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Another long one!

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I am completely obsessed about this Endurance Run. This is why i've been patiently waiting for the weekend to end :-)

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I wish there were Endurance Runs on weekends...

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Inb4 elitists.

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Yay the weekend is over!!!

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Principality looks way more awesome in this one.

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You know, I kinda wish you'd fused Sarasvati.  Peeps would go nuts in the comments.

BTW, you gotta save Kanji by tomorrow.

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You guys should start getting rid of those below 20, you'll want a good amount of mid 20's persona's for Shadow Kanji, he can get pretty tough, also level up to atleast 24 or 25, once you get his pattern down, his pretty easy

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We're getting spoiled by all these 30 minutes + Endurance Runs.

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inb4 Aion calling them stupid.

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You guys should definitely pursue the "Team Manager" social link. It has some hilarious moments ripe for parody.

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King Frost- The king of snow, ruling over an INFINITE number of Jack Frosts. He has the POWER TO FREEZE THE ENTIRE WORLD, but his personality is actually very naive.
Say no more...

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Feel the king.

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This is a great run.

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You know how they don't put one up on weekends... I often wonder if thats when they are playing this... and they use the time at weekends to cut the videos up into chunks.  I mean a lot of vids come out over the weekends.  QotW answers, I love Mondays... I'm just betting they cut them all on Saturday and Sunday... and they have them just sitting waiting to be posted each day.

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Ok-If you want go back to Yukiko's castle and beat down the king- Your Ara Mitama is perfect for that--all those debuffs plus strong to physical.  Remember to grab Yukkiko's weapon when done (search the back of the room).You should then just drink the TaPs down and face the bathhouse boss.  No reason to waste another day.  Of course you probably have already gone forward.

Evasion tends to be better because even if they hit Chie with really weak fire damage they get another attack while if she evades no extra attack and no damage.  Evasion is based off agility (as is round turns) and Chie tends to be fairly high (as does Yosuke which is why they'll go before you in a round depending on which Persona you have equpied.  Yukkiko on the other hand is always slow and acts last.
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Vinny was right :)

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Why did it cut off near the end!?

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Given that the title picture is them checking the weather report again, I think we can assume they got it.  =)

Since they have some time, they could try to take out the bonus king again, but they should ensure they have at least one physical resistant persona for Kanji (and the king, for that matter.)   Now that Yosuke can confuse enemies, they could probably risk grinding if they wanted, too.

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Man Vinny it drives me crazy when you take like a whole minute waiting for monsters to turn around. Just run up and jack those dudes.

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King Froost HoHoo

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They're gonna have a hard time with this boss. we'll see tomorrow :)

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Hey you two... this is an endurance test. You're not supposed to enjoy it ;)

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lol.  Jeff was SO wrong. Saturday, buddy. Great episode as always, guys. I'm actually at the exact same point in the game.

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damn jeff. you WRONG. it gona rain saturday.

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King Frost is just hanging in the back doing his thing.

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Thanks! love the new length!

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Good episode. You should grind out a few levels while you're inside and near the save point. Then either hope for an upright Judgment or Death arcana card, bribe the Fox or go for the boss the next day.

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I'm trying to be more positive but this rainy day seak buying thing is seriously getting to me. YOU DO NOT GET DISCOUNTS ON STEAK ON RAINY DAYS, AND THEY'RE WORTHLESS. Grrrrr. Why oh why didn't Jeff read the comment(s) about rainy days fully.

And, even though they see skills pass over when fusing, they didn't seem to know Rakunda was coming from Ara Mitama. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. They could've got Resist Fire on King Frost. but...

/starts to cry because of mental pain

This is all just a game... It isn't serious... Must...keep...telling......myself.

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And Aion is wrong again--Super Croquettes are only avialable on rainy days and are worth it.  Dia = 3sp for 50 hp.  Right now its 60 yen/Sp.  Super Croquettes are 100 yen for for 50 hp and you don't have to go out of the dungeon to replenish.

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50 hit points is nothing and, if the two weren't so bad at the game, they wouldn't have to heal so much. It's a complete waste of time to keep buying steaks.

The only things they should be buying weekly  are TAP sodas, 5 per week. And the only reason they keep going to the steak place is because Jeff was dumb enough to misread a comment about Aiya.

Don't get me started on how they infrequently used Sarasvati when she, like King Frost, has mabufu. Seeing them waste SP and not use the persona with Invig 2 AGAIN causes me pain.

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They should just be whoring sarasvati out and using her in every fusion they make from now on to get invigorate.

BTW: -attack power on enemies is tarunda. You can pull out Omoikane or Slime to get it and fuse it up into other personas. It is very useful for the bosses. You guys could definitely take that boss that beat you up in Yukiko's dungeon by now, it gives her a very nice weapon and a large courage boost.


