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This was the best episode so far. Keep kicking ass guys!!

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Woo! Cheers for the 50th episode!

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You guys rock! Congratulations on 50 episodes of Endurance Run!

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Great job on fixing the episode.  Time well spent! Much appreciated.

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That was a great one. Well worth the wait. Great times and great lines. I think that nosebleed means Kanji was aroused...

 Man I'm psyched for what happens next.
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I don't know, I think Kanji just got the nosebleed because of his injuries.

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I just gave up trying to sleep after three of the most uncomfortable hours I've had in a while. My throat's dry, my eyes hurt and I generally feel kinda crappy...

And yet, I can't stop smiling.

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It stooped playing before it had to.

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Also, I know in anime a nose bleed is usually used to signify when someone gets aroused. There's a few episodes of dragon ball where Roshi shoots blood out of his nose after seeing Bulma. It's used in other shows as well.

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That was hilarious. Great job guys.

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Watching this remined me of a song. Kanji + Yosuke

(Parental Warning I guess)

"When were together theres this feeling inside,"
"Its like a million butterflies flutterin' in my behind,"
"I love the dimples in your chin, i see diamonds in your eyes,"
"When I'm fucking you Yosuke I feel like i can fly,"
"And our fucking won’t be stopped no matter how hard they try."

"You won't tear them apart. You can’t stop this love affair, cause they love f-u-c-k---i-n-g."
"This is not a man crush. He’s fucking our friend Yosuke."
"And so we all…we all hope Charlie will understand…"
"He’s fucking Yosuke,"
"Fucking Yosuke-san,"
"Yeah, Kanji's the one who’s fucking Yosuke like they’re in prison."
"Just like prison."
"He’s fucking Yosuke…Yosuke-san’s his guy."

"Oh, it’s through the fucking night and day…"
"Just ask Chie."

"Okay, I’ll ask her Chie, did you see them fuck at all?"
"Yes, I saw them fuck. They were in a bathroom stall."

Oh I know Kanji's mostly not Homosexual
Okay enough of that here is the original song, Now with sing a-long

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Hands down, greatest episode EVER!

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I can't believe we almost missed such an excellent episode.  The curry eating scene was fucking hilarious.

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Now it's time to look up Chie hentai.

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So awesome that this episode was saved. Even without all of the suspense of recovering the file, this has to be one best episodes (if not the best) of ER yet. Awesome kick off to the weekend, guys. See you at episode 51!

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The nose bleed is a common thing with japanese cartoons. They happen when extreme nervousness or embarrassment are present. He said he wasn't afraid to be around girls anymore but he obviously is.

Also, the 'fainting' in the girls' tent was because the girls heard a noise outside and attacked him as soon as he got to the tent door and they tried to not let him know they did it seeing as he didn't remember anyway.
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Not quite.  A nose bleed signifies sexual arousal.  The idea is that the capillaries in the nose is very delicate, and if you get turned on, blood pumps fast enough that it causes them to burst, resulting in a nose bleed.

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Hay guys, wanna know what that nosebleed signifies? Huh? Huh? You wanna know? I can tell you, ya know. The nosebleed, it means something in japanese ani-'


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Alright! At least I can celebrate the persona bicentennial after a horrible phillies loss :D

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we appreciate you guys a lot
congrats giantbomb

Posted by InFamous91

we appreciate you guys a lot
congrats giantbomb

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Oh man, good thing this episode was saved, not only was it the best episode yet, but its the only one so far that's had me in tears from laughing so hard.

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it's alive!

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> Vinny decided to work on fixing Persona 4 ER Episode 50.

> ......

> Vinnys diligence has increased.

Awesome ep!

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...And so Jeff and Vinny's mission to bang Chie continues.

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This is one of the best episodes of the entire Endurance Run.

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LOL @ Delta_Ass!

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Whoo, I love P4ER!

P.S. In Asian culture, nosebleeds are connected to arousal. It's thought that when one is seriously aroused, a nosebleed occurs.

P.P.S. It was implied that the girls beat the crap out of Kanji for coming to the girl's side. (they didn't know it was him at the time; just knew it was a guy)

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Hell Yeah!

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I love Giant Bomb.

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Chie wants to be a power ranger....no one finds that disturbing? Really? I'm the only one?

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Great work on getting this fixed, guys!  Now you know why we wanted to see this episode so much.

Yeah, this incident tends to be around the time that the "Wait, Yosuke is kind of a douchebag, isn't he?" reaction starts.

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It works fine now.  But, I think the player should be upgraded or something. I don't like that i have to download the whole video again. It would be nice if i can skip to parts of the video I want to see

Posted by Blaster

It works fine now.  But, I think the player should be upgraded or something. I don't like that i have to download the whole video again. It would be nice if i can skip to parts of the video I want to see

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If I've learned anything from FLCL it's that nosebleeds occur during any sort of scene that includes something perverted or suggests some suggestive theme. Awesome episode!

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That was a really good episode.  Here's to 100 more!

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There were so many great lines from Vinny and Jeff in this episode!  Hilarious!  I had tears rolling down my eyes!  

Congratulations on 50 Episodes, guys!


P.S. If I ever need to have a video repaired, I know where to go. Aero Quartet. Episode 50 being recovered earns some respect.

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BEST. EPISODE. EVER. even with the audio oddness. The nose bleed thing is a classic in japan indicating a sudden rush of blood through the body usually from sexual arousal. That is why Yukiko freaked out.

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awesome! i noticed only little things wrong with it, great job!

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You guys made my weekend. I'm glad you saved the video, nothing beats these endurance runs. Hell, it's even taking away most of the time I use to watch anime - great job!

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Now if anyone doesn't know that Vinny and the rest of the GB crew are not the best dudes in the world, for fixing this video no matter what it took when they could have just said fuck it, then those people are idiots.

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Whoa there flashback. I'm glad you guys managed to fix the vid, it was a great one. Investigation team, go!

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Thanx for the dedication guys (Esp. Vinny who seemed obsessed with gettin' this thing working)!

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Yo, 50! HIt the best episode yet!
That's amazing. It's awesome that you could recover it and stuff. My favorite part had to be "Shut up, teeth!" But there are a lot of good moments in there. Heh.

Achievement Unlocked:
Episode 50
-Survived fifty episodes of Persona 4 Endurance run.

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i'll admit -- i was bummed at the thought that the endurance run might end here.  and this would have been a bad episode to miss.

i'm glad the run is still going strong.