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Manual internet address input ftw

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You can keep your manual input!  Search ftw!

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...I'll be waiting Persona 4, YOU WON'T BEAT ME THIS ROUND!

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GOd damn these eps are massive, I LOVE IT

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Almost an hour long episode again. That's awesome

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You guys noticed the Old Key! Endurance Run FTW!!!

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Clicking on a link on the front page FTW!

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Damn 1 xp cop.  Always tryin' to keep the Investigation Team down!

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Did they get the item from beating the Sauna boss?  [EDIT] I see now they did, cool.

Shame they wasted a decent amount of SP there.  They could have easily gone up a couple of floors in Rise's dungeon.

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Persona 4: Getting it on with a devil.

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57 min, nice

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Another nice long ep! I guess they found a solution to the problem of long videos corrupting...or they just don't feel like doing dungeons in 20 minute bites.

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nothing like a good glass of OJ, 4 Chocolate Chip Eggo Waffles and an episode of endurance run in the morning.

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Those red boxes by Daidara and Tatsumi Textiles are the mailboxes where you mail the prize stickers.
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The circles on the right at the fusion screen show you what can be combined successfully.  There are cases where you can't combine things (likely they both have the same arcana)

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The Fool Arcana Chance will randomly change into a different card. So, you could end up getting something really good, like upright Judgment or Moon, or something horrible, like reversed Death. And you mail the prize stickers in at any of the red mailboxes in the shopping district. There's one right by the metalworks shop and the Velvet Room.

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A fox wearing a luchador mask? that's almost as absurd as a deer wearing a luchador mask, like that would ever happen.

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I always sucked at the card matching games too :(

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Absolutely lovin these 40-50 min eps, means I can play them and just chillax...

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Wow, they picked up apt pupil on Ares...that's pretty good!!  It boosts the critical hit chances and its a passive skill, and as we all know, critical hits are SEXY!

I've never liked the skill change days because they were kinda random, but I'm aware that you can pick up skills that aren't normally learned or can't be learned anywhere else. 

But yeah...that Ares is a pretty bitchin' persona at the moment, combine that with power charge and man...you've got a pretty sweet death dealer right there.

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Having a dream about the fox is very strange. When you have a dream, it adds more points to the next rank of a social link. But the fox works differently in that you just rank up every time you finish one of his quests.

So in other words...you guys got ripped off.

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precisely...what kind of animal would ever wear a luchador mask!?

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DUDES!  MIND SLICE!!!  Did you read that ability properly?  Medium phys to multiple foes with a chance of confusion, wasn't it.  That sounded awesome.  You should totally fuse that persona next time you get the chance.  I think that was Incubus that had that.

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The whole beginning discussion on whether to keep exploring or not due to SP is exactly why you should switch in characters.  Kanji can take the place of Yukiko and Charlie can take up healing, which works great because you have invigorate 2 on Sarasvati which will keep your SP up.  I've found that invigorate and growth are two of the most important skills you should keep as you fuse new persona.

What's even better is at low SP, a right-side-up death or judgment would fill your SP to 100% immediately!

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Mixed bag on the fusing this ep.

Ares was good.

But why the hell did you fuse that piece of crap Titania, which had nothing but low level trash abilities you already had, yet you refused to make the Kusi Mitama, which has BOTH medium wind and medium lightning, AND had level 4 s-link.

You should be trying to get the medium spells as much as possible now. Don't forfeit them for trashy low level spells you have multiple times already.

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These hour long episodes are getting more frequent. Of course I like them, but I worry that making them too long takes up more of your time and eventually you might decide to give up.
Oh wait, nevermind...I just remembered Jeff saying "nothing stops Endurance Run" in a recent episode.

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I'm going to say it: BEST GAME EVER! EVER!

Great episode with lot of good WHAT?! moments. Like the Fool arcana one. That's just crazy.

And yeah, the Mind Slice looked very capable on battle.

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He's a powerhouse, he's Ares after all.

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Well, if you think about the fact that they record many episodes at once, I don't think they realize or even care if a single episode is long or short.

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Titania is from Midsummer Night's Dream by Shakespeare, along with Oberon who is another Persona. They're the king and queen of the faeries.it's pronounced Tee-Tanya. :)

With all that money, I'd upgrade everyone's armour at least, for example screw the 24SP for the sake of having 50% more armour, you can always use SP recoup items, which you won't need to much because you won't keep getting decimated and having to heal all the time.

