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Yes. A new week and the furry man leg elephant trunk thing! 

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The furry man leg elephant trunk think looks awesome :p

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I've totally grown addicted to these... I have a choice most afternoons continue working or watch the endurance run, the endurance run wins everytime.

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An hour of ER. AWESOME!

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oh man an hour :O gotta get some time off for this :P

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a full hour this time, sweet.

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A freaking hour? Geez, guys.

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Insane.  GOGOGO.

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The plural of "persona" is "personae".

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OMFG You guys finally did it!! Over an hour long Endurance Run episode! Fucking Awesome guys

Keep up the long videos

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Woohoo! :)

I still think you could benefit from buying some medical kits (100hp to all party members) or some more powerful things.  I find I have a ton of money and would rather be conserving SP for attacks.

Still think you should end an episode before the fog sets in, 7/10 or 7/11.

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Power is bad ass!!!

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Anyone else want GB to share their savegame? :D Please do it GB!

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Aw the High Pixie had double the magic power of snuffleupagus, look at the stats not the level :P

And pyrojack is indeed awesome.

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A lvl 25 persona with 21 magic will do more damage with magic attactks then a lvl 30 persona with 10 magic.

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You're getting it.

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Needs moar GiantBomb iPhone app

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1 HOUR ENDURANCE RUN GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Is it just me that gets the "Duder" message about half hour in? :(

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the vid stops abruptly for me after a while. :(

Things are always too good to be true....

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More fun times! It's a bit of a pain to level lower level characters, but Vinny is right that they will level quicker. Also, just wanna say again that you should just fuse stuff even if the result is something useless. This frees up space, increases your compendium size, and gives you higher level personas you can use to fuse later, it's a win, win , win situation.

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And guys, I'm pretty sure that the game won't let you register a persona if you have a lower-level version of the persona in your party than in your compendium.
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over an hour. OVER AN HOUR! GAH!

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This endurance run thing has made me go out and buy persona 3 fes: the tommy cooper years. So thats some pretty good advertising you are doing, I'm thinking royalties.

If you haven't played person 3 then you have missed out on "We have to help out, for fuuka's sake"... but now you haven't. Plus maybe someone can correct me but I can't individually control the other guys, only through tactics, which is a really frustrating bug filled mess.

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over an hour!

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You forgot Pyro Jack.

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You forgot Pyro Jack.
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Youisgay is an idiot...
Oh and Lamias are snakes not rats, much more sexy.

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A full hour of awesomeness? Nothing can beat this. 

Next episode: Big Boss.
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Items like Arc Magatama and Ice Cubes all do a set number of elemental damage to an enemy regardless of their stats.  It's really useful for some shadows that only have 100 hp, but take single digit damage from hits.

Oh, and you can get more chest keys by trading in fishes to the old man.  No, it's not really worth it.

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Vinny, I am begging you. Please stop SINGLE healing with Dia/Diarama, when Media is only 7 SP.
You end up wasting so much more SP than you have to.

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... And hour of Persona 4? Sign me the fuck up.

These videos inspire me to buy a PS2 and get this game, this game is too interesting to pass up...

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I can't belive you haven't figured this out yet, but enemies can be weak to Hama (light) and Mudo (dark) Its a one hit kill 100% of the time + the 1 more bonus of exploiting a weakness. For example the hand in the current dungeon is weak to Hama

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just a suggestion if theres no penalty card just try to get the card if you do you can allways replace it and if you dont you can fuse it later if you dont get the persona card but the other card nothing happens as long and you dont have penalty cards amoung em

so basicly if theres just blank and persona card try and get it you can allways remove it and if not you can fuse it
if theres a penalty card and a persona card that you allready got dont go for it

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i suggest that everyone looks up fundoshi on google,like i foolishly did, then poor acid into their eyes

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Blaaaaaagh, I literally just did this dungeon so an hour seems huge, I'll watch it a little later on.

Edit: ^^^ It's like the bad, bad bathhouse all over again. D:

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Whoa! An hour! Thanks guys!

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Hey, when you guys are registering a persona the only ones that appear on the compendium list are the ones that you already have, if you didn't  have the persona it's automatically registered when you go in to the register menu. Also, you can use L1 and R1 to switch between the current and previous persona.

PS: Long live the endurance run.

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If you guys want to work at all on the Empress SL now is a decent time to get the first 4 levels done but agin you'll need a guide.  After 7/10 you can get level 5. 

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YES, just came back home from 2 exams to find an hour long endurance run! I love you Giant Bomb!

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i guess you guys could use the sp equipment swap between yukiko and chie in case you need sp/..probably somone already said that but ////nice ep!

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Whoever told me to google Fundoshi, I hate you.

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An hour!!?!?!?

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Wow, first 1 Hour Ep. !!

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An hour video? An hour? Crazy. But anyway...

Dead rat attatched to a mermaid, GO! Heh, great use of hilarity with the Ice Cube item. You squeezed just about as much as you could out of that opportunity. And yes, today was a good day. I'd even go so far as to say it was a great day.

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