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YES! Thank god it lives!

50 episodes... quite the achievement. Great job guys!

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Thanks a million for the effort, Vinny and the rest of GiantBomb.

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Posted By MatthewMeadows

thanks for doing this guys....yip

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Best episode to celebrate number 50 of the endurance run.

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Honestly? it's extremely hard to believe it's been 10 weeks...it's crazy.

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Awesome!! Nice work Vinny.

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The whole episode 50 saga and the behind the scenes video has been so great.I love you guys so much.Don't ever change :)

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You guys are awesome to us. Thanks for the great feature and hard work. :]

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It was going great, then I had a glitch. Crap! Video ends around 19 minutes. What the dilly, yo?

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other than a few extra reloading times this episode ran great!
ya'll are awesome keep up the great endurance runs!

edit: did anyone else notice during the loading scene right after geting diligence to persuasive at exactly 17:00 it flashes an image from a previous persona ep?

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YES!!! Episode 50!!! Congrats to Vinny and Jeff and thank you for all your work on this series.
*You have welcomed 50 episodes of Persona 4 Endurance Run to your heart* :)

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The ER lives on, good job guys. :O

Vinny = win

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only on glitch so far Vinny and it does not affect viewing, sometimes during the laod screens this unrelated old pic comes up no worries though

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Vin, you're the man!

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Oh my god, I'm only half way through and this is already the funniest episode yet. The projectile vomiting was hilarious. 

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"Don't think. Feel..." is from a Bruce Lee movie btw. So that's why Chie said that at the beginning.

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YES! The lost episode has been found! You guys rock. Seriously.

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gonna watch it now!!! :D

Thanks Giant Bomb!

Woah I actually learned something--- pending. And laughed at the pending from telephone poles :0
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I'm amazed you got it up in the end, well done!

Now I've got to watch it...

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Man I wanna see what Lubed Flour is Vinny

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Its Episode 50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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CAN IT BE....... Don't Stop Believing!!
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YES!!!!!!!!!!!! I was worried there for a while.

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I want me some Dawg too

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Yo 50, jump over that big ass ramp!

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vinny jeff and drew... you guys are awesome!

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Haha, I had some sort of weird dream last night thinking about what sort of alternative there would be should this episode not be fixed and go up. Thank god none of that had to happen...

Cheers guys!

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This is one of the best episodes yet! Fantastic work, Vinny and Jeff!

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man i love giantbomb

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I'm really glad this was recoverable.  Lots of goodies on the 50th ep.

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I cannot tell you how much I appreciated this episode. And it was probably one of, if not the best episode yet. Brilliant.

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If you guys liked this trip, just wait until the Fall trip arrives in a little while.  It's going to be on hilarious episode of the Endurance Run.

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They got it to work!!!

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Haha nice "Media Offline" message in there.

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Oh shit. Thanks to all the people who worked to get it working. This is why GB is the greatest site on the interwebs.

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Some qierd audio glitches but I gotta take my hat for fixing it I know how mind-racking that can be.

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The nose bleed thing is used sometimes in anime to show that a teen character is at odds with his emotions/hormones. Im assuming that kanji was getting all flustered from being with the girls in their swimsuits.

I disagree bananakid. I think kanji is just really confused, and was getting turned on by the girls. He is just so at odds with himself and that has been holding him back from becoming one with his natural urges.

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Here's what I've learned from Dragon Ball: Japanese stuff seems to equate nosebleeds with sex. Basically, Anime Dude A sees Anime Lady B's boobs, and then has a comical nosebleed. So that's Kanji's deal.

And considering he was looking down at the shirtless boys in the water...basically, he's not fooling anyone.
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Yeah Episode 50 !!!
Thanks for all the 50 episodes
They are just awesome ~ ~ ~

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Awesome, congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!

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50 more!

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I love Giantbomb and Vinny YOU THE MAN!
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That was....great. 

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Good job fixing this BEST EPISODE yet :D

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proud of you guys! here's to episode 100!

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is kanji doing cocaine? lol, anyways watched through all of it, great shit like always

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Amazing episode guys..Keep on Rocking!