nice ep and WOAH that was a close call :)

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Using the same strategy as the mid boss you can take the extra boss at Yukkiko's castle easily now.  Skull Cracker isn't a high daage physical attack, it gives you confusion+attack.  Assualt Dive will do more damage than a regualr attack.

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Before you get to floor 11 and fight the boss of the dungeon, you might wanna get some practice on the bonus boss in Yukiko's dungeon first. He was beatable with debuffs when you lost to him before, so at level 22, if you use debuffs, you'll win no problem. Keep Sukunda on him, forcing him to miss most of his attacks, cast Rakunda on him to lower his defense and kill him as soon as possible. It'd be ideal if you could also cast Tarunda on him to lower his attack but I don't think you have it right now.

Also, if you haven't already fused King Frost before you read this, make sure you get Resist Fire and Ice Boost (I think Jack Frost has it? Not 100%...) on him when you fuse him. Resist Fire is a great skill for persona weak against it, and Ice Boost boosts ice attack damage by 25%. He'll be far more useful to you with those skills.

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A 49 minute episode today?  I wish I could watch it now but it will have to wait until this afternoon.  Can't wait to see what happens with the mini-boss.

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The heavens have smiled down upon you today, gentlemen. That was almost TOO lucky.

Also, the reason it wasn't glowing this time is because you were on a higher floor with tougher enemies. The Wondrous Magi fit right in there.

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oh man vinny you have really become a chicken after that 1 wipe, just go fight it the worst thing that can happen is that you need to escape and if you win you may lvl up and get a new item you can sell to get a new weapon or something like that.

great episode again

in my opinion
charlie should never use a wind/fire/ice spell on any creatures of witch weakness you dont know, like in 27:40
so start with zio or something els

and i would like to tune in tomorrow but your not putting about out before monday... :D

and Death_Burnout 
i agree with you but that persona was just to weird and creepy
allso agree with what you said about the people taking this to serious

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Vinny and Jeff using (de)buff spells? And fusing? Did I wander into an alternate dimension?

Seriously though, I'm glad you seem to be getting the hang of how Persona boss fights work - all those debuffs clearly made your life easier against Giant Hulk Hogan, and the Hit/Evade down in particular probably saved Yukiko from being made into paste by that Single Shot(Power Charge(which slightly more than doubles physical attack damage)+attack up+enemy that already has high physical power=OW).

And man, that was lucky that charlie dodged twice against those magus!  FYI, there's ONE physical weak enemy in the entire game, and it comes in one of the last dungeons, so don't assume that anything's actually weak to physical. Physical skills are so useful in this game that the lack of phys-weak enemies was needed  for balance, I guess.

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How could you not get the naked owl man? Really? That thing was hilarious.

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Actually, the worst thing that could happen is Charlie dying again.

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My copy of Persona 4 came in the mail, now I'm going to relive all the classic Endurance Run moments and then some.

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Aion = troll.

Anyways. Don't get discourage on wasting SPs. You still have a stack of TaP sodas. Those Snuff Souls/Soul Drop might be useful if you are facing "Kanji". Also some item buffs are quite useful too. It's optional to face that Pringle King in Yukiko's dungeon again, you can get a useful item for Yukiko.

But the problem is that I think tomorrow(Monday) will be the last day for you to save Kanji. Or else. 

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Nice tactics.

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"Dad put your pants on!"



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Why the hell does chie jump around like that?  And whats up with this music?  I wish I could understand what it was saying.

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"Now I face out I hold out
I reach out to the truth of my life
Seeking to seize the whole moment, yeah

Naked truth lies only if you realize
Appearing in nobody's eyes till they sterilize
Stop the guerrilla warfare to keep it fair
Bro change your rage to a smarter greater cause
You know the stake is high stardom is near
Those who sympathized you die killers pass by
Do not waste your time in hating flirting guys
Use your might to AIs do justice to them all

Now I face out I hold out
I reach out to the truth of my life
Seeking to seize the whole moment to now break away
Oh God let me out Can you let me out
Can you set me free from this dark inner world
Save me now Last beat in the soul"

Apparently, that's right out of the soundtrack booklet.

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Nice ep and use that all silence, it helps.

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Nice, took out the mini-boss like a champ.I can't wait to see you guys fight the boss.

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Long episodes are long.

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Once you get to 23 get Rakshasa. He is badass.

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I could not stop laughing when they were freaking out in the mages fight.  "Yes, the fucking ball!  Go up the fucking stairs!"  Almost brought me to tears :'D

Until you guys find some better equipment, you might want to put suppressors on each character.  For example, you have volt suppressor on Charlie but Yosuke is the one weak to electricity.  Charlie can change personas but the others can't.

All around it was a very entertaining episode.  Keep it up guys!

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Seems like all the fights you guys are running away from are coming back to bite you in the back. Enemies are getting exponentially harder, and you guys are not grinding (grr...) enough to catch up to that, I think... While I, too, hate grinding, this game's designed around that...

I know it's painful to watch someone else grinding through levels, but maybe Jeff can talk about other stuff while Vinny's grinding? I liked it when Jeff was giving a mini review of HAWX in one of the episodes. Or when Jeff was talking about that one time when he had to pull several cans out of one vending machine.

That's fun. :D

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Charile was the dodge king for a bit there. That was about the luckiest thing I have seem in a video game ever. Congrats on the epic dodge.

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Grinding isn't needed in this game...or, at least, going back over old floors to gain levels isn't needed. As long as you try to kill nearly every enemy on each floor, your level will be fine. The level they're at is good enough for the boss.

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Well done on mid-boss!

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Ep 45, get!

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You might grab some (I try to have like 10 handy) medical kits, yes they are expensive but they heal 100HP to all party members and I used 5 or so when fighting Kanji's shadow.  You might also want some anti-poison skills or items(so you don't use SP). 

And those magicians aren't weak against anything on the list, but they are very easy to give effects.  Use a skill to confuse them all or silence them all then you can kill them at your leisure.