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Posted by jorbear

I still don't understand this game, but it sure is fun watching them try to!

Posted by Sayishere

lets do it SON

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@MooseyMcMan said:

" They should at least check Kanji's skills and whatnot before not bringing him along. Of course, it's a little late to give advice at this point. Maybe they do later. (I hope so).  "

He was a good character, although later on in the game his lack of an aoe physical hit kinda bummed me out, gave him one of those 50% elec boost items though and on top of his amp skill he did tons of damage with electric despite his low magic. 
I wanna give Teddy, Chie and Naoto a go but playing through a game this long a second time is tough for me. (which is why I'm watching this er for a second time)
Posted by buft

awww yeah king going down baby!

Posted by Duffyside
Posted by Zlimness

The King ain't no thing'!

Posted by melodiousj

King Fighter II