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Ok, I don't mind the snack-size ER vids.  It gives me an extra half hour at work to, you know, work.

I'm worried about my calorie intake and body fat.  Can you guys do a taste test of Qualorie Magic on the next Bombcast and let me know how it is?

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EPISODE 52!!!!!!

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A bit longer than the last vid, but not so long that it has a 50% change of vanishing into the ether. I can handle it(and it IS easier to fit into my day).

Looks like you finally find out who the Not Obvious At All This Was Impossible To See Coming next target is. ;)

edit:Noooooot quite. Well it's Not Obvious At All who it is, that's for sure.

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That bedroom scene was pure genius.

"That's a lot of words"

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If you do multiple saves and you lose a video you can go back and redo it... might be worth considering.

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Piss drinkers? O.o

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Episode 52! YES!

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really wish these last few episodes were longer... This episode and the last one went by way too quickly...

...oh well. Pretty funny episode, none-the-less.

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Wow.  Now that it's over, I'm actually a bit sad.  Man, that's pathetic.

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I totally think the next person to be thrown in should be that TV announcer. Then maybe we'd be able to figure out why he's so flipping annoying.

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No, Nanako! Stay away from 4chan!

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Rise perhaps?

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Shame that long clips increase the risk of Messing up. Love the long RUNNNNNNNNSSSS

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Someone give Chie a violin because she'll be playing second fiddle when Rise hits the scene.

Also, judgement is spelt using the British English (and consequently Australian) method.  No dropping the 'e' here (not a drug reference).
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I just read something up in the Internet. It says that with sufficient courage you will be able to snort the wasabi which will raise your expression stat significally.

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Lol, Yosuke always acts like a dick.  Great episode, finally got caught up!

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It brings a tear to my eye to see Vinny remember to bring the right persona for social links. It may have taken 50 episodes but it's great that I don't need to mention it in every comment now.

A few points:

1: Remember you can do the janitor job at nights. Check the door if neither Nanako or Dojima are available. You seem to have forgot...

2: Chie has the food you need for the Hermit quest. Talk to her the next time you see her at school.

3: The party member social links will soon become mostly unavilable because you'll need to rescue someone again. Instead of leaving it until the last minute this time, try to do all the dungeon stuff ASAP. And remember - you can fight the king AND a bonus boss in the bath house.

I won't complain about the length too much because these episodes were clearly done right before Jeff went to the UK, leaving very little time because of all the episode 50 drama. I hope the minimum length goes above 30 minutes again soon because 20 minutes is nothing when playing Persona - when playing myself, I feel the need to put in hours at a time to feel like I get anywhere, so...

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I personally like the longers videos

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Fox is the killer. Game over!

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Another awesome episode, another coffee drank.

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If you guys want to finish Nanako's SL you must spend basically all available time getting Expression up.  You need expression at LvL 5 to finish her link (you can check the score under status in the menu, another menu you guys have yet to look at).  This means translating at night and doing the Drama Club SL during the day.

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Were can I get a beef bowl around here?

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Yeah Bill & Ted references!

Yosuke creeped me out today

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Too short!

Go back to the 40+ minute ones.

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Good episode. Don't forget to do the Janitor job. that seemed to have some nice crazy story behind it.

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Yosuke is BEGGING to get rotated out.  What a jerk.

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The low amount of comments compared to the bigger episodes is a clear indication that most prefer episodes closer to the 60 minute mark.

I don't think episodes should go on for longer than one hour because a few people just won't have the time to sit and watch for that long at a time. However, no episode should be shorter than 30 minutes because Persona 4 will probably take these guys above 80 hours to beat, depending on if they go for the true ending. As enjoyable as this run is, I don't think anyone wants to watch 200 episodes because of 20 minute episodes.

About expression: I simply raised expression in my room when no other links were available. I didn't take the Sun link above ank 5-6 until near the end, and the Dojima links were finished by me about 4-5 months prior to the end of the game because I was aware of the Nov deadline for them.

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And, nein, Yosuke shouldn't be removed. He's one of the best party members for battles in the game - he can remove buffs from the enemy AND buff the party, plus he's got great stats. They'd only be hurting themselves by removing him.

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I thought the initial goal on the ER was to post fifteen min segments a day, not beat the whole game as quick as possible.

I also want to see what happens with the hospital job and the nurse who was totally hitting on Charlie

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lol under the futon!

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I swear, ever episode Yosuke is getting slowly more creepy. Still, he's probably my favourite character there. Another great episode guys! "Judgement" is typically the UK English spelling.

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@Aion: You do realise why they're shorter now, right? They don't want to run the risk of corrupting the video again.

I like the video length, it's short and sweet, and I'm not sitting at my desk watching a video for an hour.

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No, it's most likely because Jeff has gone to the UK at an awkward time.

It has nothing to do with what happened with episode 50 and GB wanting to avoid a repeat. They still record these videos together, in 2-3 episode chunks. Jeff has been in the UK when episodes 51-52 aired, and there wasn't much time to record much before he left due to the episode 50 drama.

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It's shorter because Jeff had to go attend a London event. I doubt it's going to continue to be this short after he gets back.
There's a big difference between making 15-20 minute episodes and making an hour-long episode like part 50.

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Great episode guys! Keep the endurance run alive!

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Persona 4! YES! You have destroyed my life. I bought P4 a week ago.

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I can't wait until Vinny and Jeff finish the next dungeon. The game gets a lot more interesting from then on in, for me it did anyway. But I reckon it'll take around another 10-15 episodes, unfortnately. Hopefully we'll see 30+ minute chunks return next week. These shorter ones are still entertaining, but not much can be achieved in Persona 4 in such a short time.

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Every episode i wish for Funky Student to blow my mind.

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Wow, Yosuke has become a real dick these past few episodes. Where's the S-Link to straighten that dude out? Oh well. As for the new person in the TV... I'm gonna say... given the mountain of evidence... that it's Ai. She's skipping class. She doesn't have anything better to do than watch TV. Right guys? Right? ...guys?

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Chie has the snack for the slim girl ;)

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I licked this part of the endurance run...

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Great Endurance Run as always but whats up with these short episodes recently? I mean, you guys dont have to do 55 minute long episodes, theyre great tho, but I do think that every episode should be longer then 30 minutes atleast, Otherwise it feels too short

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Good Episode. Short, but really funny.

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Awesome as usual guys, keep it up! :D

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Man you guys are gonna get a surprise soon. ;P
I can't wait.

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Aion: They can't make 60 min videos. The risk of it screwing up like ep50 is too high. I'd like it around 40 minutes each.

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In every dialogue tree there should be a "Slap Yosuke" selection.

Investigation Team GO!