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And we have our next shirt!
"Nothing stops the Endurance Run, motherfucker."

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Whenever I watch these after playing my copy of persona 4, everything seems smoother, narrower and mad fast... The way it was meant to be. Why do PAL conversions have to be second class!? Modern PAL TV's  can do 60hz I tells ya, and as for the stretching horizontally of the image, I just don't know. At least the music is at the right speed... but I'm not even sure of that anymore! (Runs off crying)

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Lol wow that was the most eventful endurance run yet!

great episode
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Dunno how it was possible but the powr outages made it even better!

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Jeff, Vinny...I must applaud your dedication on bringing the ER.  Hooking it all up on a UPS and replaying again is just bordering on madness.  I was laughing my ass off during the power outage parts, it was like slipping into an alternate dimension or something.  It was especially amusing during the last few minutes where the urgency to GTFO and find a save point was all too clear by just looking at the speed of menu selections and the choice of skills during battle.  This ER is just freaking awesome.

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*Listens to Vinny try to act out the lines*
Dude, there's a reason you work on a video game website. Try not to branch out lol

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I love Giant Bomb's dedication to the P4 Endurance Run...

Also, Jeff's "NOTHING STOPS THE ENDURANCE RUN MOTHER F*CKER(S)" was hilarious hahaha

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If you want to get through battles faster, then you should leave your party members on act freely. Change it to direct command when you're faced with a mini boss and boss fight. They're not as dumb as you think they are.

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Well, okay. At least it's up.

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Awesome. Keep the Endurance Run alive motherfucker!!

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I really thought at that point they would have finally made another save

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LMAO Im just imagining vinny and jeff going really fast through the end as if they had to use a bathroom really bad and had to get done with this as fast as possible.

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I agree with chronix. Nothing Stops the Endurance Run Motherfucker on a shirt would be pretty awesome. Motherfucker in smaller print or something. Just to keep it edgy, but also wearable. We don't want any kids getting detention like Jeff did that one time.

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"Thats up to the user to decide if this is crucial to their GB experience or not"

The users don't actually run the site so they should stop complaining. Just appreciate that they do these runs and if something wrong happens then it happens
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You guys are crazy. Best episode yet!

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Wow, just an amazing job on turning an annoying instance into one of the best episodes yet.

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that was crazy awesome

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Best. Episode. Ever!

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I have it on good authority that nothing stops the Endurance Run.

That was great, guys, thanks for keeping it rolling!

Put Drew on the Podcast, please, so he can talk about this epi!

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The power outages did indeed look interesting, but I'm sure they were annoying.

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Persona 4 noir.

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I think I've said this something like 5 times before, but-

Best. Episode. Evar!

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That's right! Flip off Sausalito's powergrid!

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Endurance Run: now with less power!

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Damn, that was pretty bad, I'm glad I don't really get power cuts around my area anymore. "That's our Kanji!" was ripe to be commented on, too.

Also, you guys play damn fast when you're not talking.

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What triggered that is you have expert knowledge now so you can do her weird quests.   Whatever...The awesome chick from Persona 3 can't be replaced by silent McLongnails.  Also, whenever you're done fusing, you should make sure you have at least one persona with each of the 4 elemental attacks.  That being said, those power outages were oddly awesome.  Did it automatically go black and white or was that an editing thing?

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I think it was a cool editing thing they did to show when the power went out

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Is it me, or was it black and white for periods of time during that end run?

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come on Persona 4... no casually summer outfits inside the TV for shame p.s. I am NOT a perv lol.

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Cool no electricity effects.

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woah, it feels so weird watching without the commentary. why must you do this power outage!!!

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Now THIS is dedication.

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Game time on the last save was exactly 30 hours, nice.

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Endurance Run in black and white, that's so retro!

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Galactic Punt will never get old.

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Do you know what will eventually stop the endurance run? The end of the fucking game! Ha, that was awesome.

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Endurance run +1
Mother nature or crummy electrical lines -999

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Nothing can stop the Endurance Run! Not even the government trying to steal peoples electricity.

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Haha, I loved how it went grey when the power died.

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The Endurance Run is invincible.

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You know this episode with all its blackout moments is kinda freaky cuz of the TV theme that Persona 4 has going on.

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I'll give you guys props for your dedication even when the power went out. Also I don't know if it was the recording or an effect but the audio and black and white scenes were kinda neat. "Nothing stops the Endurance Run motherfucker!"

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Was the music alot louder on this episode than normal could really hear it this time. :O

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Guys, don't just pay attention to what skills a persona has, but it's actual stats as well.  For example, notice that Kanji himself has an extremely low SP supply (barely over 100) and his personal has a very low magic stat as well.  This means that while he does have plenty of zio skills, relying on him for magic damage would be a poor choice.

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They really need a backup save on another memory card.  A power outage while they save the game would corrupt their one file and end the ER.

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Wow, and it ends in silence.  Craziness.

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Man, this reminds me of how producers try to spice up their dying TV programs. Adding a black and white filter WILL NOT make more people watch the endurance run, good try guys.

Y'know, a black & white theme should of been in one of the P4 dungeons.

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Haha close one guys....