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Posted by SirThirdFilms

"Duder it's over"

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Shortest persona ep ever lol

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Oh noes, who could it be!? Probably not Rise, right?

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Wow, I'm not even getting "Duder, it's over!"

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pfft...Rise? no way...its gotta be gossip loving student

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Rise is too hot for television.

The vid crashes both IE and Firefox.  ER 52 works fine.  I sent in a bug report.

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It'll be Nanako!

Duder, its over ;(

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I know we've been spoiled with long episodes lately but this is getting silly now ;)

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Duder? It's over? D: !

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Wonder what the run time on this ep will be.

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Doesn't work on high quality either...

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Nice... I love ER

Edit 3 years later: Why the hell did I originally write that comment? Forever a mystery.

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NO dudes i wanna watch this before i go out in a hour....DUDERS!!!! :(

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cmon drew!  pull thru buddy!  :-D

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Chill out guys, drewbert's mind slingin' takes work.

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Damn you duder!

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Duder, it's toally over.

Oh well, maybe a little later.

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wat wat in da but

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Without Persona 4 I have no meaning in life :(

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Im not even getting the "Duder, its over" message...

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Get it fixed!!!!!

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And the duder strikes again. I'll just watch it when I get home then.

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Duder, it's not over!  I want my Persona 4! haha

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what what in the buttttttttttttttttttt

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Do the job.

Did you Do the job?

Do the job.
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This game, its opened a portal to hell

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lol I'm downloading it with a streaming app FIRST VIEW YEAR!!

Edit: Actually that doesn't seem to work either, I just have a 160MB file of nothing, what a waste... My guess is it got corrupted when it was converted into flash, it's got to be 160MB of something right?

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Duder noer!

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download link?

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funky student gets thrown into the TV some time later. his shadow self is really a white guy without a dad, a mom who never says she loves him, and a ton of old THE SOURCE magazines.
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Looks like the episode got sucked into the meat dimension :(

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Damn! D:<

C'mon faster..

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I'm gettin the shakes man!

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something is wrong with the video file linked with the high quality, its only 3,1mb. Medium quality seems to work.

Edit: Scratch that, the medium file is just a 161mb .flv file with no sound, no video.

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Good episode :)

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why they must they taunt us... they're sadists i just know it

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It still don't work. Errr. I guess I'll check later.

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With Jeff being in London or whatever, does that mean there wont be an episode tomorrow ?

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They don't do 'em on a day to day basis, so my guess is, it's already done.

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I'm amazed at how many comments this video has and yet no one has watched it yet. :D
Well I still have the Bombcast to finish listening to.

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^ Fuck yo beans, nucca!

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I'm just gonna say something to add to the comment FEST.

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Oh well I will have to play the game of patience...time to play some more brawl