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OMG first 46 min winnar etc.

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Please win...!

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SSAAWWEEETTT!!!! Endurance Run GO!

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Investigation team GO!

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Hell no!

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I get DUDER ITS OVER a 1/3 in :(
Game over man game over

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Dekaja DOES work.

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OMG you guys are stupid you suck at this game please stop playing its horrible OMG.

Am I doing it right?

Posted by gryphon_gold
Am I doing it right?

No.  You need to write a 1000-word essay on how stupid they are.  A sentence won't cut it.
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Yeah Dekaja works. his attack was super powered up so it didnt take it down all the way.

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Yip etc

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I just wanna point out that they didn't need to power-level, and still kicked ass, even despite all the mistakes they made this fight.

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omy god.....they might....win

23 min. in

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In b4 idiots crying over someone insulting people they don't know.

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YES! You guys did it! Awesome Job. Endurance Run forever.

Now you're going to beat yukiko's castle king and then S-Link stuff..yyeeaahah

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yay next week the rise story starts

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Awesome job! You guys handled that REALLY well.  Good calls on the heals and debuff turns, it made Kanji look like a total push over.

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Lets go fuck up that KING!

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Buffs & Debuffs save your asses. I'm glad you guys finally decided to use them.  Also you people need to stop insulting dudes you don't know. If you think Vinny & Jeff are stupid you should just not watch the Endurance Run. In fact don't even come to Giantbomb, go do you 6th grade homework instead you ignorant fucks.

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The endurance run lives on. buffs/debuffs are the way to go in these boss battles, so nice job. The game's going to pick up from here social-wise, take the break you've earned.

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I have to say, you did well. You didn't spam Dekaja but, in the end, you didn't need it - the boss was more of a cakewalk than my memories told me. You guys did the right thing by going for Nice Guy first, stopping the buffs, and from there it was a grind to the death.

I doubt you'll struggle on any future bosses now the first two are out of the way. From here on, it's downhill all the way. The first boss was the hardest and, with some help, you beat that on the first try, as well as the second on the first try. It's doubtful the others will trouble you unless you screw up badly - not guarding when you should or something.

I just hope, over the past week, you have read SOME of the comments and have grasped the basics of social linking before you start doing so again, and by that I mean carrying the right persona when doing social links. That, and the steak place instead of Aiya thing, are my only issues now. I'm not hopeful but hey, whatever.

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For vinny and jeff: Dekaja nullfiies only +attack, +defense, and +accuracy buffs. Two arrows up means that the enemy has used power charge or mind charge, which are different buffs that make the next attack do 2.5x damage. They can't be removed (though the 2 up arrows may hide a single up arrow that would signify +attack). Also, buffs and debuffs cancel each other out. I facepalmed when you used sukunda on the boss to neutralize his accuracy buffs then used dekaja to neutralize all buffs.

Also: Why cast tarukaja on chie? Have her cast in on Charlie who is already able to do over 100 damage per turn with garula.

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One last point: Don't use Tarukaju(sp?) on the person who casts it. It lasts for 3 turns, like all buffs, INCLUDING the turn used to cast the spell.

Also, buffs that raise and lower attack include magic; not just physical damage. And physical skills also get boosts from attack up buffs.

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You guys housed Kanji ... spot on.

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Investigation team, GO!

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Woot! Nice one, guys!

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Dekaja works - it removed the buffs.

Power Charge/Magic Charge works differently and cannot be removed. It's signified by the double arrow. If there's both a charge and an attack buff, then it's a glowing double arrow. You can remove the glow with Dekaja.
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Great job guys.

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LOL @ "Skullo Dream!"

Nice to know someone's a fan of Street Fighter EX.  Nice job beating the boss!

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This is by far my most anticipated episode, the stunning conclusion to the Bad Bad Bathhouse!

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Sweet. Really enjoyed this one. An excellent display of RPG battling, looking forward to the next one! Please continue the long episodes, they're great, even just 40 mins of social ranking up and all that crap - it's still good. Go kick that bonus king's ass!