Yes, but media is only 7 sp and far more efficient then the steak or dia. Not to mention that they have it on sarasvati, who also happens to regenerate 5 SP per turn.

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I'd have to agree with Aion, although he says it in a very rude fashion. Tabs are a lot more efficient, so if they wanna buy anything weekly, it's gotta be Tabs.

They only buy the steaks because they misread a comment about Aiya having their eating challenge on rainy days. In case Jeff and Vinny read this: Aiya is the Chinese restaurant at the very bottom of the shopping district north. Going there on a rainy day will boost 3 stats for 3'000 yen, but you'll spend time there.

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Yes Jeff, it showed Saturday first, and you have one more day before the sun. :p So go home, spend a precious moment with Nanako and sleep!

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I would at least try to fight the boss before heading back. If you feel overwhelmed at all, you can always level up or buy some items to prepare the next day. If you fight the boss tomorrow and he's too tough, yikes. You guys still have plenty of SP, you can do it! Although you already did whatever you did, so hope it went well!

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For everyone who is frustrated about Jeff and Vinny playing "unprofessionally" :) I recommend watching a recording on YouTube where a person by the name of MasterLL played P4 on expert (played like a real pro) and recorded the whole run from start to finish. The sections are nicely categorized as well. If anyone's interested check it out.

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Aion, you're getting really annoying with your bitter-ass comments on every video of the endurance run, which oddly enough seems to be your only business with this site.

If you really are going to stick around for the whole ride, I recommend you get some sand out of your vagina, then count to ten, and post whatever you like after. You may say the right things, but you say them in the shittiest fashion possible making you look like nothing more than a self-absorbed jackass.

My two cents.

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Some of you guys care way too much how other people play video games. It is like reading World of Warcraft forums. People on the internet need to relax.

Good episode. Looking forward to number 50! Hopefully we get to see you guys kill the optional boss that everyone is talking about.

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@Aion --

Dude Aion.. calm the heck down and get off your high horse.

You don't know everything about the game and stop being snobby and just a troll on here. Try giving some moral support and your nose out from the air like your some god of the Persona universe.


You guys should really get Yukiko a new weapon, you notice now everyone else does about 50+ physical damage all the while Yukiko only does 27 and lower. Try and warm up too her a little bit, because all your going to do is hurt yourself. Just keep everyone up to date and things might go by faster. It's expensive, yes, but it's worth it in the long run.

Also when you have a day off and got some cash to burn head over to the shopping district and right next to where you get your steaks is the resturaunt you go too (normally with the basketball team) it'll be the first place int he second part of the district and head there (wheny ou got nothing to do mind you because this requires yout o spend time) and head inside, you can add on your Dillgance/Courage/Understanding and so on there by taking part in their eating contests.

You gotta spend some cash, but again it's worth it.

I hope you both can rescue Kanji in time! Because if you don't you kinda get a sad little scene and you gotta start the week over and I believe EVERYTHING you gained during, so levels/ items and so on GONE. (so I've heard but I don't wanna try it out and find out)

Anyone feel free to correct me on this I wanna give accurate information XP


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You can get only 5 TaPs per week.  You can get 5 Super Croquettes everytime its rains.  Yes TaPs are better but they are limited so look for ways around that limit.  They should also go to the other vending machine.  Yes Dr. Salt Neo isn't as good but it restores SP and you can get lucky and get 20 free.  But stocking up on really cheap healing items isn't a sin when magic use is the limiting factor.

For example right now, they have enough SP tro fight the King at Yukiko's and the bathouse boss if they use food  to heal and TaPs plus the small value soul items to get SP back.  Otherwise they have to pay a riled up fox a high cost for all the SP back which isn't really needed right now.

They can just take down the optional boss and get a weapon for Yukiko which is better than any they can buy right now.
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You need to get laid.

Posted by Hagzor

Like a couple of other said if you don't like the way they play then don't watch or at least give constructive criticism instead of being a jackass. Either way if they played the game the way some of u say it would'nt be any fun to watch.

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Yeah, beat that bonus boss and get the weapon. +50 SP is godly for yukiko, and the boss should be a piece of cake by now. Its almost never worth it to buy more weapons, in fact its not a bad idea just to keep yukiko using that weapon for most of the game.

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Hey guys the rainy day special is not the steaks at the stand. It's in the restaurant you guys go with your basketball buddies. 

I don't know where it's at but people are saying it raises Courage, Expression and understanding all at once.
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Looking forward to tomorrow's epic battle.

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Once again, oh wise commenters, you don't have to play every RPG absolutely perfectly to win. You either learn through discovery, or you don't. The only thing that matters is that you come out on top in the end. If they lose, they can always go back to the drawing board.

If it's "painful to watch," then why watch it?

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Just wait until you get Menudo - high chance of killing everybody in the room.