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Wow, um, did you even watch the episode? They did it to signify when a power outage occurred, and it made perfect sense. I sincerely hope this was some attempt at humor, and that you weren't in the least bit serious when you made that comment.

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Going to the wrong direction?

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After seeing four power outages in about five minutes, I had to make sure everything was still plugged into my surge protector. Giant Bomb: making people paranoid since 2008.

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I love the dedication you guys are putting into the endurance run.  Best thing I look forward each day after work.... well, first raiding the fridge for a cool one and then you have my attention.  I was laughing when you were hit with multiple blackouts.  Hope you guys talk about it on Tuesday's podcast and can't wait for that either.

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Bring back Yousukeeeeee!
Kanji sucks.

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That rush for the save at the end was TENSE!

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Love the power transitions guys, that's professionalism for you.

> You hear voices from somewhere...
Rise's voice: Good evening, everyone! I'm Risette!
Thanks for being such faithful viewers!
I'm tired of diets! Enough with going to the gym! Good thing there's something that even I can handle!
Teddie: I've had enough of this place too! Urgh, I'm getting all dizzy...

How apt...

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The Endurance Run has it all. 
You'll laugh, you'll cry...

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I wonder what they said in the silence...

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I like Kanji! More of him is my vote.

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Yep exactly at Renegade. Fail comment is just fail.

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This may sound weird, but  I think Chie is such a hottie.

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Chie is the obvious answer. Yukiko is too annoying. We'll see how Rise stacks up.

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I need new endurance run, or me go crasy!

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"p.s. Kinda ironic how you guys finally use Kanji, a character with elec attacks and then suddenly have power outages."

Yeah, and it leaves off in the middle of battle, and episode 62 is having problems. I wonder if they lost the battery and had a do over.

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The long blackout moment  near the without the commentary made the endurance run...empty

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@ Renegade

Yes, humor, that's what it was. I should have learned my lesson about using sarcasm on the internet by now. *Sighs*

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Electric moves get VERY useful in the stripper joint remember that! :D

and after they safe Rise.. something special happens ;)
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Get a backup generator so you will never lose power again!

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Yeah! I am glad I am getting into these videos again.

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n1 guys for keppin it goin..

endurance run dont need no lecy !

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LOL!!! power failures

one of my favorite episodes.  so giant bomb-ish

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i was wondering why the picture was gray! great work guys!

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That was great.

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Kbm600 said:
There really shouldn't be any complaining, these things are a luxury not a requirement for the site...
to some people it is becoming a requirement for the site :P.
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Go Vinny, Go!

Stupid weather, messin' with the endurance run.
(still catching up)
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pure awesome, bottle it and sell it.

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17:30 I just noticed after watching this episode atleast 3 times, that when Jeff says "that's... going kinda far" kanji says the exact same thing. Perfect timing.

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hahah is if you did that to the ps2 to keep going. comitment. love it

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When I saw the black and white screen capture. I thought it was going to be flash back or something. Not just technical issues. :(

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hahahh i love the ending where in goes black and white and we can't hear you and i can just imagine y'all going OH MY GOD FUCKING GO UP THE STAIRS THEN OUT THEN SAVE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
see you next time!

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Nothing stops the ENDURANCE RUN motherfucker.
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Can't stop the Endurance Run!

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Still my favorite episode.

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Nothing stops the money train! 
Damn Ryan is awesome in this episode

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Nothing stops the Endurance Run MOTHERFUCKERS! well apart from the end of the game.

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Great ending.

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What an awesome ending!

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This is a great episode! I watched half of it during the first hour of work today and everyone by the neighboring cubicles kept looking at me weird while I laughed my ass off. The UPS hook-up was a brilliant idea. And like everyone else, I noticed that Vinny was finally navigating the menus super quickly near the end while most likely fearing that the power supply would give. LOL
@Cynic04 said:

" Nice endurance run FROM THE MOON.  Seriously tho, is this what California is like in the summer?  It might be time for another recall election.  I hear Gary Coleman is still available. "

That last part is just... umm... :(
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" You know this episode with all its blackout moments is kinda freaky cuz of the TV theme that Persona 4 has going on. "

That's the idea...
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Best part of this:
Watching the episode as a thunderstorm rages outside on a PC hooked up to a UPS. Nothing stops the ER and nothing stops me from watching the ER :)

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NOTHING stops the Endurance Run! Not even a lack of power!!

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Would have been pretty funny if the ups gave out at the last second.

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@IceTrey87 said:
" Nothing stops the ENDURANCE RUN motherfucker. "
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so does Jeff actually tell the glitter story at episode 125?