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Hmm, this icon looks interesting

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Black screen GO!

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Search FTW.

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I JUST finished Persona 4. :)

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Time for the endurance run! :D

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After you come back from the TV, go finish quests before you sell your materials!

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WOOHOO!  Get some, Tunoku!

Staff infection >> staph infection

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Black screen and dots!?!?!? Can only mean one thing in a japanese RPG.

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If you look up where the sartorius muscle is, all will become clear.

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Ya more devil Nurse!!

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Maybe the fox is the dog.. it barked after all

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smell my finger funky student

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That gas station attendant only shows up while it's raining..


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Damn it cut off early

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go go go !1111!

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Great Staff/staph pun, Vinny!

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You don't have a Devil persona on you.  You really should go into the TV-you only have until 7/9 so basically this week.  Clear out Kanji's dungeon and another 1-2 levels of Rise's.  Come out sell, equip and finish off Rise's

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Statutory Rape!

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When I keep seeing way too much drama girl leaving for the hospital I expect that you find her drama brain snapped at the hospital & she's running in the room with a knife to stab her dad.

And as an art student familar with anatomy, here's the muscles the hot nurse pointed out. Not sure though if she was showing them on her or Charlie; the trapezius muscle is behind the neck & shoulder area, external oblique is the side of the torso under the arm & the sartorius is the long thin muscle going along the front to the inside of the thigh.

BTW I was so wanting to see Chie galatic punt those bullies.

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Haha, that's one quick moving social link you have there.

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"Do You Know What This Muscle Is?"
-Got it on with a nurse? Maybe? Possibly?

And then the game got weird with the nurse. And then it got awesome with Chie. Heh. The spreading Nanako around was great too. You guys just had a rollercoaster of a day there.

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Tanaka is like the Japanese version of Billy Mays.

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This should be good.

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oh no vinny... ghost town was nice..ricky gervais was in it man..look him up..(sniff...)

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GB needs more luchadeer. It's not around enough to really matter.

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You "spent some time" Alright!

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I know you guys like hanging out with people, but you should stop avoiding the Midnight Channel. Instead of going to Aiya, you should have gone back to the striptease. You'll have several days to visit Aiya right before the fog comes.

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You guys should go and try to clear out a few more level's in Rise's Dungeon or clear Kanji's and get a couple of level's. Don't put it off to the last moment again, because its better to sleep and regain HP/SP then to have to pay all your money to the fox.

But Great Episode keep it up ^_^

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When you hang out with your social links and it doesn't give you a special scene (something other than "you feel your relationship is going to become closer soon"), you basically wasted that afternoon or evening. You only get those special scenes after certain dates.

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Anyone get that sudden urge to work at a hospital?

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The pet food is just fish. You can get it by fishing, and Tanaka occasionally sells some via the show.

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I'm getting the vibe from the guys in the know who've played P4 that you really need to head into the TV now, so I just wanted to encourage you to do that.  Don't leave it too late that you suddenly find yourself unable to take the enemies if they turn out tougher than expected.  You might need to be real careful with your SP if you're short on time, at least with Charlie because you can swap someone else out if they run short.

Anyway, nice ep.

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No that isn't true at all.  You're building up SL points.  If you don't match persona or answer questions poorly you'll get more of them.

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Oh, will you ever not leave the dungeons until the very last minute? Now the game's going to be "subtly hinting" that HEY YOU SHOULD CLEAR THE DUNGEON ALREADY for the next week.

You should honestly go to the dungeon on rainy days instead of doing the beef bowl challenge - stat boosts are nice, but getting the dungeon over with sooner is nicer.

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Human Anatomy 101 came early

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Lmao, a "staff" infection. yes!

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haha, "if you know what I mean," reminds me of Whose Line is it Anyways?

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.... lol

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DUDE YES CHIE IS GOING TO GET HOOKED UP WITH!!!  Also wtf at the nurse rape.

But seriously guys, unless the game lets you hang out with Chie, you should hit up that strip joint.
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Guys don't worry they'll just roll up on the last day and Blitz Rise, your forgeting that jeff and vinny have MAD GAME. There professionals!

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spend more time with team mates
yukiko and kanji!

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Guys, go into the status menu, select yourself, and press right.  It'll show you all your current character stats (knowledge, courage, etc).  It should be helpful in preventing you guys from wasting your time raising stats that are already maxed out.

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More early 90's rap references please.

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I love Ryan's commentary

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Vinny: I would seriously consider leveling up.

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Vinny, two tips.

The "cat food" is fish, so if you have fish with ya, you can give it to the cat.

More importantly, in regards to the nurse. If you choose the most resisting dialogue options she'll, uh, enjoy that more. It improves the odds of getting to maximum intimacy level with her instead of just becoming good friends.

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Vinny: Don't forget to use the red mailboxes to redeem your Prize Stickers.