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Investigation Team is unbeatable, you go smack the Positive King(?) down! \o/

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The weapon you get from beating the extra boss in Yukiko's dungeon is good, but IMO the fan you get from fishing is better.  The weapon is called Duchess, and it grants a high chance of confusion.

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You guys made that boss look like a chump.

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Awesome!! Long live the endurance run. I can't wait till they get to the camp-out part of the game. I can just imagine the comments.

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I doubt you'll struggle on any future bosses now the first two are out of the way. From here on, it's downhill all the way. The first boss was the hardest and, with some help, you beat that on the first try, as well as the second on the first try. It's doubtful the others will trouble you unless you screw up badly - not guarding when you should or something.

The next boss is harder.
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Another great victory. INVESTIGATION TEAM GO!!

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Aion >>> Vinny + Jeff (he said so himself).

Great fight.  Back to basketball practice and envelope folding.  I think the utter ridiculous story/social link sections make for much more entertaining viewing.  It gives the guys more material to work with.

Mystery Science Endurance Run 3000 lives on another day!

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I was actually getting a bit nervy half way through that battle, but you did good. Wasn't expecting you to beat him first time.

And whoever says that the game gets easier from now on is lying. The next boss is harder.
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First time poster, but I've been watching the Endurance Run since it started and I have to say that it's one of the most hilarious things I've ever seen. You guys rock in every sense and my day is simply not complete until I get my ER fix. I also think the elitism people are throwing at you because, OH GOD, you play the game less anally is hilarious. Which is why I feel like a hypocrite for making a suggestion of my own...

I would stick with the group you have now all the way through. It gives you an even distribution of Attack (Chie), Magic (Yukiko), and Everything (Charlie and Yosuke). Try out whomever you like, but the Original Scooby Gang will serve you best on your first playthrough, in my opinion. Not to mention you already have their social links leveled up to the point where you get bonuses and you'll be able to max them out in a shorter amount of time then new recruits. Just a suggestion, no need to follow it! Love these videos to death!

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Congrats on beating Shadow Kanji!  It looked like you were getting more comfortable with the battle system and I'm looking forward to seeing you bring the fight to him. 

A piece of advice for the next dungeon:  Finish it early.  Don't wait until the last day to get busy, clear it out soon so you can spend more snuggle time with Chie... and you can hang out with the other people in the Investigation team too if you want...

Oh, and you're about to find out that popularity isn't the only thing that leads to intimacy.

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Nice job, guys. I think you hit that sweet spot of getting it with the occasional fumble. 

Echoing the others: Dekaja does work, it just doesn't take off the 2-arrow Power/Mind Charges. (The Charges increase their physical/magical attack by 2.5x, but only for the next one.)

I'd also use the physical attacks more often, especially if they're at full HP & you're getting ready to break out a Media. They usually hit for a tad more than regular attacks, and later they become your hardest-hitting attacks against enemies with no weaknesses.

And I wouldn't suggest killing the King just yet. The next bonus boss won't appear until after the fog; wait until then and you can kill both in one day. Today, the Beef Bowl Challenge calls! You knooooooooow you want the beef!

P.S. Take Kanji with you! He has a great attitude about battle.
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amirite? soda!

Anyways, boss fight was well handled, good job :D

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@safelybeds That's the bad thing with the elitist jerk comments. They make others feel like douches for suggesting stuff.

Remember guys, don't feed the trolls.

Very suspenseful episode, fellas. I wasn't sure if you were going to have to grind more, but that turned out great. Looking forward to some social link episodes soon and destroying that optional boss in Yukiko's castle of course.

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Congrats dudes!

Posted by Slaneesh

According to Aion they dind´t beat him fast enougf or use the 100% correct spells. If you don´t follow the way of The Aion you suck, that is the 1 rule in the Aion teachings. the 2 rule is be rude to everyone and rub it into their faces.

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Good job guys!