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I really cant get enough of these vids....

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Whooo!  Friday Endurance Run!  Got my coffee, got my work e-mails to check, and I gots my level grindin' to watch.  Good days, good days.

Maybe it's just me, but Galactic Punt is possibly the greatest skill ever.  WHACHA!!!!!

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Woohoo :) Another fun start to my day

And it works!

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Yay; and it actually works too.

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oh no I don't have time to watch this today, but I really want to...nooooooooo

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I'm still awake, guess I'll watch this,

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EPIC! Watching it right now!

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Only works in High Quality though...

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"only" 32 minutes???
We have become spoiled...
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Love this En-dur-ance thing !

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Getting a Duder Its Over 16minutes in

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It's kind of sad to watch them just give away Personas that they could have fused into something new in the Velvet Room before they entered the strip club.

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Good work guys, but you'll probably need a few more levels to get past this dungeon boss.   It's nasty.

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P.S. The voice actor for Charlie (and Adachi) is Johnny Yong Bosch.
You might know him as Vash from Trigun, Ichigo in Bleach, Itsuki from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Nero from Devil May Cry 4, BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY...


P.P.S. You're gonna need to know this soon, but I won't spoil it.
Just know that... there are times when you need to remember you can Guard.
The game will kind of make it obvious when you'll need to do so. (hint: it's for an... upcoming boss battle.)
Just remember: when you think something bad's gonna go down, Guard.

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Using Charlie to heal everyone when Yukiko has twice as much SP left as him is crazy.

@ Crispy:  I was watching Haruhi a week ago and thought Itsuki's voice sounded really familiar, but I had to look it up online even though I was sure it was the same voice as someone in P4.

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I never get tired of the galactic punt.

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Charlie's voice actor is the same as Adachi's, actually. And yes, there is an audio clip for the name of every Persona in the game.

And Jeff's assumption that the bosses do not dizzy is correct. There is a rare exception or two for mid-bosses, but all of the actual story bosses will not dizzy.

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If you guys dont rescue Rise before the 9th,(in game) it will be game over! So you should probably grind all remaining days.

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I wouldn't say this boss is tough, just long.  Strategy-wise, all you need to know is that the boss reminds you of that guard button that hasn't really been needed since Chie's shadow, and an ice-resistant persona or two couldn't hurt.

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Decent enough episode nothing amazing still a nice watch.

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Charlie's voice actor is the same one as Young Detective so yes...he speaks english

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Yes running by stuff is bad, especially on mid boss floors which tend to have the best chests.  You should fuse and bring in Kanji for Chie and using his SP you should make it close to the boss floor save point.

Also when you see Knights, Lions, Tigers, Tanks-think Tentarafoo one of the most powerful spells in the game
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Man they always make me nervous in their battles.
They lucked out with the snake. When I fought him I got all status ailements almost every time.

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I think they might have finally got the hint that it would be a good idea to stock up on items that remove status ailments.

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Sweet episode. Nice to see some solid levelling going on.

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wow..when i beat this game i was level 89...this series is going to take a while

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I have an unsettling suspicion that at some point in the near future they are going to really start messing up their allies' skill sets by getting rid of stuff like tentarfoo, dekaja, power charge, or an element boost.

Also, guys, the actual level of the persona doesn't matter. More levels gets more stats, but a magic strong persona with, say, 20 in magic but lvl 10 is still going to do more damage with spells then a physical persona thats lvl 20 but only with 15 in magic. So don't dismiss persona's just because they are a few levels below what you are currently using, especially if they have good skills that you could fuse into new personas later.  YOUR level personally is important for improving damage, but thats independant of the persona you use.

DON'T FORGET CHIE HAS RAMPAGE AND ASSAULT DIVE! She's a physical attacker who has fairly low Magic, VERY low SP, and will never get high end ice spells. Use those physical attacks! Unless the enemy is weak to Ice they are definitely going to do at least the same or more damage, will cost less (HP is cheap to heal, SP is hard to regain), and at least have a decent chance to hit a critical which is basically the same as exploiting the weaknesses.

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I remember were I was on that day, I was watching Persona 4 Endurance Run when the mid-boss was defeated.

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LOL as soon as you see a red enemy, " So lets use a go home."

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Aaaack, watching them fight the Enslaved Beasts was like yelling at a sports game on TV. "Yes! Yukiko, use the fi- Nooooo! Not Media!" I think I'm turning into Aion. :(

Oh, Soma fully restores your HP/SP guys, it's an item I found so useful that I was afraid to use them in case I needed them more later.

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i could be wrong, but I believe this is the first time to say "See you next week" on a friday.  Every other time has been "we will see you tomorrow"

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Awesome, Episode 65, though I wish it was 57 minutes long again lol but 32 is good

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USE YOUR GOD DAMNED ITEMS TO RESTORE SP. you bought them. use them!

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excellent ghostbusters joke Vinny. *applause*

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Nice job, guys, as always.

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You came!

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I don't know if this is a good thing or not, but so far this has been more interesting to me than most of whats on cable.

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"hey were getting a lot of exp here
"lets run to the stairs"

endurance run logic if you get a lot of exp run from monsters!
if there weak and you get almost no exp fight every single mosnter in the dungeon ( bad bad bath house =p )

i don't know but something is wrong here =p

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Charlie's voice is none other than the Black Ranger, Johnny Yong Bosch :)

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Oh, Soma fully restores your HP/SP guys, it's an item I found so useful that I was afraid to use them in case I needed them more later.

It is best to only use Somas on very hard bosses.
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That owl head guy is pretty disturbing.

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Heh, that was hilarious.
"Let's go to the stairs."
-Opens Curtain to Reveal Red Flashing Enemy-
"Let's use a Goho-M and get out of here."

It's important to know your limit I guess. I got burned real bad in this dungeon with the hands and beetles, so I'd say take your time. Save often. Heh. Great episode.

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It was a good week for P4

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Guys, look at the persona's STATS, not their levels.  Magic, Strength, Endurance, etc, they all actually make a difference.

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you guys need to beat that boss next week