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Nothing better than watching episode 50 to celebrate 2009's 2008 Game Of The Year.

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yosuke's homophobia: can't decide if it's still kinda funny or just unlikable at this point 
also, when kanji turns around and says "w-what?" at the waterfall place, i laughed the hardest i've laughed so far on these endurance runs! ahahahhahahhahahhahaha i love this shit

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this one is hilarious. this and when they meet fox for the first time is up there. if i recall, the episode where teddie changes into human form is good too. going to watch that next.
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Great episode. >__<

Posted by Origina1Penguin

I remember being really afraid the endurance run would end because of the problems with this episode.

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lol I was just watching this episode again, and I almost spit my drink out when Jeff yelled "Put some clothes on! God dammit!" lol

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Great episode! I think I remember choosing to compliment Yukiko when I played that part last October. And holy crap at the MattBodega comment on page 7 (he's doing freelance work on the site now)! I'm glad they salvaged this episode. Really really funny. I hope they become aware of the nosebleed thing and Fox not taking up time soon.

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Prodigy reference, son!

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Oh man, I forgot how disturbing Vinny and Jeff's obssession with Chie was lol.
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Alright, this is probably the eighth or ninth time I've rewatched this episode, and I'm just now realizing that Tanaka is on the television at the thirteen minute mark when Charlie is showing Nanako the magic trick.

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"Masturbate in front of us right now."

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@insane_shadowblade85 said:
Oh man, I forgot how disturbing Vinny and Jeff's obssession with Chie was lol. "

And How
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Oh Ryan...your fly-by commentary is a delight.

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LMAO @ 23:30-24:10

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Banana breath..

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What the hell happened? I hate it when movies don't tell you what happened. The nosebleed just complicates things.

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This endurance run is amazing, best show on Giant Bomb. 

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I never understood the whole nosebleed incident with Kanji until I learned that it apparently happens when a character gets sexually excited. The more you know!

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Big Lebowski reference!

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"I'm kinda like a doctor. I ordered gauze once."

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You show my kid devil tricks?  
I notice new things every time I watch these XD

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I really like the voice acting on drunk Morooka. In fact 99% of the voice acting in this game is top notch.

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soon soon your a balloon

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I was pleased with this.

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Fucking damn this series is the best.

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This episode is not only the best ER video, but the best video to come out of Giant Bomb so far.  Period.

Pure Genius.

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"Shut up, Teeth!"

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(Said quietly to himself) Vinny: Cha-ching...

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"Yosuke must work at the hospital 'cuz that kid's got mad courage" is such a great line.

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@AlexanderSheen: Oh this made my day jaja.
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@AlexanderSheen: Beautiful.
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Phenomenal episode.

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glad this episode wasnt lost forever, been looking forward too it since i started the endurance run

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Well, that was totally funny. XD

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I've been meaning to catch up with this ER for ages, and I've got to say, best episode ever! That is all.

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"Kanji's gonna hook up with the fat chick"

.. That's exactly how it happens in the anime version of this. Jeff and Vinny were prophets.

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I just love the anger with which Jeff says "COPS DON'T HAVE A SPRING UNIFORM!"

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I always felt like Chie and Yukiko were a bit mean in this episode. They push you off a cliff for saying they are cute and then push Kanji off for having an anime pervert nose bleed. But abuse is funny when it is female to male.

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"There's nothing courageous about eating a frozen banana. People eat those all the time. Hand me a frozen banana right now and I'll eat it and I'm a coward."

Jesus Christ. Only five minutes into this one and it's already awesome

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Second time through the ER, this is my favorite line that I totally didn't catch the first time.

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best episode I think.

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"Cops don't have a summer uniform." One of my fav lines from this ER...

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"what was that?!? that was HOT!" awesome.

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I also went on a high school camping trip (though it was seniors only) and had to deal with someone snoring loudly...though I dealt with it by being awake all night and staggering through day 2...also freaked out a girl by making the Friday the 13th noise behind her when she was walking alone to the cabins...can't imagine why I didn't date much in high school...

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Ahhh yosuke messes up EVERYTHING.