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Wow, that search is useful.  Here I was, typing in the URL...

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Yep. I can't believe I missed something so obvious either.

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It searches into the future!!

Pretty sure the thumbnail's the King Boss too, so it looks like they get bored and finally fight it.

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Try Kanji. I hear he's into that sort of stuff.
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oh noes. we gonna have long vids anymore?

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King. I knew this day would come. And here we are.

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Short but sweet good vid guys

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Aww, this episode was way too short bring back the 1 hour-ish episodes

Oh and can I have some of those Cheetos too?
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Aw yeah!  Go get that King!

That fan increased her attack by 60 points, and added +50 SP?  Not bad!  Does the attack score also affect magic damage?

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ahhh i want the 50min eps again...
but 10-20min is better then nothing i guess

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"King Slayer"
-Brought down the king of the castle.

Nice. You showed that guy. It was almost like he never actually killed you before. Heh. That item you got was also pretty nice. I'm hoping for more tomorrow.

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Aw Yeah! That King got his ass handed to him! I'm assuming the regular length episodes will return tomorrow as they'll be the ones recorded after Jeff came back from London.

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12 minutes.... !?

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Hecks yeh, I was praying you would eventually go back and faceoff against this fellah!

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It's the king, dude.

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The bad news is yes, there is a special boss at the top of every dungeon and you have to go all the way up to get it.  The good news is most are way easier than the king; the next two at least even have obvious elemental weaknesses you could exploit 2-3 times a round for all out attacks.  Plus, you can finish some of those umpteen quests by going up and fighting the monsters.  Your call, of course.

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You could have gone through Bad Bad Bathouse again for that places boss.

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fuck you King. BIATCH!

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Hopefully Vinny will be back from New York and can make new episodes.

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giantbomb owes us one more episdoe! ! ! :P

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You guys are underleveled and could use the money for new equipment, so you really should clear out the bathouse (getting all chests) making sure to have Kanji come boss time.  You'll gain a couple levels and a few persona so time to fuse after to get ready for the next dungeon.  Depending upon SP levels you could do a few levels of the strip club.  Yeah its a lot of dungeon crawling at once but the game is set up for you to do it that way.

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Here's hoping they drop wrench-boy rather than waste healing on him just so they can try out old Kanji next time...

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Man, Yoske is one weak pussy.

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Bad boy 12 minute episode!

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12 minutes?  Aw man, I need more Persona action then that!

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The King has been beaten!

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Nice job, however you could of easily lowered the bosses attack or raised party evasion/hit and that would of prevented the yosuke deaths. Also no they don't earn exp when unconscious, however if you do rotate people in and out they will eventually pretty much balance out. Also significantly lower level party members will earn experience faster in order to help em catch up.

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The King has been smote! You guys should be fine in the next dungeon aslong as you do a wee bit of grinding, get a few extra levels in there on top of what you would normally get just getting to the boss.

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To be honest, should've used Kanji.  He has the highest HP out of all of the characters thus far and probably better in defense as well.  Having Yosuke in that bonus boss fight was a waste of a 4th spot since he went down so quick.

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I ventured forth today in a quest for this game.
Alas, I discovered there are no shops in possession of said game.
Woe is me...

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Thought the dungeon would crumble or something once you guys beat the boss... but guess not. :|

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I wan't able to watch it with sound, so maybe I missed something, but couldn't you have had Yukiko revive Yosuke at the end and then let Chie finish off the king? Chie probably could have killed him without Yukiko's pathetic final attack, and Yosuke will still get experience as long as he's alive at the end of the fight.

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Jeff's "Ice Ice Baby" joke would be more appropriate for Kanji's bonus boss

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That was a pretty sweet fan you got. +50SP and 3x the damage of the old one, but I highly doubt that it's "the last one you need" or what Jeff said. It's still early in the game and at least in P3 the best weapons have over 300 in attack, but then maybe the SP bonus is more important than attack for her...

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In general, you don't need to do excessive grinding in this game so long as you don't avoid enemies on your first play through a dungeon.

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I want some Cheetos too.

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Sweet :>

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This king... Got dethroned.

Giant Bomb, uprooting Regimes since 2009.
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dude, this is probably the shortest episode in Endurance Run history.

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The shortest episode is about 7 minutes long, about 10 episodes in I believe.

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The length of this episode is truly disheartening.

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12 minutes? D:

I feel you guys are getting sick of persona 4.

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Sweet now Yukiko's fan will add up to the rush attack right?

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Chie sounds really weird in this one
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Short and to the point!!!

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I gotta say. Short but satisfying.