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awww, not up yet......

Posted by Cincaid

Yay I found it! Awesome work guys, keep it up!

I actually dug up my dusty and (almost) unused copy of Persona 4 after watching Endurance Run from the beginning. Though I couldn't wait for you guys and play "along with you", I had to complete it last weekend. Still funny to see how you do against bosses I thought was difficult / easy!

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Yay! It's coming...

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I tried to make a quick reference for weekly activities.  See the guide section

Posted by Annev0

Episode 67! =D

Posted by glasswall52

what happened to the aspect ratio?

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Ahhhh, episode 67 already. I could swear you were only on your 50th a day ago.
Is it just me or does the video seem a bit squashed?

Posted by Droop

Eek! It stopped D:

Posted by Azteck

The fuck is up with the screen? D:

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Thanks Vinny! Watching it now!

Posted by ErinIsADrunk

I don't know if you should trust that shifty lookin' fire Persona.

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OHH NO, OOH NO! SPOILERS: "...Maybe Teddy can wear it"

Great episode, keep it up guys. YIP!

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Why's the video squashed? :(

Posted by Ninja

Video is squashed? :S new capturee quipment maybe?

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I ain't watching it 'til it's in widescreen. >__>

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It's never 16:9 ..

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Good luck tomorrow!

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picked up persona 4 due to endurance run loving it, i did love the end of this dungeon

good luck guys, buy some cupcakes it might be a long fight

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argh...cliff hanger

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Woot!  Back-to-back Endurance runs for me today.

Good luck with Rise's shadow tomorrow, guys.  Time to get some bikini boss action!

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It's sad how addictive the ER is, I still need to pick up Persona 4.

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Looks like there may be some pixel ratio issues with this episode, but OH WELL! Awesome stuff guys.

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He's in heat. 

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The best defense is a good offense!

If you would have killed that knight instead of healing it would not have killed Yousuke, protip.

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He's in heat, ZING!

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aspect ratio fail?

Posted by MartinG

Lovely, breakfast and Endurance Run :-)

Aspect ratio issues BTW.

Posted by AndrewB

I ran into the Arcane Turret last night and wondered how you guys were going to react to that beast. Luckily, it was the only one I ran into.

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Dunno what's up with my connection.
Recently I can't download videos here faster than 70kb/s.

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I like the Nacho Combos but there always the hardest to find.

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Why don't you guys ever save SP and use items to heal? You guys have tons of healing items that you can use up. Just a thought. :)

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Just a tip: You can't stack status effects (which is different than spells that affect stats like attack/evasion/defense), so Charlie can't be both poisoned and exhausted.  The same goes for the enemies, so you can't enervate something that is already enraged and you can't confuse something that's already confused, it has to recover first before you can reapply it.

Posted by Cincaid

Without spoiling too much, you'll surely be in for a suprise behind that door Jeff & Vinny. Can't wait!

Posted by Sarumarine

"He's in heat! Hey-oh!"
"This Endurance Run is over."

Oh man. Next episode is the boss, maybe. Depends on how ready you guys feel. I think you can do it. Maybe. Heh.

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"It's smell like Hippie outside!" lolololololzz

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When you guys get Diarama on Yosuke and Yukiko (which would be the biggest reason to grind some more before the boss) just get rid of Dia, Diarama does about 3X the healing at just 2X the cost

Also Chie's other physical skills hit for more than does Skull Cracker, Skull Cracker add confusion at the cost of power
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The menus really aren't that big of an issue

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I always liked Gdon. good persona to have

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Bye Bye Folding Chair :(

Oh well...maybe "Charlie Dreamer" the Enervator of Violence could use it

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Guys, you cant inflict two status ailments on the same enemy. Thats why your attempts at enervating an enraged enemy where missing.

Edit: Shoot, Zalasta beat me to the punch haha

Posted by Slaneesh

I say fuse a level 6 Pixy and keep in on during the boss!

Posted by Enns

Fire cat is pretty cool man.
Status stuff doesn't cancel or stack other status stuff by the way

Hey does anyone know if counter, counterstrike, high counter stack together?
They don't right?

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They don't.
Posted by Aaox

Aaox + Cookies + Endurance Run = Happyment

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Sell the plain ring next time. And you guys didnt do much triple fusing last time.

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Yeah, aspect ratio issues indeed. Shouldn't this be in widescreen without the white sides making it 4:3? Persona 4 is a widescreen game if you want it to be. Are you playing it on a PS2? I am and I'm playing it on a widescreen monitor and it looks great.

This episode is extra squished! What up with that?

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Apparently, if they already have a status like confused or enraged, you can't add to it or replace it. Thats why Tarracoocoodada and all the recovery powers exist.

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Next episode should be EPIC!

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Atlus definitely needs to tweak the dice roll in the next persona game.

In case you guys didn't notice, Gdon has crap Magic stats.  I would definitely fuse Maragion on a Persona with higher Magic.

Posted by HatKing

I hate how they are so freaking stingy with buying things yet they are hemorrhaging yen at this point.  You have no point in keeping one hundred thousand plus yen if you aren't ever going to invest in new equipment for the characters!  ARGH!