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Posted by LordAndrew

First! Take that, non-cheaters! :P

Posted by Taler

Let's have hot firsty sex.

Posted by Derachi

Oh, you two...
I guess kids will be kids now won't they...

Posted by AaronP

Welcome to the Giantbomb bonus stage!

Posted by trimon

Woah...I've slipped into another dimension O.O

Posted by ahoodedfigure

Could it be... the meat dimension?

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Morning everyone~!

Endurance Run Fanclub - GO!

Posted by NickM


Posted by NickM
Posted by Kowbrainz

Question is.... does the entire thing work properly today?

Posted by Colin


Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

AWESOME! Thank you Vinny, Jeff and Drew!

Edited by peerLAN

Well this was nice, to see the new episode coming so fast. Can't wait for the boss fight.

Posted by Dethfish

I hope this one is a lttle better than yesterdays.

Posted by xDot

Oh noes, looks like their low levels are finally going to be an issue here.

We'll be praying for you guys.

Posted by Reverseface


Posted by endaround


If they run through Kanji's dungeon like they shoudl they'll  be ok.  If they don't well that's a problem.
Edited by Intrepid

So far so good :D

Chie totally lied to you guys

Posted by aerious

yeah the boss here is a biatch, prolly want to kill both shadows in the older dungeons.

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Investigation team GO!!!!

I'm kind of suprised that the life and death conversation with Nanako didn't end with "Your Junes!"

Oh God, battle vids coming up!?  I can't wait to see the comments.

Posted by EmperorSeth

If I were you, I'd go up a few floors on Rise's dungeon, gain some levels as a result, and then give the King another shot.  And there's a new boss at Kanji's dungeon, too, but you have to go up all 11 floors again to reach it.  Your call.

Also, regarding party members, you can always swap them out mid-trip.  I like keeping one party until a few run low on SP, and then swap them out for fresh ones.  Saves money on the Fox that way.

Posted by SinGulaR

You should definately go and take out the king first.

Posted by Dethfish

Man, that talk with Nanako was a bum out.

I'm glad there will be more fighting soon. Does anyone know how many floors are in this dungeon?

Edited by Aion

lol @ the start when, as expected, they tried to fake that Jeff had had gone on GameFAQs and went straight to the practice building. Honesty is the best policy...or, at least, that's what my mum always said.

/hopes this episode is better than the last few

Posted by Skillface

Everybody STRIP!

Strip like a ZEBRA!

Posted by Hairydutchman

You should replace Yosuke with Kanji. Yosuke is useless.

Posted by MikeLemmer

Well, now it's time for them to start getting those ailment cures from the Item Store. This is the dungeon where they really start hurting if they don't have them.

Posted by Intrepid

Uhh wow, they kinda worried me there bringing out Sarasvati (who's weak against wind) against some rare wind casting monsters...good thing Chie was there

Posted by endaround

If by useless you mean having an incredibly important spell, Tentarafoo, but thats a weird use of the word useless.

All members have strengths and weaknesses, it up to the player to balance those with how she uses her persona.
Posted by Zeromus
Posted by MiserableGerm

Shut up Hairy, Yosuke is just fine.

Edited by SunKing

God, Nanako is the most depressed character ever. She's even worse than drama girl.

Posted by FLStyle

Killing the King is one thing, but you've got the bonus boss in the sauna to deal with now too. Get to it gents!

Posted by Ventilator

I would have at least checked out Kanji's stats&skills to see if he is like... better than anyone else or something instead of just going with the old party.
I have never played P4, so don't tell me to get used to the fact that they don't do as you'd like them to.

Edited by drifter13x

Nice job guys, these vids really helped me burn through those early parts of P4. Just a note, the upcoming Rise big boss fight (not sub boss) you'll want to have some ice resist, I recommend King Frost who drains ice damage. Also Yukiko is weak to ice so consider leaving her out (although you can have her block to prevent knock down). 

Almost forgot, hit the mailbox in the shopping district to trade in 3 prize stickers for some free stuff.

Posted by Intrepid


I think they chose the original party just because they had higher social links with them and are able to do extra attacks and special recovery.  But I agree with you that they should at least check his skills and attributes first.

Posted by NukeGoBoom

Im getting sick of Brosuke.
Switch him :P

Posted by PeasForFees

Vinny said: See you guys tomorrow

Yeah like hell are we getting a weekend episode

Posted by LordAndrew

Jeff actually suggested the Practice Building in yesterday's episode too. I think if they knew which student they were supposed to talk to, they'd go straight there. They don't like talking to anyone that they don't have to.

Posted by Rumour

So awesome they didn't get hit with a third Magaru, especially after they hit up Sarasvati.  Would totally suck to have to go back to the last save, which I think was before the investigation started...

Posted by FlipperDesert

"I'll look around in the TV" just made my day.

Posted by mrbasehart

Regarding the line-up:

Yosuke's final wind spells can be devastating to the shadows in the last couple of dungeons.  The person who struggled the most at that level (for me, at least) was Chie.  Her spells never really get that powerful, and her special attacks are so costly that you have to keep a constant eye on her health as a result.  And te guys may not like Yukiko, but I found her invaluable towards the end.

Posted by CleverLoginName

Every game needs a strip club dungeon.

Posted by Sarumarine

Ah, I was kind of hoping ot see Kanji hit someone with a folding chair. Oh well, you guys do have a point. You got S-Link skills with the other guys. Heh, and...

Achievement Unlocked: "Mad Crime"
-Talked to Nanako about how more people have been doing bad things since you showed up. Also, you got depressed.

Posted by Pazy

When will you fight the King in Yukiko's dungeon? You got my hopes up, you need to exact revenge on it!

Posted by HatKing

First video in three days to work on first try!  Yeah!

Edited by LordAndrew

Kanji's a great physical attacker, and also the only other character with Zio spells. You don't have to use him all the time, but it's a good idea to change your team every so often to save on SP.

Posted by samcotts

I can't believe neither of you have even checked out Kanji's Persona and its stats using the menu. He's more useful then Chie. Yukiko is the only character from the original 4 to continue to be in my squad to the very end.

Edited by Subject2Change

mrbasehart; Chie and "Charlie" were my dealers the entire time with Yukiko being on the ball as well, I stuck with the original 4 for the most part and used the others for clearing the random shadows on the earlier floors. Chie and Charlie using melee heavy attacks with Power Charge, Attack up on them and defense down on the boss with the skill God's Hand literally was my tactic for pretty much every boss and led to "one shot" kills with Yosuke giving Hit/Evasion to the party at all times with Yuki spamming full heals for 15 SP with an acc that halves the  cost of SP spells.

And for them, they should really use everyone. Kanji is great but his SP pool is quite limited, when they get additional people they can have 2 groups a main group and a backup group; use backup group to clear some floors, goho and swap in the main group when they get low. Wish I was doing that from the start as i'd of been clearing dungeons in 1 day instead of 2 or whatever.

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