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strippppery strip strip

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The funny thing is that my name is actually Gideon... :P (almost Gdon as the persona)

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Listening to Wolfmother and watching this creates a great mix of intensity and relaxation.

Download the new Wolfmother song "Backround" on there site, it rocks.

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Vinny... learn the buttons! Hahaha.

P.S. You don't really need TaPs anymore. Those are really for the beginning of the game.
You have Snuff Souls now for that.

TIP: You shouldn't ignore those physical skills just because they take a little HP. They're quite powerful. (especially ones that hit all enemies)
TIP: Also, don't ignore the instant kill skills (Light/Dark). If an enemy is weak against it (which many are), it'll kill them 100% of the time.

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Awesome episode. keep it up

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The mail box is that big red box between the Shiroku Store and the Metalworks, or between the shrine and the textile shop.

When buying stuff you should prioritize armor, but if you decide to buy a weapon, avoid the stuff that reduces your accuracy too much. Anything lower than 80-85 should be sold or dropped, because it really sucks to waste a turn on a miss. Also, don't even bother with the items that raise your critical rate. There are spells that do that and even then they don't trigger often enough to justify the SP cost.

When fusing the only thing you really need to care about is what skills you can get through a fusion and its particular level. You could also keep track of its resistances. After all, the thing you'll do most often in dungeons is try to hit the weaknesses, so it's not completely useless for a persona to have a relatively weak spell, as long as it's got the "ma" version as well as its regular single-hit version. The only real time you have to care about the particular strength of a spell is when fighting bosses, since they usually don't have weaknesses.

Try to have a persona for each element. Yes, even the hama/mudo, since there are some enemies that are a pain to fight but have an instant-kill weakness to some of that stuff. That way you can finish fights more quickly and don't have to rely completely on your party.  Having a Charge skill like Power Charge and Mind Charge are great for increasing damage output, especially since it stacks with the attack-boosting buffs.

The numbers beside the name only indicate what number the persona is in your lineup.

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You guys worry too much about fuse results.  Pick skills you want to pass on(invigorate, growth) and then just go to it.  One 24 level persona you don't use is better than 3 15 level ones you don't use.  And new personas mean future discounts on recalling them.

And start using Ares to get Power Charge
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Sweet, another hour long episode!

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Dude, pick an elephant dude!!! Jeff, Vinny's a cop!

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The more you complete your compendium the more discount you'll get in the velvet room.  There is no downside to making new persona, so why waste it by releasing them?

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I highly recommend just fusing junk Personas you don't want to use, it makes more powerful personas you can then use in fusions later and makes space. Also, a fused persona is always a bit better than one you might pick up because it will have inherited skills from all the personas fused in it. AND for every 25% of the compedium you complete you get a discount on pulling future personas.

Otherwise keep running it!

PS, again before you get to the end boss, I highly reccomend either removing Yukiko or giveing her something to reduce Ice Damage, tust me.

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OMFG Luchadeer FTWIINNNN!!!!!!!! The persona gods bless Giantbomb. Epic!

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Nice Episode 64 is up

And its 57 minutes long again!! Thats fucking awesome, I love the long episodes, keep them up :)

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Jeff can speak German?

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The basics of fusing are explained in the Talk option(which you never even looked at), and the game assumes that new players will be checking out all the options at least once, so there's no real excuse for going THE GAME NEVER TOLD ME ANY OF THIS. The 1-10 thing is just showing if it's possible to fuse a given persona with another(the 1-10 on the top corresponding with the personas in slots 1-10). Light circles mean that fusion is possbile, dark circles mean that fusion is impossible; you won't see many impossible fusions except when fusing two low-level personas of the same arcana or when going into triangle fusions. Aside from that, the game assumes that you'll be doing some trial and error to find out what works for you, and it's not the type of game that'll hold your hand and flat-out tell you what fusions would be the best.  Although with that said, it's really hard to miss the best personas since most of them are 4/5/6-way fusions(which tell you what personas you need to fuse into a new one).

Also, your obsessive registering in the compendium is really not a good idea; you'll rarely, if ever, want to re-summon something you just used in fusion(since the whole point is that you're fusing outdated personas to make a better, more powerful persona), so all you're doing by re-registering everything all the time is making it more expensive to re-summon a persona later if you need it for a special fusion.

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Waste previously unthinkable amounts of money... On the 'Giant Bomb'.

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Yep, And there's a reason the manual comes with a fusing chart. 
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Hey, Jeff finally remembered Yukiko's name. She is no longer "What's her face."