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i have yet to confirm on this one..   but sometimes if the duder is catching you on medium quality, high quality will work perfectly (and vise versa).  

something to try perhaps

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Sweet! Thanx 4 getting this one up and running guys, keep 'em coming!

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Refreshed the page and it seems to be working now. Panic over.

By the way, it makes me happy Vinny finally found Aiya. No need to thank me.

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Great work guys, gj and gl wit 50

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working now

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Kanji hangs out at the practice building, by the way. You were looking for him. You'll only be able to social link with him, like with he others, when he's available, and he won't be for the most part when you need to save someone from the TV.

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And, no, it doesn't take time when you accept requests from the fox. It only takes time when you go back to the fox after finishing a quest.

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Who the fuck touched my puddin!?
That was hilarious. Can't wait for the big 50

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Call me crazy, but it seemed like Vinny was trying to sing the Doug theme a couple times in there. Heh, awesome. Plus, you get a little Ryan too. You never quite know what you're get with your Endurance Run. Oh and...

"You watched Saw with Nanako!" Heh. Tomorrow should be big.

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Vinny, thanks for all the effort to recover the video! I don't think that I could handle missing an episode the same day Madden retires.

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Great episode guys. Hope you're able to resurrect 50...or something.

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Yay! Thank god its saved!

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yo fiddy hit that big ass persona..lol

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The meat dimension, lmao

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Thank God this episode was saved.  I just hope you guys were able to salvage episode 50; I wanna know what happens with hanging out with Chie!! D:

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What kind of couch isn't suitable for reading on?

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To get the Kanji Social Link started, talk to the girl on the 2nd floor of the classroom building near the stairs.  She will mention something about bullying.  You then confront Kanji about it.  Kanji is found on the first floor of the practice building, peeking into the sewing room.

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In Japanese culture, students actually eat in their homerooms. It's quite dishonourable to eat outside your homerooms during Lunch.  So thats why you don't see them eating at some cafeteria. Not because they are too lazy to render a cafeteria scene. 

When Nanako buys groceries, open the fridge and cook some food. This is the only opportunity to have lunch with your social links. Dojima can wait.   

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If you "Translate" instead of reading your book or folding envelopes,  you will increase your "Expression" which is needed to talk to Nanako at this point, I believe.

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I was thinking the same thing. I want to know what happens with that social rank. Good episode guys, making progress nicely. Be sure to try out that janitor job soon.

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Yo fifty, hit that big ass Persona.

Good episode, hopefully number 50 will be fine.
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I really was hoping they would quote Airplane in the coffee scene.
"I take my coffee black, like my men." Ahhh, classic movie.

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You need to find the girl for Kanji on a non-raining day.  And the reason there wasn't music is because of the rain.  And yes see the Fox-only when you compelte the quest do you spend time.

You have 8 slots now, match persona.  You should just go in and draw out one for every SL you have.  
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These things still make me burst out laughing.

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Lets all hope and pray that episode 50 isn't all jacked up for tomorrow

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Episode 50 is a 5 hour long recap of what's happened so far, anime style.

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Dude they are REALLY down on Yukiko/

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They need to start Translating every night to get their Expression up.  Apart from when they go to the Hospital or talk with the Dojimas.

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Seriously, I still don't get it. Every person in the game that you run into, save for the main character, is just the same as her, but they seem to keep putting her down. It's like they refuse to admit Chie is just as messed up with her super hero antics.

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Pretty sure the translating job that you guys have give you Expression which you need to talk to Nanako.

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You really should do commentary on your commentary, that would be mind blowing.

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Great episode guys, keep it up!

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As a fellow web video producer currently stuck in encoding/corrupted file hell, i salute the efforts involved in getting this up on the site. kudos.

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Another episode with priceless commentary.

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Please do whatever it takes to get 50 working Vinnie!

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You decided to spend time watching the Giant Bomb Persona 4 Endurance run.

Your Diligence increased slightly.

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Oh you guys better be hanging out with Chie! I also hope that the 50th episode has something special in it!

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Random fact: British comedian Ross Noble actually did a commentary on his commentary on his second DVD

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crazy bitch. hahahaa

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Summer outfits?
They all look like they belong to a prestigious country club.

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Yay, you went to Aiya! Also, next Giantbomb feature should be flagging messages for moderation, seriously Aion, you're being really rude.

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P4 is serious business. In fact, it's so serious that Aion will stab a dude in the street if  Vinny doesn't match personas with the social links.


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Yo fitty. Hey Fitty. FITTY! Hit that big ass Episode!

Great episode as always..all the commotion and drama prior to the release of ep49 was incredible. Hope 50 will get out.

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Might thoughts exactly. Some people throw the word "important" around way too liberally.

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Vinny turned my computer on and i find this, my brain hurts and i dont know the hell why argh.
Love you man

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Also, quick question for staff-like-types: Is there a time we should expect something by tomorrow? It sounds like y'all had kinda given up the ghost on 50, and were working on a replacement/apology...thing. But is it gonna be a morning thing? Afternoon? Elevenses?

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It's sad you guys have the same social rank with Dojima now that you have with Yosuke.