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Posted by jorbear
@Mrnitropb said:
" @IceTrey87 said:
" Nothing stops the ENDURANCE RUN motherfucker. "
Posted by This_Dude

Man,  I hate when the power goes in and out like that.  It's really frustrating,  but the GB crew made it comical and fun.  another great episode.

Posted by Dtat
@IceTrey87 said:
" Nothing stops the ENDURANCE RUN motherfucker. "
Posted by bkbroiler

This was such an entertaining episode. 

Posted by Natedog24
@IceTrey87 said:
" Nothing stops the ENDURANCE RUN motherfucker. "
Posted by Krystal_Sackful

Wait, an endurance run tour? And Giant Bomb is going on a world tour soon. I don't wanna jinx anything, but.....

Posted by Winternet

Still awesome.

Posted by kollay

Ryan's background commentary is always the best.

Posted by Toxin066

Oh hey! The origin of "Nothing stops the endurance run." I wondered where that came from when they were mentioning it last year during the DP ER.

Posted by Winternet

Yep, I totally watched this on April 25 and today. And I feel alright about it.

Posted by Hef

I used Mudo or Hama on that damn dog because the ones in the Bathhouse were weak to one of them. So it reflected it back and killed me one shot.

I lost about an hour. I was pissed.

Posted by Undeadpool

This one makes me feel more nostalgic than most cause I grew up in Petaluma (near Sausalito) before moving to San Francisco for college and MAN, those power outages LASTED.

Posted by SynergisticSyn

Its unfortunate that the power problems probably distracted them from making a joke about Rise's sign being "All the way live".

Posted by captainanderson

"Show me an Ippon-Ditara that knows Sukukaja, and I'll show you a nipple."

"Done. Deal. Let's get fusin'."

Posted by Pop

damn it Vinny, wasn't funny at the beginning.

Posted by Duffyside
Posted by namesonkel

Who'd've thought we'd get a black and white Galactic Punt?

Posted by melodiousj

Endurance Run got artsy all of a sudden.